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Found 5 results

  1. Listening to 680 Chuck and Chernoff today seems they are throwing spaghetti on the walls to see if it sticks, I think some of it could happen topic 1) Arthur is cringing at the slumping PSL sales and may have to resort to 1 or 2 flashy free agent "splash" signings" to get the fans excited topic 2) pretty much said TD and Pioli are out of here topic 3) Shanahan out too I know nothing earth shattering and this may have been discussed but hearing this is shocking after such high hopes and a quick start this season is unbelievable to me
  2. I know you play to win, but if we are targeting Clowney then if we had lost to the skins it would be a done deal.
  3. People are saying that this guy doesn't know how to draft - but I highly disagree. I think the lack of quality on our DL is due to coaching (Ray) and neglecting big FA signings (We have fairly high draft picks on our DL believe it or not). I think the lack of quality on the OL is due to us being ultra thin in depth AND coaching failures (Our FO and Dimitroff HAVE invested picks into the OL... contrary to all the hate.) This draft, in my opinion, shows how good a drafter TD is: Trufant - will be awesome, already solid Alford - Same thing Goodman/Maponga - Quality DEs take time to develop, and c
  4. So two questions for this boring offseason period: What UDFA's have you seen or know of that started their rookie season (or blew up by the 2nd season)? What UDFA's are you banking on to make the team? For me - I don't know of any UDFA's that have started their first season I'm big on our LBs - Bartu, Worrilow, and Clancy. I'd take Banks over 'em all though (just for the feel-good)... I also think Wingo, Darius Johnson, Terren Jones, Adam Replogle, and Theo Goins all have legit shots. How bout yall? Edit: post some names people! Let's see who we think is gonna make it
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