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Found 4 results

  1. Great RBs, that are ready to contribute right away, can be had in the middle rounds of the draft. Every year. Also, RBs best years are usually their first contract, and many begin to fall apart on their second contract. So investing high picks or dollars in the position is generally bad strategy. Unfortunately, we have an OC who throws the ball too much. No matter how good Ryan, Julio, Ridley, and the rest of our offense is... We will not succeed if the defense knows what's coming. And our defense will not succeed if we are constantly losing the time of possession battle. Give Koette
  2. If we already admitted to attempting to trade up into the late 1st to get Dee Ford who is an OLB/DE then that would mean we obviously are targeting an OLB/DE as opposed to a DE/DT which is what Ealy is. Realistically speaking i guess we can not rule out Ealy just because he is a DE/DT. After all there are not many stand up pass rushers right now. Attaochu is the obvious best one that is available and thats not even a question. It all depends on what type of position we are targeting. I don't have that much faith in Demarcus Lawrence. Van Noy i could live with, but he isn't a beast pass rusher
  3. Matt Ryan, great QB, great guy, nice man to his wife and to the community. Watching this year there have been instances where I have seen the offensive line get pretty upset. Yesterday in the GB game, Joe Hawley was practically screaming at Matt Ryan while Ryan was doing his best to ignore him and act like "Tom Brady." Why was Hawley upset? The play was during the later part of the game and was a second down passing play if I recall. Matt drops back, pressure gets in his face and he dumps off a lazy pass to the RB which was incomplete, may have been Rodgers, but it eventually killed the d
  4. script: try saying it in a saints country voice for MM> 1st and 10 MM: dahhhhhh hurs the plays. 3te 2 wr. daaa everyone run deep daaa,, yeah that shud werk. running back just run a swing MR: cant we run some wheel routes or slants and do something that might trick the d and put them out of place? MM: Just run the play heh heh youll see itll werk MR: f this im just gonna throw it to the back he the only one thats gonna be open with everyone running deep.. 2nd and 7 MM: dahhh ok ok hurs the next xxploeseve play, daaaa 3 te and add a takle, put white in mochen and run it up the middle. theyl
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