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Found 7 results

  1. http://meekslogic.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/39/ I'll be the first to admit I don't really care for Miko Grimes but this blog is really interesting. The whole Brent Grimes fiasco in 2011 seemed fishy to me from the jump. Grimes was one of our best players and seemed to give his all for this team even when it was made painfully obvious they wanted badly to go elsewhere (demoting him to right corner for Chris Owens in 09). He played hard even in meaningless games so the idea that he wouldn't play in a playoff game when he could didn't seem right. She even mentioned in the blog how he came back early for that Saints game because it was a rivalry game. So it seems off to me that he'd miss the Giants game just because. But like most of you, I believed the front office. Now it seems like the whole thing was gamesmanship to set us up for eventually dumping him. The FO should have locked Grimes up when it became obvious he was one of the better corners in the league but they kept him on short term deals (including the franchise tag) the entire time he was here. This highlights an issue I think has happened too many times with Dimitroff, disrespecting some of our best players. Curtis Lofton has gone on record about how he was lowballed in negotiations with us and the way this FO treated Abe still makes me sick. How do you ask a man to take a paycut one year and then cut him anyway the next year? It makes me sad thinking of Abe on NFL network the day after he was cut decked out in full Falcons gear saying, "Go Falcons". The guy had heart and loved this team and Dimitroff cut him anyway. His inability to draft offensive and defensive linemen is bad enough but when you add the fact that Dimitroff has let some of these guys go while extending the likes of Kroy Biermann and Sam Baker, it really shows how inept he is. We still haven't found adequate replacements for Loston and Abe and while Trufant is good, he's nowhere near the playmaker that Grimes was. It's one thing to make mistakes but when it's as egregious and disrespectful as the ones Dimitroff has made, it is unforgiveable.
  2. Brent Grimes is not the final piece to the puzzle so speak for the Falcons in my opinion. I rarely post here, I sit by and watch others rant and rave and only speak my mind when I think it's worth something to be said. In all honesty I hope the Falcons don't waste a penny or thought on re-signing Brett Grimes. He's short, and I would love for him to go to a rival team where he might have to cover Julio "Who can jump so high up in the air to make a catch Grimes WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO COVER". I ain't hating on Grimes at all, the man made more in one year for pretty much nothing than most of us can't ever think of making all our lives. Let's go with the rookies if need be on defense in the draft, the defense completely imploded in the last two playoff games so GRIMES or no GRIMES the result would have been the same. Meaning, Grimes is a none issue for the Falcons, Sign or No Signing he has made no difference. The Falcons addressed their 1 YARD ONLY GAIN ISSUE so far here in free agency by signing Steven J, And releasing Michael Turner. Grimes is small by comparison to most CB's. I'd love to see Grimes go to Tampa Bay where he'd eventually have to face Julio Jones who can jump so high and catch a pass that is unstoppable. Or Roddy White, who would probably hit him off the line in that 5 yards and show him up. Look : I ain't hating on grimes at all, The man deserved getting the 10 million like he did regardless of whatever. I will never begrudge anyone for making all the money they can make. But let's get real here, I am a Falcons fan and this is what we do ya know, talk. But the thing is, Grimes he ain't as good as everyone keeps billing him as in my opinion. TD knows what he is doing, I say let Grimes WALK wherever he wants to and hopefully to a RIVAL TEAM because Julio Jones and Roddy Will make a joke of him in coverage no doubt!! Oh well............ I am not judging anyone, these are merely my thoughts on the whole subject. I say LET GRIMES WALK!! JMO.......... GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. So aquiring Asante was a big move that could really catapult our team, given we make the right moves in the next few days. In my opinion the best way of handling the cap issue at this point is to trade Turner, but only if we can get Wilson or Martin at 55 or through a trade up. Either would be solid replacements, and the way I see it now Turner is costing us more than he's worth. I'd think we could get maybe a 5th or 6th in return and that would be a great deal for us. From there, because we still need a run stuffer in the middle I think we should sign Franklin to a 2/3 year deal. To make this all work it's imperative that we re-sign Grimes, if we can do that we'll have one of the best secondaries in the NFL paired with a pretty solid and very versatile front 7. The versatility is important because it will allow Mike Nolan the mix things up and keep offensive coordinators on their toes. Offensively either Wilson or Martin should be able to come close, if not equal, what Turner gave us last season for much less money. I think we'll also cut either Ovie or Baker, maybe both, but we wont see that until June or July...whenever the day is that we'll need to trim the roster.
  4. If Mike Nolan can scheme up defensive pressure in the front7 and front4 - or however many we have near the Line of Scrimmage(LOS) - then Falcons nickel defense should be formidable. If Lofa Tatupu is 80% of what he was a few years ago, he is a PLUS coverage linebacker that covers like a 3rd safety on the field. We already know how good 'Spoon is in coverage. Assante Samuel is an absolute ballhawk. Grimes is the sticky little gnat. We have yet to see D-Rob at his best - i want to see him jacking up receivers at the line of scrimmage and see if he can regain his form in a new system more suited to him. If Falcons get no pressure in the pass rush, none of this will matter - if we do, then you could see a lot more "three and outs" and a lot more getting off the field on the defensive side of the ball.
  5. First off I just want to say I've never been a huge supporter of resigning Grimes this off season. I know the guy has been solid for the Falcons over the past 2 or 3 seasons. But after injury problems, missing games and season ending knee surgery I was really against it. I just rationalize it as this. Grimes is undersized at 5'8 maybe 5'9 on a good day, but he has always made up for it with his athletic ability. Now he's had surgery on the same knee that has cost him games over the last two seasons. Even still going into the off season I thought maybe if they can get him at the right price(4-5) million a year. Negative.. The dude wants to command money that Robinson received 2 years ago. Obviously the Falcons didn't want to give him that, but at the same time didn't want him to hit the market either, so they had to tag him. The problem is the tag for a CB this year is at 10 million. So factor that 10 million into the Falcons cap room that already was eaten up by Biermann, Tatupu, Snelling... etc. Obviously the 10 million dollar franchise tag took up 1/3 of the Falcons cap space they had this off season. Which in turn cost them any chance of signing Williams...(as of now) Your thoughts?
  6. What kind of compensation pick would the Falcons get for next year? And how much cap space do you think the Falcons would be able to save by not resigning him. Maybe enough to go get an upgrade at OL like Nick or Grubs, or a impact safety like Landry or Griffin. To be honest. I'm a fan of Grimes but I do believe he is a little overrated. I know he's an athletic freak, but he gets out matched by bigger receivers all the time. The Panthers got a 3rd, 6th, and a 7th when they lost Peppers in FA to the Bears. I think they would probably stick the Falcons with a 3rd and a 6th at least for Grimes. He was a starter and made it to the Pro Bowl.
  7. What are the Falcons waiting for? Grimes is arguably the 2nd best corner in the NFC and top 5 NFL. He is the most polished player on our defense and will test his "market value" if we do not lock him up soon.
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