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Found 2 results

  1. THE GOOD -Won a Monday Night game in impressive fashion -Cone good special teams tackle -Jelly records first ever big butt tackle -3rd down pic with nice return by WillyMo -Turner over the top for his first TD of 2012 -Spoon sacks Manning on blown play -Jelly gets a hurry and DeCoud gets a pick on 2nd and 11 -15 yard pass to TonyG on 2nd and 14 for a FD -Bosher still boshin kicks -Bryant is still perfect on both FGs and XPs -WillyMo tackle for no gain in amoeba defense -Great read and pick by McClain. Yall like him yet? -Nic gets a TFL on Knowshon -Asante good tackle after neck injury -Davis g
  2. Alright. Continuing the series for the third or fourth year. Nice win. Here are my GBU notes. Feel free to agree, disagree or catch errors and omissions: THE GOOD -Fly over by the Stealth was a classic. Wow -Good protection on 3rd and 2 and a FD to TonyG -Play action post to Julio for a 25 yard explosive from a full house backfield -Slant to Julio for 11 yards and a FD on 3rd and 8 -Good protection on 14 yard pass to Roddy for a FD -Nice check to Palmer on fourth read -Fade to Julio for 8 yard TD on 3rd and 2 of the opening drive -Bowe drops a wide open slant with Babineaux covering in a zone
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