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Found 5 results

  1. Not gonna give a great thesis but continue reading, ok? We need to consider the front office knows what they’re doing. Have there been some questionable decisions Yes, but you see that in every organization like the Ravens continuing to start a declining Flacco, the Giants not ever getting an Oline in front of Manning etc etc..... So now I see the flavor of the week has transitioned from Money Matt’s release to Vic at 12.8 mil wtf to where we are now in the upcoming FA. Now is a time to sit back and consider the FO knows what they’re doing. Here’s a few things to consider. 1. We can scout. I’m not sure if it’s Pioli, DQ or TD that supervises scouting but these past couple of years we have found some mid to late to UDFA gems. 2. We are more about player retention (even though no one agrees with a certain 12.8 mil, including me). Some of you have forgot the Ray Edwards and Steven Jackson’s of the Falcon FA spending and it shows. Retaining the players who fit our current system. 3. Lastly, we are systematic. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. We go after players we believe fit the system. Do I want OT Brown from the Patriots in FA? Yes, does he really fit the offensive system we’ve established? Eh. The jury is still out on the system piece though but of our 30th OC in Matt Ryan’s tenor. We all need to take a page out of Aaron Rodgers playbook and relax bc either way we still cheering for this team this upcoming season.
  2. No fancy wordplay or memes here just a regular old fan saying: 'WTF! BRING BACK SCHOFIELD ALREADY!' For leadership purposes alone, give Beasley another year due to get to where he needs to be but meanwhile solidify this offseason by bringing back a very active, positive and key role player. Cause that just what great companies do. Give 'em chance to play out AND for another contract yo...
  3. I think it's safe to say most Falcons fans want TD and Shanahan fired. However, most GMs (if not all) want to hire their own HC. It rarely works when the GM inherits a HC. My questions are - Do you think Quinn leaves when TD is fired? If so, does that happen in 2016 or 2017?
  4. Unless it's OL help. I don't know wtf we are doing trying to find WRs. I hope if TD reads these boards (however unlikely) it clicks in his head that we are set at WR. Matty threw a career game with wet paper bags for an OL (even though they got better), and a bunch of nobodies at WR. It's clear this guy can work Brady/Brees magic and make mediocre players look like superstars. So PLEASE TD, stay away from skill players. PLEASE. If you're just sitting in your office twitching, and thinking about how great it would be to trade all our draft picks for Megatron... STOP. Go grab us the biggest DT you can find and two mediocre OTs and have both our lines battle to the death in a cagematch, and put the winners on our lines. Just no more skill players, ok?
  5. Any remotely half-decent offensive linemen in free agency we can pick up? Or are we just stuck with what we got? The line killed us today. If they were even half decent we would have handily won that game. We're not gonna win a playoff game this year if they don't get their crap together.
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