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Found 1 result

  1. I really dont understand most of the posters on here..without having checked this board my wish list included guys like graham, mcphee, schofield, kendricks, boling, reed, orakpo etc and not McCourty or Suh or Thomas...Then i come on here, and because we havent signed these guys all is lost. Raheem Morris patented the word YOUNGRY when he was in TBay, cause his team was Young and Hungry. It seems this is the philosophy he has brought with him - and Quinn believes in it too. The guys you want to target in Free Agency are guys who are young, and underdeveloped. Still have growing to do until they are at their peak performance levels and guys who will fit the system. No one ever won anything from signing all the most established players. They get the money because theyve alrdy accomplished alot of things. So after the success and huge payday..wheres the motivation? The draft is where championships are built, so use free agency as an extended draft process...All the guys TD and Gm's target are guys they wanted at the draft and now its 4-5 years later and we have a much better read on their abilities and fits. Forget the 30 yr old Gores, and overpaid Suh's, Guys like Reed, Kendricks, Orapko (proving to the Redskins his real worth, hes never won anything either) and Hankerson are the way to win. Add experienced depth, that causes no distractions with no negative side, and only good things can happen if they grow. If not, you didnt spend much or ruin your team chemistry and still have the draft and your own money to retain your core (julio)
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