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Found 1 result

  1. The best thing for the team would be to fire Thomas Dimitroff, but since that probably won't happen and is not anything we have any say about. I am just curious if you think we can still win despite the insanity he has brought as GM. No Cap Room - We have no cap room because he pays players like Roddy White and Matt Ryan to name a couple like they are Tom Brady and Larry Fiztgerald. No Draft Picks - We have no draft picks because he traded 5 picks for one wide reciever. Keep in mind we could have used a single pick on Troy Smith who had agrueably a better year. No Free Agents - He doesn't move on any Free Agent bargans as we saw last year when we missed out on several deals a couple of which his old team New England was smart enough to take a chance on. Loses Great Players - We also saw last year the damage he did by losing right guard Harvey Dahl and didn't even bother to get a replacement. Effectively leaving us with 4 starting offensive line men. As a result Matt Ryan was sacked 26 times and rushed a lot more right through that right guard hole. And we could not convert a 3rd/4th in short to save our life. Becasue that power push through Dahl and Clabo was gone. As was seen on yet another playoff loss. NFC Championship to First Round losers - He inherited a team that was one QB away from being an NFC championship team. We were there facing the Eagles a few years before he showed up. And as I watch another free agentcy were we do next to nothing to improve, despite knowing we are short handed in the draft, I have my worries. We lucked out having one of the top 5 easiest schedules in the NFL last year and very easy schedules the 2 years before that. But while at least making it to the playoffs is nice, It's sad to see us wasting those oppurtunties with a guy who clearly has no clue. Keep in mind Tampa and Carolina unlike us are actively trying to improve their rosters and while New Orleans might take some penalties this year they are still a very good team. I just hope we don't lose Curtis Lofton because you are kidding yourself if you think Dimitroff would bring in a decent replacement for him if we don't. As he says we don't need defense. All in all I am just wondering whether or not we have to wait it out until Dimitroff is gone or not.
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