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Found 4 results

  1. Right when we went to OT and WAS had the ball in the upper right hand corner it said "WAS wins by Touchdown" thought it was pretty weird
  2. Hearing about John Fox having Heart Surgery and now Gary Kubiak, who was diagnosed with a TIA (Silent Stroke) on Sunday, definately raises concerns for the well being of Smitty. Regardless of wht you think about Smitty, this season has taken a toll on the man. After week 2 it was apparent that the man is losing sleep and stressed to the Max. You can see it on his face plain as day. No matter how you look at it, this season has taken a severe toll on players and coaches alike.
  3. 21. Chris Redman, Atlanta Falcons Chris Redman has a cool career story. He won a Super Bowl ring as one of Trent Dilfer’s backups back in 2000 with the Ravens, flamed out of football and worked as an insurance agent for a few years after some early struggles, and then ended up coming back to the sport and excelling when called upon during Atlanta’s forgettable 2007 campaign. He’s now a trusted and reliable backup for Matt Ryan; a guy the Falcons like so much that they rewarded with a two-year contract in March. I’m not sure whether he could lead this team to the playoffs, or dare I suggest it,
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