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Found 14 results

  1. A few different things available below: Yahoo FF Redraft League: I've been hosting a free 16 team full PPR league over on yahoo for TATF members for 8 years, going in to year 9. We have 5 spots available this season! Roster: 1QB - 1RB - 2WR - 1TE - 1 W/R - 2 W/R/T - 1K - 1DEF - 7BN - 5IR Some changes for this year, we have one less starting RB and 2 new Flex spots to give more flexibility to managers. 1 new bench spot and 4 new IR spots to help manage any Covid related emergencies and crucial handcuffs. Draft will be held next week, once league is full we will hold a
  2. It's gotta be like 20 years old. I think it might be the sauce that gets the offense cooking.
  3. Who should I start tomorrow? I like our defense (which I'll be starting as well) to stop the run, but I'm concerned. How much will Teco be involved in the game plan?
  4. I'm here at the Kids and Pros clinic in Warner Robins. It's a great clinic, free of charge, and headed up by Falcons Greats Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler. Look it up and take your kids. They discuss proper hitting technique, concussions and team work. Buddy is an amazing public speaker. I am a long standing proud Falcons fan. Events like this make me prouder. And my nine year old freaking loves all the drills and interactions with the coaches and other kids.
  5. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  6. OK so this will be a dream ideal situation that could tremendously help outo and boost the team we all truly love and care so much for in to deep playoff and even SB conversations. I know you will all have different options but welcome all fellow Riser upers to comment. ENJOY!!!! So basically I'm not going to give you guys a long read (Actually maybe A Lil ). I'm going to get right to the point. With 5 picks in the draft, 4 being in 1st 4 rounds, I say we gamble back picks and some of next year's picks for 4 bonified picks in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Sounds crazy? I
  7. Facts of negativity 1) National Spotlight Embarrassment 2) Most Hated Rival gives us our first loss 3) Undefeated season dream dies 4) Opponent has not been good, rocks us. 5) 10 days we must wait for any redemption. 6) Panthers are still undefeated. My Personal Fun Fantasy Football Facts 1) I have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Matt Bryant. All 3 really underwhelmed, Ryan was alright. 2) I drafted, dropped wk 1, passed on waivers for week 3 on Devonta Freeman, who is killing it, including tonight. 3) My bro-in-law has enjoyed him thoroughly and of course just whipped/played me with Freeman, while
  8. A few things I would like to know from some of you. I understand football more than the average fan with having some background playing in college, coaching, and having friends as professional coaches that I have lost touch with (or I'd ask them). Many of you watch these games over and see more technical things than I do; so I'll be hesitant to say I have 'never' seen these things. I'm thinking about these things and I can't remember seeing some of these things after watching every play every season. Help me out. I'll be chasing a check soon! LOL I'm pulling for the birds as always...but I won
  9. First - a word from Big Ben. Second - I've been looking around the internet, Most are saying the Panthers should steamroll the Steelers.. What most don't understand is we don't have the type of offense that will steamroll a team. We have a ball control offense that tries to take 8 to 10 minutes off the clock per drive. Under Chud? I could see a steamroll happening since Chud had us scoring on 2-4 minute drives a lot of the times. Shula throw, prefers to take it slow, and it does suck sometimes, but I can't argue much about it yet. Regardless.. it normally means that at the st
  10. Good evening Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  11. ?............. Well me too! SO WHAT COLLEGE TEAM ARE YOU PULLIN 4 IN THIS UP COMING SEASON.????......
  12. Happy 4th of July Falcons fans! Here's my season preview for you guys. Good luck this year! Em
  13. Great showing. I think that game may be the turning point for Klinsmann's tenure as coach. I hope the upward trajectory continues. Altidore is finally using his athleticism and big frame to out-muscle defenders, among other positive developments. What do you think?
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