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Found 6 results

  1. Looking at this weeks odds, the Patriots are a resounding 14.5 point favorite against the Jaguars. Hint: This is known as the blow out game of the season. Bella Chicky and Tom Terrific lost to the 49'ers last week and you know that somebody is sho nuff gonna have to pay. So how far will Brady boy take this? Is he going to secure the season leader in passing yards, completions and TD's in this one game? I think that they are egotistical and will go for it, and If they do this to the Jags, I will then lose all respect for Robert Kraft and all of his staff and players. (We had the Giants down 34
  2. Everyone of these these threads including mine is upset one way or another with a team that is 9-1. Why? Cause we are whiney little keybangers---hmm, no---because we are a much improved team with a great record and have found ways to win but have obvious problems-----problems that wont get fixed till the offseason. What I'm saying is you can't get mad at this years Falcons any more than you can fault a girl for being fat. It just takes time---lots of time to adjust the roster and it doesn't happen from week to week. Sure we can make small changes but getting an improved OL or more effective R
  3. So this is another important game for the Falcons. Since the Panthers choked again (can't count on these fools for anything) we are only 1 game up on Chicago. If the 49'ers win we will only be 2 games up on them. So naturally we root for the Cardinals right? Who do you guys have winning tonight?
  4. Hogs learning a hard lesson Bama’s Robot Army, field-goal kickers, Gus! leaving their mark Brian Burnsed, NCAA.com Last Updated - September 10, 2012 1:09 GMT Contact | Archive | RSS In elementary school, should she find me consorting with some of the more unsavory fifth graders, my teacher would offer an admonishment: “You lie down with dogs and you’ll get up with fleas.” I loathed the saying. It seemed like a relic from a bygone era, a used-up cliché that mean elementary-school teachers applied too liberally while rubbing home a point. And it stung whenever she uttered it. But it only
  5. Blackmon's arrival comes at the right time. Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski admitted Monday that the team's passing game is "not very good." The team's No. 1 receiver Laurent Robinson has struggled in practice, and the team has very little depth at the position. Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis told NFL.com that Blackmon will have a steep learning curve now that he will be in camp more than a week after everyone else. "When I was a rookie, I wanted to get into camp," Lewis told NFL Network's Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel on the "Double Coverage" podcast on Monday. "I couldn't imagi
  6. Hello all and welcome to the latest eiditon of Falcon's mock draft. (At the Bye Week of every season I start up the mock machine and continue each week untilt he actual draft.) Rd 2. Kelechi Osmele G/T, IoSU, 6'5 335 LBs. Osmele is a mauling monster. Much like Coordy Glenn of UGA he plays LT, but projects as more of a G at the next level. However he does have the ability to play RT or LT at the next level (Albeit it might take a couple of years to get his technique exactly right.) however the man is the Immovable Force, Has huge, long arms, and decent enough handwork. (AKA he doesn't get his h
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