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Found 13 results

  1. So I keep seeing posts about possibly wanting Mangold because he is a Vet and could be an upgrade starter at OG and not C. I personally would much rather get Zuttah! Ravens released C Jeremy Zuttah. The writing was on the wall for this one, though Zuttah had a strong season in 2016, getting named to the Pro Bowl and grading out as Pro Football Focus' No. 14 center out of 37 qualifiers. He received extremely strong marks for his run blocking. After losing RT Rick Wagner in free agency, the Ravens have yet another hole to fill on the offensive line. Zuttah turns 31 in June. Opinions/Thoughts? I wouldn't mind drafting a G but I would much rather use those picks on DT, S, LB.
  2. Wanted to get you guys thoughs on the Falcons looking at Cordarrelle Patterson in FA. Its proven hes nothing more than a WR4, but hes certainly a deep threat. I would think Shannahan would have loved him, but hopefully Sark would be creative with him as well. Hes absolutely dynamic in both return games, so id love to see the improvement he would bring to ATL on that department.
  3. Falcon Fans, Due to its importance in Dan Quinn's scheme, one of the most remarked upon position this year was the FS position. Now if you were to ask anyone this question in October, everyone would have said Eric Berry, no doubt. However since that time Allen has shown remarkable improvement in his play on the field. Remember that this is only his second year learning a brand new position. So who would you rather have in consideration for the team? Note the question. its not who is a better player, but who would be best for the TEAM. I have listed some points for consideration. And if you have more points for/against players please comment. For Ricardo Allen cheaper - important to consider because the money we save here can be spent elsewhere. already in the brotherhood - that chemistry has developed into a real leader for the secondary familiarity with the system younger (26 than berry who is 28) Steadily improving - played lights out in playoffs & Super Bowl. For Eric Berry its eric berry probowl safety ATL native more athletic then Allen. If signed Allen becomes a very good 3rd safety
  4. I see so many people on these boards excited for this team and while I'd love to be, the realistic part of me will not allow me to be. We have a lot of holes which I don't see being fixed by the current braintrust of this organization. In my opinion we only have one bona fide star on this team and that's Julio. I was confident in Matt Ryan before we destroyed him by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan. Let's breakdown all of the issues with this team that I see. Our offensive line is extremely weak in the middle and our front office has shown that they do not know how to evaluate o-linemen so I'm not sure this will get any better. We have no number two receiving target behind Julio. I love Roddy and while I still think his decline was accelerated by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan (I can't express enough how much I hated and still hate this hire) I understand letting him go. But now we have nothing. Judging for last year our second target on any given play is Jacob Tamme and that's not a good place to be. Our defensive line is weak. I think Hageman could be a monster (he dominated the 2nd Panthers game) but he's inconsistent and immature. I'm not sure what will get through to him because Bryan Cox has been yelling and cursing at him for two seasons with no difference. I also like Vic Beasley but I've always felt he's better suited to be a 3-4 LB so I don't think he'll reach his full potential with our current scheme. The rest aren't anything to write home about. We have the absolute worst LB corps in the league. All three of our starters from last year should probably be special teams guys and it's basically impossible to replace three starting linebackers in one offseason so while we may get better there I don't think it'll be too much better. Our secondary isn't anything to write home about even though it's probably our best position group on defense. Trufant is good though he got exposed IMO when people started throwing at him (the Bucs embarrassed him) and Alford is completely hot or cold. I'm willing to give Jalen Collins a pass for now but he played like garbage a good bit of last season. I'm glad Willy Mo is gone because I hated his playing style (always go for the big hit, never wrap up) and he was always injured but that's another hole for us. Ricardo Allen might be my favorite in that group because he's so raw but showed a lot of promise IMO. As far as coaching, I'm not as high on Dan Quinn as the rest of you. He worked miracles with our defense and he talks a big game but when it came down to tactics, he left a lot wanting. He was outcoached by every coach in our division and made some late Mike Smith-level bone-headed calls like the field goal in SF. I'm hoping he can correct this but when he doubles down on these stupid calls and throws out soundbites like "toughness" and "competition", it irks me. Now you might all be saying, "But wait we have an entire offseason to fix our personnel issues" and I'd say you're right. But given this front office's track record do you really think we're going to turn anything around this offseason? Our MO the entire Dimitroff era has been to scrape the bottom of the barrel in FA and try to supplement that with draft picks which we regularly miss on. Couple that with Kyle ******* Shanahan's **** offense and what do you have? Does this excite you for our 2016 Superbowl run? I hope I'm wrong because I'd loving nothing more than to see this team fix it's issues and bring a Lombardi to the A but realistically nothing I'm seeing leads me to believe this will happen.
  5. If we can only afford one, and its looking like they'll all be between 9-12 mil/year so where do we put the money? My vote is for Trevathan, idk why, but I think he'll have the biggest impact on our defense for the longest period of time.
  6. I know the draft is coming, but there is a couple of things that just bug me about Dimitroff, and McKay and company. Honestly I can't geek up about our FA moves thus far, a lot of potential and players with injuries. It remains to be seen if this team will become the winning franchise we are told every year about this time. Personally I think we are rebuilding and 2017 might be a better look for us. I can't believe Dimitroff is still in control and making decisions. Why didn't we fire the sheet of that guy. I look at him with his spiked hair and 80's looking face and see a weasel now. He should have had a sack and stepped down and taking a fall for his previous coach instead Smitty took all of the blame. And all the time Matt Ryan is one year older, when will he take that next step and make his players better--I am sorry this looks better but we are far from the playoff winning team we all dream of.
  7. Some people here are losing their minds that we are not tanking to secure a pass rusher in the top of the 1st round - those people need to understand 3 things: 1. Pass rushers take time to develop, even top tier ones (look at Clowney). Guys like Mack are not the standard, they are the exception most of the time. 2. In light of reason #1 - the best place to find a pass rusher is FA - since rushers take time to develop and are a crap shoot to draft at best, you find proven ones in FA, same as OL (also take time to develop). 3. Look at our history drafting defensive players. Now Pioli might help us out on this - but by and large we miss more than hit on defensive players. Is that TD's fault? Probably. But even if TD is gone next year that doesn't change reasons 1&2 - we aren't going to find a rusher that will set the tone of the game on defense in a first year player (the chances of that happening are slim, even for teams that draft well on defense). The overriding point here is obvious: We have a ton of needs, and at this stage of the team's development, we need to go BPA in the draft. One could argue our only position that is not up for grabs is QB - so BPA just plain makes sense. If we address pass rush and our OL in FA then we can draft players to suit our needs at the best spot available, because OL and pass rush are our biggest needs and we can snag proven players to fill out those roles. So if we don't get #1 overall pick, its not the end of the world. There will be plenty of talent available, and you don't want our FO drafting edge rushers anyway - they will probably screw it up. Go FA heavy on pass rush and OL and the rest will work itself out.
  8. Who do you see making the 2014 roster as our pure pass rusher (as pure as a PR can be in a 3-4) I don't really get why we'd keep Osi, but it is nice to have a vet DE presence. Do you all see potential in Mass, Maponga, or Goodman? I feel like Mass has a lot of potential... he's honestly the only pass rush DE we have that I would trust right now, other than Osi to an extent. To me the jury is out on Goodman, he might be more suited to packing on pounds and lining up next to our DT. Maponga? I don't see him lasting long for us. In a 3-4, who out of our current stable has the edge rush moves and versatility to play a rushing DE? If no one, who would you bring in/hope would be brought in?
  9. For my first post on the forums here I wanted to put up my picks for FA/Draft/Hopeful draft. I see a lot of mock drafts and such but I haven't seen one that compiled everyone's picks. So I was hoping to get it started (it would be a nice break from all the Miko threads and other drama at least!). With my wholly uninformed opinion noted - for FA I think we will: Sign Osi, sign Dansby, and if TD can do the cap shuffle, re-sign Abe for vet min. In the draft I think we will go: 1. Arthur Brown 2. David Amerson 3. Corey Lemonier 4. Devin Taylor My Wishlist: 1. Jarvis Jones (it could happen!) 2. Margus Hunt (turn him into a weapon) 3. Corey Lemonier 4. Kwame Geathers/Marcus Lattimore What are yalls picks / opinions?
  10. Imagine this roster - we could have had it using only our draft picks, 3 UDFAs each year, 4 players who were on the roster when he arrived, and 1 free agent: QB: Matt Ryan, Brian Hoyer, Joe Webb RB: Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Mike Tolbert, Bruce Miller (FB) WR: Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, Davone Bess, Doug Baldwin TE: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Jake Ballard OT: Demetrius Bell, Tyson Clabo, J'Marcus Webb, Marshall Newhouse IOL: Carl Nicks, Todd McClure, Josh Sitton, Maurice Hart, Bill Nagy --- (3-4 defense)--- DE: Calais Campbell, Cullen Jenkins, Pernell McPhee, Brandon Deaderick, Ricky Jean Francois NT: Athyba Rubin, Chris Nield OLB: Clay Matthews, Aldon Smith, Cliff Avril, Lawrence Sidbury ILB: Navarro Bowman, David Hawthorne, Jovan Belcher, KJ Wright CB: Brent Grimes, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Jason McCourty, Sam Shields, Jacob Lacey S: William Moore, Kam Chancellor, Glover Quinn, Devin Holland ST: Thomas Morstead (P), Dan Carpenter (K), Marc Mariani (KR/PR), Christian Yount (LS) 18 Pro Bowlers - not bad considering 48 of them have been in the league four years or fewer. --- If only any GM could really draft this well...but at least it puts the importance of free agency relative to the draft in perspective. I better Arthur Blank would like it too, as we would have had a payroll of about $50m in 2011. See post below if you want the full breakdown.
  11. They have about 6 weeks till the FA period begins and players actually hit the open market. But the teams can still sign guys from their own team before they hit the open market. So when do we start hearing about negotiations with Lofton, Bierman, Douglas, and possibly Grimes, Abe, McClure and the rest?
  12. I know there's not a good chance of it happening... But I find it odd that they let there All Pro DE come into his last year of his contract. And haven't made an attempt to sign him. Add to that the fact that the defense has played well without him and they have Barwin and Brooks to playing the OLB position at a high level and Mario coming off an injury. I doubt the Falcons go spend the bucks, but I wouldn't rule it out with the amount of potential cap space the Falcons have opening up. If they don't bring back Abe, McClure, and Grimes. Choose to Let Mike Johnson play the RG spot and slide Hawley to the center. Draft some more depth on the OL in the draft and maybe sign a cheap free agent like a Max Starks to get them through another year at LT. It's mostly just wishful thinking on my part but whatever.. A dude can dream right.
  13. Lets keep it realistic here.... But what would your ideal best case scenario consist of? Rules: 1. Can't Fire Smith or TD 2. Trade Ryan or any of are skill guys(Tony, Roddy, Julio, Turner) 3. Keep the salary cap in mind... don't go spend 30 million on Mario Williams and Carl Nicks. Add the coordinators you want, players you would like in the draft and free agency, cut who you want, etc...
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