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Found 1 result

  1. I was so hot with the insistent stubbornness to keep running Turner last night until I thought I would blow a gasket. I always knew Mike Smith was a very conservative HC and wanted to run an old school style offense, but the way he had the team playing was ridiculous last night. Fact of the matter is he is killing drives by taking Ryan out of his rhythm handing Turner the ball at the most unopportune times. This is why we lack an identity--because of Smitty. We come out fling the ball all around on the Chiefs and then last night we look like last year's offense--except when Ryan was going to our receivers. And it just wasn't the offense, he had the defense go into the old prevent defense that let's the opponent back in games--and that's exactly what happened. If Smitty continues this philosophy of sitting on leads to try and run the clock out, we won't go anywhere beyond the regular season. These guys need to have a mentality of playing teams hard for four full quarters without letting up. Keep scoring, keep the pressure on teams and not let them score--even late in the game. I'm sorry, but I'm just tired of seeing this team not play to its full potential. In fact, Pete Prisco was on 790 the zone the morning and basically eluded to the same thing...the Turner runs are working and this is a passing league now. We need a different type of running back for a balanced attack and his name is not Michael Turner.
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