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Found 1 result

  1. The Falcons came into this season among the favorites to reach the Super Bowl, then got off to a slow start. That slow start was further aggravated by injuries at key positions on both sides of the ball. Suddenly the Falcons find themselves at 1-4, struggling to field a team with mid-round draft picks, FA's and last-minute fill-ins. Virtually on life support entering the Tampa Bay game, the Falcons managed to do enough things right to get their second win of the season. The win was sweet, but it was hardly the easy, dominating win the team would have liked to have gotten under their belt against a winless team with coaching issues. Despite the disappointment of the slow start, or possibly as a direct result of it, this is already turning out to be an incredibly exciting season. I know I can't wait to see what happens in the Arizona game. There's more drama packed into this contest than in a week's worth of tv soap operas. Will our OL be able to hold off Abe? Will the Falcons defensive secondary avoid getting torched by Palmer? He got about tree-fiddy against us last time we played him. Can our young DE's get some sacks and turn-overs against said Palmer? Can our young secondary guys keep Fitz and their other top receiver under control, especially in those last few minutes of the game? Will Nolan go super-agro or will he revert back to bend-but-don't-break? Will SJax have any impact in the game? Will HD have anything like the success against the Cardinal secondary he enjoyed against the Bucs? Will Darius Johnson have any impact in the game? Will TG be able to counter the expected double-team he will be going against and be productive? Can Ryan avoid taking sacks on critical downs? Can he lead this offense to TD's rather than FG's this week? Who is going to be our punt/kick returner? And lastly, will the extreme pressure of such a poor record, motivate Mike Smith to genetically modify the dinosaur known as Smittyball? Perhaps morph it into a more high-scoring hybrid on offense and a more aggressive, higher risk scheme on defense? I'm as excited and looking forward to each game now with at least as much anticipation as last year when we were on top of the NFC and cruising. It seemed this team had all the answers back then. Now it seems the team has only questions. Some of those questions will be asked and answered this week, others will be answered as the season wears on. One thing is for sure, we've got some great young players that are going to be providing some thrills and some chills. And with the overall crappiness of the NFC in general, if we even win a few more games in the next month we'll probably be in the play-off hunt, which will greatly please all the ho-zombs and keep them excited as well. It's almost enough to make a man holler RISE UP, and that could very well happen Sunday afternoon. So tell me, are you more or less excited about watching the games with the situation the team finds itself in at the moment? Do you look forward to watching? Dread it? Neither? Explain.
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