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Found 1 result

  1. On Rex as our next head coach: I can't see how Blank doesn't hire Rex Ryan right away! I may be bias on my thoughts but in my eyes as a falcon fan when you add every problem we have Rex is the perfect candidate to turn this franchise back into a superbowl contender. However I am reasonable and I do understand why some fans hate the idea of Rex being our next coach: -He's not a good offensive coach -He's not a good offensive developer for young players or even veterans -His offenses have always seemed to struggle since he's been a head coach -Last he talks a bit too da** much But my counter to all of that is that he's never had an already established borderline elite QB like Matt Ryan! Rex has never had an top 5 WR like Julio! He's never had a great receiving core like Julio, Roddy, HD, and yes speedster Devin Hester....those jet teams really lacked good offensive players, so why ignore that fact? And why not give Rex an offense that already has a ton of playmakers?!...HELLO that's all the man needs is a little help from the offense for ONCE in his head coaching career as well as a good offense coordinator which ain't hard to get with all those playmaking names mentioned above! As far as defense goes I'm sorry no other head coaching candidate can compare! I understand Rex runs his mouth but dude knows his stuff on defense and has just shown too much consistentcy to overlook him regardless of his mouth! Here's some facts about Rex: -did you know for 12 straight years as a defense coordinator/head coach that Rex has had no LOWER than a 6th ranked defense? -did you know he is a top notch defense developer for all players? -did you know his players regardless of offense or defense leave their hearts on the field for him every game? -how about this one...did you know that Rex was a **** of a leader though he runs his mouth? We have a Falcons teams that has lacked toughness and has had a bad defense for almost if not 10 straight seasons! I'm so sick of that! This is not the NBA, defense actually wins championships in the NFL....Rex brings an aggressive defensive scheme, a defensive developing mindset for the defense players to actually grow and get better, LEADERSHIP, and a very confident yet cocky attitude to pump his team up every Sunday! Are you seriously going to let this top of the line head coach get away Blank? On Dimi Boy and what type of GM we now know he truly is: And for everyone worrying about Dimi boy you can kill that! One huge thing falcon fans overlooked was when blank spilled the beans that smith and Nolan didn't want to go after pass rushers and dimitrioff did....NOW UNDERSTAND I'm not saying blank shouldn't Fire him I'm saying that blank has shown what kind of GM he is...he's the type that's going to do whatever the head coach says that goes for free agency and drafting (atleast it got that way when Nolan arrived). You see dimitrioff is going to hang his head coaches feet to the fire when things go bad cause he has an excuse he's going to say to mr. Blank "but I got every player the head coach and his staff asked for but I told them I thought we should take these set of guys instead" when truly he probably just made up the "I thought we should have went after pass rushers" once the season was lost but had the season worked out he would have accepted all the credit for getting the players he was told to get. Sorry for the long post just wanted to give my 2cents on why Rex is the perfect candidate and why dimitrioff no longer concerns me cause he obviously just does what the coaching staff tell him to do, in other words we have a good coaching staff I could care less if dimitrioff stays.
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