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Found 15 results

  1. Like the needs but I don’t like 2 of the 3 selected. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/three-round-2019-nfl-mock-draft-four-qbs-go-in-top-15-but-broncos-wait-until-round-3-steelers-target-offense/
  2. We have alot of expiring contracts and 1 yr deals coming off the books this off-season. The DL will be thin with Reed,Shelby,Irvin(resign),and McClain being FA so we will have to draft and sign some players. The FA list looks good, as does the draft. Schrader is regressing and I want a dog at RT, be it a FA or a pick. We need to infuse this team with more talent, and build the trenches up. Starting with paying Jarrett.
  3. This might be a question for someone like @PeytonMannings Forehead who understands the nuances of football a bit better than me. From what I gather listening to announcers and whatnot, Vic is a linebacker. I'm assuming he starts at WLB since Debo is our MLB and Campbell is the SLB. However, he rushes on almost every play. As far as I know, having a rush linebacker is more of a staple of 3-4 defenses. Demarcus Ware, Khalil Mack, and Von Miller are examples of 3-4 linebackers who rush all the time. Rushers in 4-3s are usually defensive ends. When Dallas brought in a 4-3 defense for example, Ware was "converted" to a hands in the dirt 4-3 defensive end. Our defense is different in that Vic is listed as a LB but he always has his hands in the dirt like an end. Could anyone explain why this is? Is this a staple of Quinn's defense? Or is this just an issue of semantics?
  4. I find this kid to be super raw but also an altheltic freak. For some weird reason, I believe in our staff's ability to coach up and develop talent, which we haven't done in years. If we have to trade down, I won't have a heart attack with someone like this kid being on the board late in the first. I had hoped he'd be there in the 2nd to give us added flexibility in the first, but it looks like Mike Tomlin is already looking at him as an OLB in the first. Thoughts? Defensive end Danielle Hunter (6-5 1/4, 251) had a 36 1/2-inch vertical jump and 10-foot-10 broad jump. He did the 20-yard short shuttle in 4.47 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.95 seconds, which is really fast and shows his tremendous change-of-direction abilities. Hunter ran a 4.57 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine, which was the best time among defensive linemen. StrengthsFreakish combination of size, athleticism and explosiveness. Has long arms with jarring power behind his hands. When technique is right, he can stack and overpower tackles at point of attack. Fluid and agile in space. Uses length to bat down passes and disrupt the passing lane. Flashes winning spin move in pass rush, but needs to learn to set it up better. Uses arm-over inside move to set up tackles for loss. High-end tackle production for his position. Secondary motor to pursue and speed to chase leads to more tackle opportunities. Lead all SEC defensive linemen in "stuffs" (tackles for no gain or loss of yards) with 17. Active and energetic at all times. Continues to work to improve position vs. run and pass. Off-field character considered "squeaky clean" by NFL scouts. Has speed and agility to become special-teams star early in his career.
  5. so no matter who the head coach is, the needs more or less remain the same. So while it may still be too early to exactly pinpoint specific guys, lets at least determine what the first round pick will be spent on? Offense? Defense? Needs... -OLB -DE -MLB -TE -WR -RB? -OL?
  6. Well with the collapse of the Bush signing... we need 3 things foremost from this draft - obviously, FS, OT, and DE/OLB in no particular order. If we trade away our 2nd or even 3rd round pick, we move from getting 3 almost certain starters, to a big ? again... I don't want to put a starting OT, FS, or pass rusher on the field from the 4th round, no matter how deep a draft is. A TE or RB, sure... but not one of those positions. Matt was on his *** throughout 2013... I believe our team is offensively-based. We need to keep our $120 milly man alive. That means OT in the first to me - the "Replacements" line-up at OT we have currently is a joke. Carimi will end up being a OG and the rest should be flushed (except Holmes for a swing tackle). But whether or not we go OT in the first or a pass rusher - I don't see how we could possibly trade picks away now. We NEED at least two starter-worthy players at 3 diff positions... we cannot afford to trade up, we just can't.
  7. What's our biggest need now that the draft is done? I'd probably have to say MLB because Dent is not the answer, Dansby would be a great fit and says he wants to be here DT is pretty thin DE we're hoping mid and late round picks can step up but insurance with a 2nd proven pass rusher would be nice The OL is a question mark but there's not much out there I think Alford will be the punt returner but probably won't be risked on kickoffs, are we going to go with Rodgers there or will someone else show up
  8. I think we should draft DE and DT in the first two rounds. Its not like Dunta was an All-pro, im sure we can pick up a good CB on Day 2 or 3 of the draft or during the preseason after cuts.
  9. Osi finally signed, how do our remaining needs rank 1. DE - Yes that's right, DE was our biggest need before we cut Abe, replacing him with Osi is an upgrade in terms of age, perhaps a slight downgrade in terms of talent. This position is still a big time need. The cheapest option at this point is to resign Abe, and it's one of the few options there are. Then we can draft a DE in the 1st or at latest the 2nd. Osi, Abe, a 1st or 2nd rounder, Biermann and Massaquoi is something resembling a playoff caliber line. 2. DT - DT is almost as big a need as DE, but we actually had a player there in Babineaux. Peters if he can come back healthy should be a solid #3. Robertson will get a chance to earn some run downs. Jerry will likely be cut in camp unless he actually looks healthy which is a long shot. We already passed on plenty of good FA DTs so will have to draft one. I think 3rd round is the latest to pick up a pure run stuffer, round 1 or 2 if we want an everydown player. 3. CB - With McClain likely to stay in the nickel, we need a starter opposite Samuel. The 3rd round is probably too late to wait for our guy unless we think McClain can be the starter in the base and play the slot in the nickel with the rookie outside. Round 1 or 2 is the place to grab a starter if we need him to be an impact rookie. Alternatively I think it would make a ton of sense to sign Mike Jenkins, a former 1st rounder, young athletic and has been productive but was benched last year. Rodgers-Cromartie only got 1 year 5M so Jenkins will probably get 3M at the most, we could plug him in opposite Samuel and take a CB in the 4th round to develop. 4. OG/C? - This is a question mark. If we're going to add an OL, it's got to be in the 1st 2 rounds. We have enough mid and late round OL on the roster. We can assume Konz will start, preferably at C but he may be played at G which he struggled with some as a rookie. If he is at G, Hawley would likely be the C. If Konz is the C, Johnson, Hawley and Reynolds (ughh) would presumably compete for RG. A possibility would be Clabo moving in to RG which would give us the size we need, and Holmes at RT. 5. LB - Run defense fell off quite a bit with Lofton out and Dent in. In addition to getting ran all over, the LBs couldn't cover anyone in the playoffs. Personally to me this about a terrible DL more than the LBs, and it wouldnt be the end of the world if we went into next season with Spoon and Nicholas as our top LBs, we have much bigger needs. However, I would have no problem with adding an athletic OLB and moving Spoon to MLB. Also, there are 3 FA LBs I think could really help this team. Karlos Dansby, a run stuffer, blitzer and cover guy, would be a great pickup and cheap compared to what he brings. Daryl Smith is a solid productive LB available for cheap. Thomas Howard once had 6 interceptions in a single season and would be a perfect weakside LB with Spoon in the middle. All are avaiable cheap and we could certainly afford them by giving Ryan his new deal but they are more luxuries. Dansby would be great though because he has legit pass rush ability and is just a solid playmaking LB 6. Return Specialist - Special teams were terrible we had no threat at all. Ideally one of the CBs we draft or maybe some RB or WR depth we pickup is a legit return threat. We definately need to get atleast 1 return weapon in the draft. Brandon Banks is a FA who is tiny but has blazing speed and is a legit return weapon. We could do far worse than signing him to compete with whoever we bring in in the draft. This team never got a boost from special teams last season 7. Depth - Beyond these needs it's really just depth across the roster. We should definately take 1 or 2 WRs in the mid-late rounds as we have no depth. We could use a speed back to develop as a receiving threat, we could use a talented TE to develop but I dont want 1 until atleast round 4. We could look at backup QB. When it comes to the OL and DL I only want to be drafting guys with the expectation of contributing in the first 3 rounds. You dont build a good team with late round linemen on either side of the ball. LB we could certainly use some depth also With that said, since TD has clearly annouced it's about the Super Bowl this season by paying Gonzalez and signing Jackson, I think the next step is giving Ryan his new deal so we can create 2013 and 2014 cap space Then we can reuse that to give Abe the respect he deserves and resign him, and then look at adding a solid starter on D who is available for cheap My top 2 targets would be Karlos Dansby and Mike Jenkins I think Dansbys the better player who would fix the run D, give us our 2nd nickel LB with Spoon, and be a quality blitzer and cover guy But the better value might be Jenkins, because then we don't need to draft a starting CB who we'd need to take early We could then go DE and DT in the 1st 2 rounds, and take an OLB in the 3rd **** just bringing back Abe atleast gives us a shot to enter the season with a decent D, which is all we need
  10. Horrible effort, those defenders should hang their heads in shame. Edwards, and peters have the best seats in the house to watch the game. And akeem dent is perhaps the worst MLB in all college and the pros. We need new players to man these positions, cause the ones we have don't have the talent to get it done. We are getting gored in run defense, and our pass rush is getting exposed once again.
  11. Now that the deadline for extending deadline players has come and gone, we know a few things about the Detroit Lions and how they value franchise player Cliff Avril. While now just entering his prime, the Lions have deemed Avril as expendable to the team's success for a couple of reasons (this has all been true before the deadline passed and has been said by many reporters, but the lack of an extension verifies much of it): 1) While Avril is a great player, the Lions haven't pegged him as a core piece for their success. The Lions are in the unique position of having their team salary structured almost like a basketball team. For the next many years, Calvin Johnson (150+ million deal), Stafford ($10+ mil in annual salary, will command a $120+ deal when he's a free agent), Ndamukong Suh ($10+ mil in annual salary, will command a $100+ mil deal when he's a free agent) -- take up a HUGE amount of the Lions cap space. Behind them, the Lions have key pieces including Jahvid Best, 1st round WR Titus Young, 1st round DT Nick Fairley, veterans KVB and Corey Williams, 1st round TE Brandon Pettigrew, safety Louis Delmas, LB Stephen Tulloch, and just drafted 1st round OT Riley Reiff who they will have to pay for the long term. The Lions have a ton of talent on their line and don't want to invest a chunk more into it. Which brings us to: 2) The Lions are very high on Avril's replacements. The Lions have been very high in Willie Young, who has a lot of talent but has been behind Avril in Detroit. This would in theory allow the Lions to retain Young for the long-term for much cheaper than Avril without losing much production on the defensive line and thus not losing any of the other key pieces in free agency. The Lions also drafted Oklahoma pass rusher Ronnel Lewis is a very similar player to Avril in both size and skill set. At Purdue, Avril was a linebacker and a defensive end which is what Lewis did at Oklahoma. He's a relentless pass rusher and is an intriguing play at DE where Avril lines up. The Lions also picked up Everette Brown, who has a lot of talent but flamed out in Carolina. On the Lions d-line as the guy who will always get a one on one block, Brown could produce very well. Between Young and Lewis (and Brown), the Lions have talent and affordability. Don't think the Lions drafted Lewis this year and picked up Brown this year without the thought of moving Avril in mind, or for certain letting him walk as a FA. The Lions could keep Avril for the season and then let him walk and roll with the two guys mentioned above, or if the right offer presents itself they could move on from Avril now and let one of those two guys claim the starting DE job opposite KVB. This is where the Falcons come into play. Assuming we waive Lofa for an injury settlement, that basically nullifies the $5 million deal we gave him which he little to no guarantees in it anyway. With our current cap space, plus that amount, we would be able to give Avril an extension if we traded for him. Why we trade for him is pretty simple. Avril is entering his prime and is an ideal pass rusher for Mike Nolan's defense. He's a difference making defensive end in a 4-3 and can line up at LDE or RDE. He's currently an LDE in Detroit but has the size and speed of the best RDEs in the league -- Detroit just lets KVB play RDE which is what he is used to. Avril also has tremendous quickness and fluidity and would be a great 3-4 OLB, which I happen to think is his best position in the league. He has legit 4.4/4.5 speed and ran a sub 7 second 3 cone drill when he entered the league: http://www.nfldrafts...008&genpos=OLB. On the slow track at the combine he clocked in at 4.51 seconds in the 40, put up 27 bench reps, and had a 32.5" vertical jump. If he's given a few steps on the snap as a 3-4 OLB he'd be nearly unblockable, but he's still strong enough and quick enough to rack up double digit sacks as a 4-3 DE. He's someone that we can plug in at LDE opposite Abe, or when Abe subs out move him to RDE and Ray to LDE if we still have Ray. One trade option would be to trade Ray and a 2013 3rd for Avril, giving the Lions a nice draft pick plus an affordable defensive end on a team-friendly deal which is what they need. Another option with Ray included would be instead of a draft pick to include CB Domonique Franks, who started to improve at the end of the year. The Lions are in need of a starting CB opposite Houston and Franks could be that guy. While he's a nice dime back for us he is expendable since we now have Asante, Grimes, and DRob to go with Owens and Walls as depth. I'd prefer to keep Franks in case of injury and give up the future 3rd, because if Grimes or DRob gets hurt we need Franks in the line up. If we keep Ray to give us a great DE rotation of Abe, Avril, Ray, Biermann (NYG-like...almost) then we'd have to give up a higher draft pick in next year's draft, or at least make it conditional up to a 2nd based on performance. I truly believe he'd be a star in Atlanta as Nolan would use him at both DE and OLB in 3-4 sets to create pressure and wreak havoc. We want to end our playoff woes....a player like this in our defense would go a long ways to helping us do that. Final trade: ATL gives: 2013 3rd round pick (conditional up to a 2nd), CB Chris Owens DET gives: DE Cliff Avril, DT Sammie Lee Hill In exchange for allowing the "sweetener" of the move up to a 2nd if say Avril posts 12 or more sacks and we reach the playoffs, we extract DT Sammie Lee Hill from the Lions in exchange for our 5th/6th CB Chris Owens. SLH is also set to become a FA after this season, and he's the 4th/5th DT in Detroit behind Suh, Williams, Fairley, and perhaps even Fluellen. Hill offers great size at 6'4 330 lbs but also offers pass rush upside with good movement skills. Travian Robertson is our only "big" DT and we need depth in that area. We'd be screwed if he got hurt and wouldn't be able to use 3-4 sets without a good NT. SLH would also offer a great goal-line partner for Robertson at DT, or for unique Nolan sets with Babs as a gap shooting NT and Robertson and SLH as DTs next to him clogging the interior. Owens would operate as the nickel CB in Detroit, or perhaps even move into the starting line up and improve just like Houston did when he went from ATL to DET. Our d-line then looks like: RDE: Abe DT: Babs DT: Peters LDE: Avril more impressively, the 3-4 looks like: OLB: Abe ILB: Spoon ILB: Dent OLB: Avril DE: Babs NT: Sammie Lee Hill/Robertson DE: Ray/Sammie Lee Hill I think it's well worth it, especially with our mandate to win now. Avril just turned 26 so this would be a 5-6 year investment. Even at 32 he'd still be athletically superior to most DEs in the league and be able to overwhelm OTs. Thoughts?
  12. From GBB (I wrote it) http://gritsblitz.co...-round-two.html
  13. Hey guys as you remember a while back a new Atlanta Blog was launched, and I'm now doing scouting reports on players over there. Given the need we have at DE I decided to post my scouting report on Cordarro Law here. I believe this kid has a ton of potential and could be a third day steal. http://gritsblitz.com/2012-articles/april/from-the-birds-nest-a-look-at-cordarro-law.html
  14. 55 Atlanta Coby Fleener TE Stanford 6' 6" 248 85 Atlanta Shea McClellin DE Boise State 6' 3" 262 149 Atlanta Mitchell Schwartz OT Cal 6' 5" 310 181 Atlanta Case Keenum QB Houston 6' 2" 210 213 Atlanta William Vlachos OC Alabama 6' 1" 292 http://www.draftsite...mock-draft/2012
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