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Found 3 results

  1. I was just wondering why coach Smith pushed one of his coaches on the sidelines, on national tv......John Lynch was talking and said...ohhhhh. But that was it. I thought to myself.....this is not good. I hope things are cool with the other coaches. Todays game was a good close hard fought game, but the best team won out. whew. just curious. olehippy13
  2. IMHO the most important moves we can make above any signings is : 1st the defense line coach (yes replace CRH) to bring along the talant we have and any we pick ups He needs to.install some nasty mean mentally ! If we can't coach up what we have then find it. Just hasn't happened with CRH 2nd the offense line coach to get the fire back in these guys and fix the problem long term - no more short term fixes! We lost our inforcer in Dahl. Need a center and gaurd that people just fear in training camp and the season. I can't think of any training camp that Dahl wasn't fighting someone. I hope we s
  3. I am glad that Mularkey and BVG are no longer with us -- not that they weren't good coordinators -- but we were not going to go any farther than we've been going with them. We need change, but the kind of change we bring in will go a long way to helping our team stay on our feet in January and not on their behinds watching the rest of the playoffs. Offensive Coordinator: It's tough to just name a name, but we need someone who will use our talent to the fullest. Whether you are a Michael Turner fan or not, you must acknowledge that he is no longer a feature back of a Super Bowl contender -- he
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