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Found 6 results

  1. Matt Ryan isn't a good QB. Let's get that out of the way at first. But he's not awful. He's just well below average. There is, however, one man whose performance can be, without a doubt, classified as truly awful. Thomas Dimitroff. GM, Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan needs multiple pro-bowlers around him to win games. Which he has. But he also needs time to get them the ball (he has an average release). Problem is, Sam Baker and Garrett Reynolds are worse than turnstiles out there. Now, I give credit to Clayborn/Bowers. They're both borderline 7-9 sack guys in my opinion. But Clayborn looked Juli
  2. He hasn't progressed one iota since his rookie season. In fact, it may very well be even worse. The pieces around him have improved exponentially. Yet he's playing at the exact same level? I know I'm not as big of a homer as TATFers would prefer, But I'd call that regression.
  3. Guest

    Denard Robinson

    He's coming out next year. It's time to make a change. Matt isn't awful. He's just not gonna be able to take us to the promised land Robinson will probably slip to the second round, but if not, we can package a few picks to grab him. Now I'm not saying we start him right away, he's a little raw. But the man runs a 4.32. We haven't had that sort of a double threat at the QB position, since, well, you know... It's time for "TD" to bite the bullet. Earn his paycheck. And make that move that, deep inside, we all know he should make. Our QB of the future isn't under center now, folks. He's up in A
  4. Falcons 28, Saints 24. Roddy and Julio go nuts on a decimated secondary. Turner churns out a couple big runs against the fattest, laziest DTs in the league. What's yours? I'm up for a good debate
  5. So here's how it is folks. As we very well know, Julio Jones, the Falcons' 1st round draft pick in 2011 and 2012, 2nd rounder in 2011, and 4th rounder in 2011 and 2012, has been out for the past few weeks. And guess what? His team has gone 2-0 without him. The offense has looked better. Indisputably. The team has a clearer sense of self-identity. Everyone's got a defined role. They're making plays. So what can we garner from this, my friends? Fear not, the Elite Poster is here to help. Here's how it is; Thomas "the wunderboy" Dimitroff has no earthly idea about his players, coaches, or schemes
  6. We know all about this... http://espn.go.com/b...skas-qb-watch-5 But is a certain All-Pro's lack of faith in QB, coaches, and FO causing this? http://espn.go.com/b...ropped-passes-2 I'm just throwing it out there, folks. But some major changes are in order. Time to clean house. Time "drain the swamp" Time to ask questions, hold people accountable.
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