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Found 5 results

  1. Along with Julio getting player of the month and the team being 3-0, I'd say we cleaned up pretty nicely in September. Let's keep it going. @vxmcclure23 Devonta Freeman named Fed Ex ground player of the week
  2. So our St guys get some love! Wish they would have featured more of Bosher's great tackles... but looks like Bryant is The Big Dog. Lots of respect from Spoon for Bryant. Welcome back!
  3. I think we got a great UDFA class compared with what we usually get because the Falcons are finally getting some love in the media consistently for having a potentially dominant offense, and a young defense with potential. UDFA signings are impacted by two things, and I think the more important one is appeal. The kids decide where they want to go if given an invitation, and most would choose an in vogue team over a team like the Browns. The second determinant is opportunity, which I guess is 1b to 1a because the player wants to make the team. The Falcons actually have some big holes to fill still, or at least have open competition at certain spots like some other great teams don't --- the 49ers and Seahawks are going to have a hard time keeping their draft picks from rounds 5-7 on the roster, let alone the UDFAs they signed and they got some good ones (this will make for a very interesting 2nd round of UDFA players eventually after first cuts). Some players that should have been drafted fell out of the draft, and we didn't get the biggest names of those guys like Da'Rick Rogers or Kwame Geathers or Robert Lester or Rod Sweeting or Kevin Reddick. We usually get guys that no one has ever heard of it and no one ever makes the team. But this year we got some guys that can actually contribute on the field and were hot name UDFAs that many expected to be taken in the 7th or be priority free agents, and I think will make the team over a guy like Kemal Ishmael who we drafted in the 7th. Some guys I am really excited for are the WR group we got is really promising: we got 2 slot WR prospects that could make the team, and without exaggeration make HD expendable in a trade to bring back a DT. Darius Johnson from SMU doesn't have world class speed for the 40 yard dash, but he's a shifty 5'10 180 lbs slot WR who runs in the 4.5s and most importantly -- makes big plays consistently and puts together 100 yard games like it's nobody's business. He was named MVP in back-to-back bowl games as a junior and a senior at SMU. Along with Emmanuel Sanders (also SMU) he's the only other WR in school history with three 60 catch seasons. Last season he had 64 receptions for 787 yards and 5 TDs, and as a junior he had his best season as a Mustang with 79 receptions for 1,118 yards and 8 TDs (had a similar season as a sophomore as well 78/845/6). Rashad Evans from Fresno State is the other slot WR prospect who I've already written about. Evans is similarly built at 5'9 185 lbs, but due to a much worse passing attack than the high flying SMU Mustangs' offense -- Evans numbers are much worse across the board. He only had 34 receptions last year for 314 yards and 5 TDs, but was a pretty good punt returner averaging over 9 yards a return and returning one for a TD. As an athlete however, Evans can be considered a modest man's Tavon Austin. I won't say poor man's because aside from the 40 yard dash and the 20 yard shuttle, Evans can be considered to have a little more lower body explosion to his game. Evans ran a 4.44 40 yard dash with a 1.57 10 yard split while Tavon Austin ran a 4.28 40 with a 1.5 flat 10 yard split. The split is more important IMO for a slot WR, as your main role is to get open underneath off the line. They are within 7 hundreds of a second with their explosion out of their stance off the snap. Tavon has better top end speed, so he finished the 40 faster after those 10 yards --- but Rashad was within a few eyelashes of Tavon after the 10 yards. Tavon also had a 33" vertical jump, which means while he is super fast in a straight line sprinting he isn't as explosive going up and getting the ball or making quick cuts as you may think. Rashad had a 38.5" vertical jump, noticeably better than Tavon. His broad jump was also one inch better than Tavon's. He's an elite athlete with good hands, and will add a strong competitor to our return man competition brewing between Robert Alford, Quizz (I expect Quizz to be taken off returns and to focus on RB since we didn't draft a RB), Antone Smith, and himself. As an outside WR, aside from Da'Rick Rodgers and a few others we may have gotten one of the more exciting UDFA WRs in the entire pool with ex-Georgia Tech WR Quentin Sims. Sims transferred to Tennessee-Martin, home of my beloved Montori Hughes, and dominated. Quentin Sims is 6'3, 210 lbs with 32" long arms (1/4" longer than Patterson's) and an under-whelming 4.59 40 yard dash which is slower than his speed on the field. Quentin had a TD catch in every game last season and finished the season with 86 catches for 1,092 yards and 16 TDs. As a junior, Sims had 54 receptions for 712 yards and 11 TDs. His last conference game as a Skyhawk he had 8 catches for 176 yards and 3 TDs. He's an experienced play-maker and #1 WR, and a lot of people think we got a steal with signing him as a UDFA. He could be a guy who immediately gets a look as a #4 WR if we're looking for size, but I like him long term as a potential replacement for Roddy. Yes, it's usually foolish to expect UDFA's to replace stars on your team, let alone starters at all, but Sims has serious talent -- this was just a very deep draft which is evidenced by an unprecendted amount of highly rated players being available after the draft ended. He has the size, speed, production, and mental make up to be a factor in the NFL. This quote is from NFL Draft Zone: "Quentin Sims could be one of the most underrated wide receivers in this class. Sims is definitely one of the more athletic wide outs, who understands more about the position that others because of his time spent at QB. Sims was a stand out quarterback in high school and has transitioned very well to the wide receiver spot. This year, Sims the athletic senior, finished the year with 16 touchdowns, the most in the OVC. Sims has the size to be great at the next level as he stands in at 6’3 and weighs 202 pounds. Sims will be looking to impress scouts over the next few months, and he could end up solidifying himself a draft spot." Rest of the interview: http://nfldraftzone.com/draft-news/draft-zone-spotlight-quentin-sims-wr-tennessee-martin-university/ RB Ronnie Wingo Jr., Arkansas Wingo Jr., if we're lucky, can be the next Peyton Hillis. By that I mean, be the third unheralded back from Arkansas to enter the draft with his two better known counterparts and end up becoming arguably the best of the three. Hillis was te fullback at Arkansas, lining up in the center of the backfield and receiving carries up the middle but also blocking for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. The fullback also takes fake handoffs mainly up the middle and then the QB pitches it outside to one of the RBs who went in motion. This last year Wingo was that guy, with Dennis Johnson and Knile Davis playing the outside RBs. The team was a total mess after the Petrino scandal and no one produced, costing Tyler Wilson millions of the dollars in the process -- if Arkansas had its act together and the WRs didn't just go to the NFL, Wilson could have legitimately been the #1 overall pick. Wingo is a very intriguing height/weight/speed guy, and his abilities are almost idential to Peyton Hillis. He's a selfless player who will give up his body, and he can do a multitude of things just like the role Jason Snelling plays (or at least used to play) for us. Coming out of college, Peyton Hillis was 6'1, 240 lbs, 4.57 40 at his pro day (4.64 at the combine), put up 26 bench reps, and a 30.5" vertical jump from the combine. Ronnie Wingo is 6'2, 230 lbs and ran a 4.47 40 yard dash to g with a 33" vertical jump, although a little less bench reps with 18. As you can see, Wingo is an inch taller, 10 pounds lighter, and a little less stout with 8 less bench reps ----- aka, he's more of a true tailback whereas Peyton Hillis was a glorified fullback like Mike Alstott. Wingo's great straight line speed but not great short area agility is a lot like another undrafted RB of the last 5 years: Arian Foster. Foster came out of Tennessee as a one-cut runner who was 6'1, 230 lbs and ran a 4.69 40 yard dash with a 32" vertical jump. Arian's 10 yard split was 1.62 seconds, while Ronnie had a 1.60 10 yard split. Basically, Ronnie is an inch taller with equal burst off of his one cut but superior top end speed to take it the distance. Like Arian he wasn't a star in college and was overshadowed by other RBs on his own team. But also like Arian, he will likely be a better pro running back than college player. I actually expect Wingo to make the team and for us to cut one of Jason Snelling or Antone Smith. If Smith loses the return competition to Alford or Evans, I expect he will be cut along with his multi-million (low) extension to save money. With a weak box as defenses focus on our passing attack, I think with a zone-cut scheme Wingo could have some very productive runs for us. If we continue to move to a pass-first team that values pass blocking over power run blocking (that move has already started with the drafting of Konz as a center, re-signing Baker, and moving Lamar Holmes to RT), I could see our run game eventually moving to a zone-cut scheme like the Texans or Redskins and a guy like Wingo becoming an Alfred Morris success. And perhaps the biggest UDFA signing of all (pun intended), and he who also had the biggest name attached in the media: OL Terren Jones. Terren Jones is a 6'8, 341 lbs offensive tackle from Alabama State who really stood out at his pro day according to Gil Brandt: 03/05/13 - 2013 Alabama State Pro Day: OL Terren Jones stands out at Alabama State pro day...Alabama State held its pro day under the lights for what is believed to be the first time on Monday. Massive offensive lineman Terren Jones stood out during the workout, held on field turf outdoors. Jones (6-foot-7 5/8, 341 pounds) ran the 40 in 5.59 and 5.50 seconds, had a 24-inch vertical jump and 8-foot-7 broad jump, did the three-cone drill in 8.26 seconds and the short shuttle in 4.97 seconds. He did not lift, but his arms measured 36 inches. - Gil Brandt, NFL.com While I don't think we plan to use Terren as an offensive tackle if he makes the team, I really think we enticed him to join the Falcons because of the wide open hole he can massively fill at RG for us. He probably has more natural talent than both Garrett Reynolds and Mike Johnson. Reynolds, who is 6'7 310 lbs, looks like a tall twig compared to Terren Jones at 6'8 341 lbs. I think, if he can be coached up to be a consistent OG with proper technique, could dominate on the inside as a run blocker and also be too big for a DT to overwhelm or a blitzer to get around that he could help our passing offense. The height shouldn't be a problem for Matt Ryan who is 6'4, and also Reynolds has started at RG anyway and he is 6'7. But Jones' potential as a RG reminds of Alex Boone of the San Francisco 49ers. Boone was drafted as a right tackle by the 49ers as a 6'8 300 lbs kid from Ohio State. He was freaking horrible and was beat like a drum consistently, and instead of wallowing in their misery, the 49ers moved him inside to RG where his pass blocking problems immediately evaporated and he became an All-Pro right guard. And that's at a skinny 300 lbs for a 6'8 guy. Now imagine that kind of huge RG, but add 40 lbs and a mean streak and you get 6'8, 341 lbs Terren Jones who can move for a big guy like that and has some athleticism to him. I think we may have found the Ted Washington of the offensive line with this signing, and I'm really pumped TD was able to get this kid on board. Every year we usually sign a bunch of bums who never make the roster, or if they do they are on the practice squad or just sit on the bench. But any of those 3 WRs could suit up on Sunday for us, and I think one of the slot guys will end up pushing HD for his job and taking it by Year 2 since we are in win-Superbowl-now mode and we want to keep the veterans. Wingo should push Smith off the team, unless we want to keep the speed in case he'll push Snelling off the team and offer a better version of what Snelling is selling. And then there is Terren Jones, who can either compete for the RG job right away, or we can have the winner of Johnson/Reynolds play RG and groom Terren Jones to be the LG of the future when Blalock's contract is up. Maybe he can even be a Phil Loadholt kind of RT if we don't think the pass blocking will be a problem (this is a problem for Christian Ponder for example, but AP looooves Loadholt as a RT). If that's the case, Lamar Holmes can play Left Tackle and we can cut Sam Baker and save millions of dollars in cap space and bring back John Abraham or sign Karlos Dansby. But yeah, while I hated Day 3 of our draft ---- way to make up for it TD by signing a great UDFA class!!!
  4. What is group JTMB about? That's a good question. Is it about Unity? Yea. well what about kindness? Sure. Passion? Yes. kindness? Sure if your into that kinda thing. What we're really about though is joining together to watch ATL sports teams, ***** about the ASG, rock out to Soundgarden and watch Jeff Teague Make Buckets That's right JTMB stands for Jeff Teague Makes Buckets, and his buckets make happiness. So join today.
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