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Found 1 result

  1. Keep in mind, all questions must be -"How does it feel to lead the division, while the other teams are not?" For the Bucs fans, I have no sympathy. Your ringleader JB talked too much **** for me too feel bad about your terrible team and fanbase. Glennon is a terrible throw chucking giraffe and Evans and V-Jax look like they want to leave as soon as possible. There's literally no pride in your team. Your center was so scared of turning over the football he tried to snap it right up his ***. Pathetic. For the Panthers fans, it can't be looking too good. A bad team just walked into "your house"(I say that with quotes because there wasn't much cheering for positive Panthers plays last night) and spanked you. Atleast when we got spanked, we lost on the road and to a pretty **** good team. The Steelers hadn't scored a TD in six quarters before that game. Combine that with a blood-thirsty maniac Greg Hardy catching cases and suspensions left and right with a hurt Cam. and it isn't looking good. Plus you have literally no known RB available that isn't fat as ****. I just checked, literally not one. Good luck having a big running play with Fat Albert's lost son Tolbert out there handling most carries. For the Saints fans, I have two words: Cleveland Browns.
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