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Found 8 results

  1. http://meekslogic.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/39/ I'll be the first to admit I don't really care for Miko Grimes but this blog is really interesting. The whole Brent Grimes fiasco in 2011 seemed fishy to me from the jump. Grimes was one of our best players and seemed to give his all for this team even when it was made painfully obvious they wanted badly to go elsewhere (demoting him to right corner for Chris Owens in 09). He played hard even in meaningless games so the idea that he wouldn't play in a playoff game when he could didn't seem right. She even mentioned in the blog how he came back early for that Saints game because it was a rivalry game. So it seems off to me that he'd miss the Giants game just because. But like most of you, I believed the front office. Now it seems like the whole thing was gamesmanship to set us up for eventually dumping him. The FO should have locked Grimes up when it became obvious he was one of the better corners in the league but they kept him on short term deals (including the franchise tag) the entire time he was here. This highlights an issue I think has happened too many times with Dimitroff, disrespecting some of our best players. Curtis Lofton has gone on record about how he was lowballed in negotiations with us and the way this FO treated Abe still makes me sick. How do you ask a man to take a paycut one year and then cut him anyway the next year? It makes me sad thinking of Abe on NFL network the day after he was cut decked out in full Falcons gear saying, "Go Falcons". The guy had heart and loved this team and Dimitroff cut him anyway. His inability to draft offensive and defensive linemen is bad enough but when you add the fact that Dimitroff has let some of these guys go while extending the likes of Kroy Biermann and Sam Baker, it really shows how inept he is. We still haven't found adequate replacements for Loston and Abe and while Trufant is good, he's nowhere near the playmaker that Grimes was. It's one thing to make mistakes but when it's as egregious and disrespectful as the ones Dimitroff has made, it is unforgiveable.
  2. Just checking around the box scoes and there it was, the player too old & too expensive so we cut him---John Abraham I know its a dead horse but I still don't get it. Was Arthur just trying to save money or something? I know its early, we are fine, let it go---yeah yeah I've heard it all Sigh
  3. What if.... After we restructure Ryan, and June 1st hits.... We sign both Abe and Richard Seymour? We rotate our new guys as depth behind two amazing DEs, and shore up our DT position. It can be done.
  4. I posed this question within another thread, but that thread is now on page 1000, so I am asking it this way (plus, I rarely create a thread and figure a few of my fellow Falcons brethren know how contracts work). Can a contract be designed where incentives are based on a per sack basis? I know most are on totals (like over this many sacks or INTs), but I'm thinking of Abe and other older pass rushers who want decent money, but are long in the tooth and would mainly be used as pass-rushers to get the QB on the ground. So, for example...could TD offer Abe (or Freeney or whomever) a contract of like $2 million per year, with a $100k per sack incentive?
  5. Now that Grimes has gone to Miami, I really feel like Abe will be coming back. I think Atlanta had some amount of money held back to re-sign Grimes, and now that that money isn't needed, I think they look to bring the Predator back. I obviously could be wrong, but I hope to see #55 back in the ATL for one or two more years. Maybe Grimes leaving opens that door.
  6. http://blogs.ajc.com...d-not-practice/ Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons injury report: Abraham, Robinson and Moore did not practice 4:25 pm January 3, 2013, by D. Orlando Ledbetter By CARROLL ROGERS FLOWERY BRANCH — The Falcons are taking full advantage of their bye week, treating practice this week like training camp in that they’re emphasizing both working on the fundamentals and resting players. There’s no need to rush back players like defensive end John Abraham, (sprained ankle), cornerback Dunta Robinson (concussion) and safety William Moore (hamstring) until next week. “You want to have the healthiest possible team in the opener of the playoffs,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said on Thursday. “We’ve got some guys who have some bumps and bruises that have gone through a 16-game regular season and need some rest. We’re going to make sure that they’re going to be as healthy as possible.” After practicing outside on the natural grass field Wednesday, the Falcons moved inside to their indoor facility, giving the team a break from temperatures in the 40s. The Falcons have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and won’t be playing in the elements anyway. They could conceivably play two rounds in the Georgia Dome, and the Super Bowl is at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.
  7. Tony Gonzalez and John Abraham are the veteran leaders on offense and defense. Gonzalez is 36, Abe is 34. They both play this game for 1 reason. To be a world-champion. Will they be around long enogh to get a ring? Gonzalez' peers refer to him as the greatest TE of all time. All thats left for him is a ring. He takes such good care of his health he could play for a long time more but in my mind will only play if every season he feels he has a legit shot to get that ring. Extending him before the Giants disaster was one of the best moves TD ever made. I think Jones emerging as one of the dominant young forces in the game will really motivate him to stick around through this season if we don't get it done. A loss like last seasons would make him retire. Winning atleast 1-2 games against quality playoff teams would make him stick around in my mind, especially 2 wins in a stacked NFC. He has been as durable as anyone in his career but we could start using him detatched from the formation and away from the O line. We want him catching TDs and 1st downs, not run blocking. Its hard to say if Gonzalez will be around long enough at his age. Im going to go out on a limb and say yes, and that even if he doesnt get it this season, he sees so much between Jones dominance, Ryans improvement, and the playcalling on both sides that he sticks around for atleast another season Abe at 34 might have the potential for a few more seasons than Gonzalez but playing DE likely has taken a far bigger toll on Abe who has had struggled through injuries and played through them constantly to be the leader he is. I dont know if its true but I saw it reported that Abe dropped into coverage more than any DL in the NFL last season, one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Abe should only be on the field for 3rd down and other clear passing situations. We should not be putting him on the field on run downs so teams can double team him and send fullbacks and pulling guards at him. This is just going to wear him down and risk getting him injured Edwards will be the strongside end for run downs, someone like Biermann needs to emerge as a quality DE opposite them so that Abe can be rested to rush the passer and stay fresh and healthy for the playoffs I said Gonzalez will get a ring so I guess by default that means Abe will get one too What do you think?
  8. I haven't seen the Falcons dominate another team like they did the Jaguars last night in a long long time if ever. I remember in Matt's rookie year they went out to Oakland and laid it on the BUST that was J. Russel. Held them to negative total yards in the 1st half. But even then I don't remember the O putting on a show like last night. Then I also them running the score up on the 49ers two or three years ago, but the defense didn't clamp down like they did last night. I know the Jags are a bottom 5 team. But I've seen them beat Baltimore and hold there own against the Chargers and Steelers, not to mention the beat down they put on the Bucs last week. The Falcons dominated them plain and simple big plays from Ryan, White, and Julio and the defensive line looked dominant. That was the 1st time I've seen both Babs and Peters getting consistent pressure up the middle. Combine that with able playing out of his mind and even Edwards applying pressure off the edge and it ended up being a 5 sack night. I know a lot of people on this board have envisioned this in kind of performance in there minds after adding players like Julio and Edwards. And hearing things like explosive plays and the new greatest show on turf. After 14 weeks of ups and downs it was nice to see a complete game in which the Falcons dominated. We can only hope that the momentum can carry down to New Orleans next week and keep on building. Prove all the analyst that still don't believe wrong.
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