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Found 1 result

  1. With another disappointing season under 'Young' Ryan's belt, we can finally put the age old question to rest: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in Falcon terms: Why is our offense so anemic? Ryan or Mularkey. As stated in an earlier post: http://boards.atlant...tops-this-year/, the buck stops this year! And boy did the buck come to a screeching halt in the playoffs, but surprisingly, neither Ryan nor Mularkey was the culprit. After all, if Mularkey was so horrible, would a team hire him as its head coach? Nope. Mularkey essentially was promoted after this season! And if Ryan was so horrible, would a team make him its franchise QB? Well, with 'Wonderboy' at the helm, anything's possible. After all, it wasn't Ryan's fault that our GM drafted him to be a franchise QB. It wasn't Ryan's fault that he wasn't gifted with premier athletic ability. It wasn't Ryan's fault that he was forced to throw to Julio Jones when he felt most comfortable throwing check down passes to Gonzalez. Crying over 'Young' Ryan's faults is like crying over spilled milk. It is what it is. The money's been spent, the milk's been spoiled, we can only clean it up. And the first step to cleaning this mess up is to start with the lines. As it has been well documented: http://boards.atlant...ung-ryans-eyes/, the offensive line was going to be an issue this season. Only the people who are so blinded by their own ego (aka 'Wonderboy') and the people who had their faces covered by wool (by 'Wonderboy') didn't see it coming. Note: While you were smelling the chloroform wool, 'Wonderboy' also managed to smuggle 5 picks out of Atlanta, and sign Ray Edwards, who met the pre-season prediction of not getting more than 6 sacks this year. Fix the lines, and this ship should see some smooth sailing, instead of the current 'jump ship' attitude. But unfortunately this is easier said than done. Here are a few obstacles: -'Wonderboy' knows best, or so he thinks - even more so than proven Bill Belichick. -Mike Nolan - not that he's really an issue right now. But his inclination to blitz may not be the best solution to QBs, who are good against the blitz. The key is to generate pressure from the front four against good QBs, blitz against mediocre QBs, and blitz on 2nd/3rd and long against any QB. -A refusal to pay for playmakers - key move this off season is to get Mario Williams. We as Falcon fans have to ask ourselves this: Would we rather be, the sheep that is raised up every year only to be skinned at the end of the year? Or, would we rather cover our faces in wool? Unfortunately, with Tomfoolery at the helm, these are our only two choices. It's time for the sheeple to rise up. It's time for the team to rise up. And it's time for the Tomfoolery to rise on out of here. It's about time! By the way, hope you guys didn't miss me too much.
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