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Found 1 result

  1. Honestly, we have a "good" football team and nothing more. Now that's not a bad thing, however, we've been viewing our team for the potential that it has. That's what gets us in trouble when we lose games such as Pittsburgh (last year), GB (playoffs) and Chicago. Looking back on last year, we had at least four games that should not have been as close as they were and we ended up mounting comebacks in the last minutes of the game. Although they were wins, it may have provided a false sense of security. Here's what I see: Coaching: Best Year, 2008. Coaching was unpredictable and kept defenses off balance. The types of plays were called that suited to the strengths of Matt, Turner and Roddy. However, in the playoff game against the Cardinals, early and often, we saw the defense jumping Matt's snap count and coaching staff did nothing the counter it. I wondered why and was left with an unfavorable opinion about our coaching staff concerning the unwillingness to change up the snap count. Great teams, at least make adjustments. We lost in the first round to an 9 and 7 team. 2009, The staff decided to add a piece that would get us to the SB or at least that was the rumor. We should've been focusing on winning fundamentals and winning a post-season game. But what we saw plays designed to get the ball to our new acquistion to the tune of 83 catches. No playoff appearence and no big plays from the passing game to be seriously noted. 2010, Again we had big expectations and for the most part going 13-3 and securing home field advantage was exactly what we were aiming for and we hit our mark, but the road along the way was rather questionalbe at times. Roddy White lead the team with 115 catches, 1300+ yards with 10 TDs. That's pretty good, but the staff didn't show much else to opposing defenses other than throwing to Roddy and running Turner. Buy now, we've established a reputation for setting up the offense around the run, so teams loaded up to stop it and we hadn't show that we were willing to take risks on offense expect when it was absolutely do or die (Ryan's greatest performances), however this has mislead us. Defense? Coaching, I'd say. 3rd and long has plagued us since the Brooking era. Whose still playing with Dallas, BTW. Our coaching philosophyscheme on defense as it pertains to the CB position is VERY SUSPECT. We've seen several times this year where Owens covers his man and peel off into an area of the field where there's no one while the man he initially covered makes the catch and the Owens appear back in the picture looking confused. THAT IS COACHING guys...period. What kind of scheme is that? Anyways, I have officially lowered my expetations for our Birds this year from "high powered" to better than average team, because that's what they are and it's not a bad thing.
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