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Found 2 results

  1. The guy definitely needs to work on some things but he was one of the few bright spots on this team last year. He had 3.5 sacks and a few tackles for loss (not sure how many) playing as a 4-3 outside linebacker. I think this guy could shine in the 3-4 with our newly beefed up D line. Spoon could be on the outs, I don't expect much from Osi, Biermann has never really been an effective pass rusher and I don't see any of our rookies making a big impact this year. Does anyone else think Bartu could step up and potentially lead the team (or be one of the leaders) in sacks this year for us?
  2. In the past Matt Ryan has struggled against 3-4 defenses (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Fran). The only exception was the Thursday night game at home in 2010 against Baltimore and a couple of decent games aginst GB the first time in 2010 and a game at San Diego his rookie. The common denominator in each of those game is that the offense was more of a methodical offense with a bunch of completions for minimal yardage. This year Ryan will play against more 3-4 than in any individual season since starting at QB. In order: @KC, @SD, @WSH, DAL and ARZ. By all means, neither of this defenses are as formidable IMO as the 3-4 defenses we've faced in the past but the question mark is always out there in the same fashion as the Atlanta Braves versus left-handed pitchers. I say we can go 4-1 in these games this year with a realistic shot to win all 5 games; the only one that's in the air to me is Dallas. What do you guys think?
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