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Found 1 result

  1. What better time than now do we have to fix the defense? Every DT on the roster is a FA. Osi only has year left on his contract, we have no real LE. What better time than now to completely reconstruct the front 4? Here are the cuts I'm proposing to the defense CB - Asante Sameul (5.25 mil savings) DE - Osi Umeniyora (3.5 mil savings) LB - Stephan Nicholas (2 mil savings) FS - Thomas Decoud (3 mil savings) Along with a couple cuts on offense RB - Jason Snelling (1.5 mil savings) WR - Harry Douglas (1.9 mil savings) We currently sit at right around 113 mil on the books before these cuts. After these cuts we're roughly at 95 mil. The cap is reportedly supposed to be at 127 mil. For this instance let's say we are 32 mil under the cap. Now, let's fix the defense. RESIGN DT - Corey Peters (3 yr - 12 mil) 2 mil cap hit That's it. That's literally the only play on D that should be resigned. Let's face it, we're probably missing out on Clowney. We need to find another way to generate a pass rush. I propose a switch to a more 3-4 base look and giving Nolan lots of chess pieces to move around. FREE AGENTS DT - Paul Soliai - 29 years old. Played with Nolan in Miami. Will be the anchor to our DL for a few years. (2 years - 12 mil - 4 mil cap hit) DE/DT - Lamarr Houston - 27 years old. Can play multiple positions on the DL and play them well. He can play DE in 3-4 alignments and both DT and DE in 4-3 alignments. A man at over 300 pounds and brings much needed size to our line. This is our big splash. (5 years - 55 mil) 6 mil cap hit Let's head to the draft. Let's say we end up with the #4 pick. HOU, STL, JAX sit in front of us and the draft goes Bridgewater, Matthews, Clowney. Minny is sitting @ #8 with Oak between them and the QB they want (we'll say Derek Carr) Minny offers us #8 and #40 for #4. We gladly accept the trade as the player we want should fall a few spots. @ #8 the Atlanta Falcons select OLB - Khalil Mack - Buffalo. Talented pass rusher with solid cover skills as well. Nolan could do so much with this kid. This is where it gets really interesting. The goal with the defense is to give Nolan as many pass rushers that can also drop in coverage and defend the pass as possible. @ #35 the Atlanta Falcons select OLB - Kyle Van Noy We're starting to get some pieces now. Van Noy has absolutely fantastic coverage ability. He is also very quick and an explosive pass rusher. Mack and Noy manning the OLB spots gives us two dynamic players on the edges of our defense that can do it all. @ #39 the Falcons select OG - Gabe Jackson (Not forgetting that the OL needs help, but this is about the defense.) With a couple of high draft picks and a few select moves in free agency we have transformed this defense into a pass rush machine with what could be elite pass coverage ability. LDE - Peters/Goodman DT - Paul Solali RDE - Lamaar Houston OLB - Khalil Mack/Biermann ILB - Spoon/Dent ILB - Warrilow/Dent OLB - Kyle Van Noy/Mass CB - Tru CB - Alford SS - Moore FS - Motta This isn't a complete offseason. Just a vision of what the defense could be without completely breaking the bank.
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