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Found 2 results

  1. Morgan Shaw Parker, the falcons marketing chief was on 92.9 shedding some light into the new look of the falcons - towards the last third of the video some main points from interview new design is staying true to the soul of Atlanta. They literally gleamed over fan insight from the internet going back to a decade simplicity is important, not trying to be a college team will be a significant redesign, true to atlanta and the soul of the team but will be an evolution Won't say if logo will be tweaked (so possibly?) Nike doesn't have full say on look, unlike other teams have had, we have a falcons designer within the Nike team we can get 4 all new looks with 4 jerseys and 4 different pants. Socks are really important to players Can only use one helmet for now but Rick Mckay is prodding the league to change that up Jerseys should have a look that goes for young & old, Men & women not going to make players do corny poses on a stage to show off new look
  2. Here is my brief take on what will happen with some of main players. I don’t see Cap being an issue when you can manipulate the cap in many ways... Restructures: Alex Mack: This is a no-brainer and he will be retained. We will extend him for 1 or 2 years bringing his cap hit to about $3-4 mil. He will get a signing bonus. He is too important for the line and he is still a top 5 center. He is a leader and a mentor for the OL. He is the anchor of that OL. Hooper: He is too important for the Falcons and Matty Ice. They have worked too hard to just finish the relationship. He is Matty’s 3rd main target and an important asset for the vertical game. We lost Sanu, and Hooper became even more important. They will sign him for 4-5 years and keep his cap hit lower the first 2-3 season. Trufant: He plays an important position and he has been solid when healthy. He will be extended to lower his cap hit. The dead money associated with his contract is too much to just cut him. This also makes trading him much harder. As a business decision and as a player, it doesn’t make sense to cut him. He will be kept. I expect his cap hit will be lowered to about 4-5 mil this year and with slight increases for the upcoming seasons. He will be extended for 1 or 2 more seasons where you could cut him in 2 years without a lot of dead money. Julio Jones new contract could be tweaked and adding more cap relieve this year. They have the flexibility to get some cap relieve. Deion Jones: They could restructure his contract to get some cap relieve. This will allow the Falcons to keep Neal. This is another no-brainer and will get the Falcons another 2-3 mil in cap relieve. Freeman: He will be either traded or cut. He is not the same player, but he is still serviceable. He is a decent player who could help a team that needs a veteran RB that can be effective when healthy. Vic Beasley: They could bring him back with an incentive contract. His base salary could be around 5-6 million, but with incentives for performance. They could sign him for 2-3 years and still cut him without much dead money. He knows the system and Quinn has spent a lot of his time grooming the player. He is a good situational player and someone wants to stay here. He became more effective when they defense made adjustments after the bye week. Otherwise, he will be playing somewhere else. Neal: This is a little bit complicated and an unfortunate situation. But, Neal is a player that the Falcons desire. They could keep him and even sign him with a new contract that lowers his $6 million cap hit for the 5th year option. They could lower his cap hit by another 2-3 million. Neal knows that he has no leverage due to his injuries, but he is a good player and a leader. They will monitor his progress and make a decision. But, I doubt they will just let him walk because he is good when healthy. The Falcons could keep him here for much longer with a cap friendly contract for another 4-5 years. OL: We could see 2-3 cuts here to bring additional cap relieve, but with some dead money. They could draft one OL via the draft and one via free agency. With all of these restructures, extensions or cuts, the Falcons could easily add cap relieve and keep the core intact. Hooper will be kept and it is not even that complicated. We will make some additional cuts around secondary players. Campbell could be added back with a very affordable contract and Clayborn as well. Those contracts are affordable and makes sense. The draft should give the Falcons at least 3-4 players who could be part of the active roster and filling important holes on the roster. Thomas is very good as a GM in keeping the core players and tweaking the contracts. I see the Falcons getting very creative this season.