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Found 9 results

  1. So I see a lot of hand wringing about DK. I get it some people do not like DK.but I thought I would address some the Hints, Allegations and things left unsaid ( great CD by Collective Soul btw) regarding our much maligned OC..... Trashing our OC is nothing new. It is a time honored tradition From Greg Knapp to Mike Mularky, to DK, To Sark... and yes even to boy wonder Kyle Shannahan... Fire__________ is a tradition that will never die, I have seen this fan base basely bash ball coaches a billion times.....biggly. It would not be football season without armchair qbs in their
  2. 2018 Pro Bowl wide receiver Julio Jones finished his season racking up 1,677 yards with 8 TDs after scoring all 8 in the last 9 weeks of the season. Rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley finished his 2018 season with 821 yards and leading all rookie receivers with 10 TDs. Finishing 7th of all receiving TD leaders. Slot receiver Mohamed Sanu finished his season with 838 yards and 4 TDs. Do you believe under the coaching of Dirk Koetter the Falcons can have the best Trio of receivers in 2019? Check out my new highlight video and decide for yourself.
  3. This is my first ever video of anything related to sports. I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I know I'm late for this, and I know I have a lot to work on. I went detailed into every team on our schedule. Tell me what you think.
  4. When we’ve talked defensive player options in regards to the NFL draft, everyone has brought up defensive tackle in the first round. To me, there are only 2 DT’s that could make an immediate impact on our defense day 1. Quinnen Williams Ed Oliver Both will be gone by the time it gets to #14. Which leaves us with 3 options. Reach for a defensive lineman (Yes, all other defensive linemen options will be a reach in the first round), take an offensive lineman, or trade down. I will definitely be fine with the latter two ONLY if the front office makes it up to us by picking up this p
  5. Week 1 is here in Minneapolis, where this Falcons fan lives. I've been here for less than a year, and have been itching to get into U.S. Bank Stadium. I figured the Falcons wouldn't be here until 2020, so I'd have time to save up for a good seat--create an experience for myself, you know? My assumption, though, is that an away game this season means a home game next season when the Falcons play the NFC North. 2020 would've been enough time to raise the fundage for a lower level visitors' side seat. No way I can do it in less than five months, though. Oh well, just venting. Excited for
  6. FALCONBLOOD'S MOCK DRAFT / OFFSEASON 3.0 ATLANTA FALCONS EXTENSIONS (Cap Increased) Julio Jones Grady Jarrett FURTHER ATLANTA FALCONS CUTS (Cap Increased) OG Fusco P Bosher FURTHER ATLANTA FALCONS FREE AGENT SIGNINGS DE Ezekiel Ansah, Former Lion - A true “prove it” deal for the very talented pass rusher. His health a question mark, the Falcons will look to limit his snaps. He still may not have played his best football. The Falcons sign a truly exciting name at edge, but as with most late free agency signings, there is definite risk here. O
  7. The Ringer - Kevin Clark - The NFL’s Analytics Revolution Has Arrived The football analytics revolution may not be obvious, but it is happening in front of you all the time. There is an NFL team that plans to run more offensive plays to the side of the field farthest from its opponent’s bench. It has figured out, using player-tracking data, that a defensive lineman will sometimes run more throughout the course of a game by shuffling from the bench to the field during a substitution than he will during actual gameplay. Thus, running plays to the far side of the field can help tire out rota
  8. https://actionsportsandnews.com/falcons-are-the-cheat-code-in-madden-19/ When EA Sports released Madden ’04 in the fall of 2003, gamers quickly realized that quarterback Michael Vick, who was the game’s cover athlete, was unstoppable. Back then, if you chose to play with the Atlanta Falcons, you were a cheater, plain and simple. Madden gamers will be saying the same thing about the 2018 Atlanta Falcons, when Madden 19 drops this Friday. You may be laughing at me right now, but hear me out. The defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles will be the highest rated team at l
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