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  1. So I see a lot of hand wringing about DK. I get it some people do not like DK.but I thought I would address some the Hints, Allegations and things left unsaid ( great CD by Collective Soul btw) regarding our much maligned OC..... Trashing our OC is nothing new. It is a time honored tradition From Greg Knapp to Mike Mularky, to DK, To Sark... and yes even to boy wonder Kyle Shannahan... Fire__________ is a tradition that will never die, I have seen this fan base basely bash ball coaches a billion times.....biggly. It would not be football season without armchair qbs in their moms basement ( not that there is anything wrong with that) calling every call that does not work a bad call... regardless of what it was. Alliteration aside When you look at the actual raw numbers of each mans first year here you will see that DK actually has been more productive as a play caller.... yeah I know.. Facts and stuff... who needs them when you have personal bias , conjecture, and a madden level knowledge of football! Note... I know this will not change anyone's mind because that really does not happen here.....once a player or coach gets a certain stink on them... it never really goes away... no matter how well they play or coach after that. I chose to focus on Points scored because of 2 reasons. A: It fits the agenda that I am pushing ( this is most important) 2. I focus on points because at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters... The Scoreboard... Did you score one more point than the opposing teem when the clock hit zero.... that is what matters ,Everything else is fluff....which unfortunately for 2 of the seasons that I will be examining , the Falcons fell woefully short as a team.. too much fluffer and not enough nutter. Here is KS's overall history as a play caller https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/ShanKy0.htm I highlighted 2015 and the scoring ranks as I will do for 2017 and 2019 The falcons finished 21st in scoring and 5th in yards en-route to https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2015.htm We scored 20 or less 8 times.... literally half of the season. we scored 10 points or less 2 times ,and we actually got shut out once... That panther game was painful to watch....almost as painful to watch as Cams wardrobe choices in his post game press conferences. We score 30 points in a game twice. and were 26th in the nfl in giveaways. I am sure I will hear the tired old response... " his system works it just takes time all the motion confuses teams!!!".... Ok cool Then why in the 12 years as a play caller has KS scoring offenses been below league average (16th or worse) EIGHT times...... EIGHT.. that is like a lot in relation to 12 years. Now granted the years that he has been above league average.... he has been well above league average 3 top 5 finishes including a historic number 1 and a top 10 finish way back in 09. Still for someone who is suppose to be the second coming of the "modern era of the nfl play callers" His offenses have been...... kinda sucky. Still though year 2 we went from 21st scoring to 1st. A jump that would not happen if fans had their way......People were ready to run him out of town on a spike after year 1. He got a lot of heat...As usual some of it was indeed was justified....But most was most was not( As I type this I think Matt Ryan threw another interception to the Colts) The guy who came after him had the most team success his first year... mostly because he had the best defense by a long short behind him.... Still Sark got all kinds of hate here.. some justified... most not. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/SarkSt0.htm#all_coaching_history The falcons were 8th in and 15th in points en-route to https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2017.htm We scored 20 or fewer points 7 times and scored 30+ 4 times while being 9th in giveaways.. the 2017 offense was the unluckiest offense I have seen in a long time with 5 or 6 of the flukiest ints that you would ever see. We went from 15th scoring to being top 10 in scoring in 2018 mostly because we cut down on the turnovers... While I was not his biggest fan, I think he should have had another year but that is the life in the nfl... I personally think Smitty should have gotten another year too... .so what do I know. On to DK... number 15 in scoring but number 1 in @vel & @athell's heart ( Not calling you guys out.... just thought of you when I was writing some of this.... you should feel special) https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/KoetDi0.htm As you can see DK has has some good offenses himself... not the historic 2016 type offenses but some good quality well above average offensive years. Like KS though... if you look at his entire career. he has had more below average years than he has above. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2019.htm To this point we are 15th in scoring scoring 30+ points 3 times ( 29 two more times).. interesting enough we are 1-2 in those 30+ point games.......just saying!. We are 10th in yards and we have been held to 20 points or less 4 times and 10 points twice and we are 20th in turnovers. it is hard to be a top offense when you keep giving the ball to the other team...... especially when the defense does not do a good enough job of getting the ball back for you. The killer for all 3 seasons have been turnovers.. Those cost us AT LEAST 3 games in 2015 & 17 and they played a huge part in at least 4 games or this year....Turnovers are bad Mmmkay I have also seen the annoying comment of the falcons needing a "modern" nfl offensive coordinator ... which is both ignorant and lazy considering we use some of the same concepts as pretty much everyone else. even when our own fans do not see it. True story : .In the game thread yesterday I saw someone say that DK does not know how to use stack formations...Literally 2 minutes after the falcons ran multiple plays with.... stack formations. Side note: Here is where some of the teams with " modern nfl play callers" rank in terms of point scored. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/table/passing/sort/totalPointsPerGame/dir/desc Notice the Texans with the mobile QB and the "modern nfl offense"... They are scoring a whopping.... .9 points more per game Philadelphia eagles... " innovators" ( rip off artists.. potatoes- grapefruit...same thing) of the RPO.. along with the Philly Philly ....aka Riggs play for the underrated classic "Still hot Kathy Ireland kicks a football"....err I mean Necessary Roughness( you should go watch it).....They are scoring a whopping .4 more points than the Falcons La Rams.... Sean McVay is the poster child for " modern nfl head coach: I have seen words like "unique" "Innovative " " Gets carded when he buys beer at Ralphs" get used to describe him. He has first round talent all around the offense...It has huge many deals to wr, QB, and Running back who only plays 45% of the snaps..... They averaging an incredible .2 points more than the Falcons..... Maybe we can get lucky like the Bangles and hire a guy who passed McVay in the hallway once so that we can score 15 points a game....one can dream. Green bay Packers... Home of the greatest qb to ever grace a state farm commercial... and Aaron Rogers .They are averaging a whopping .1 points per game...... That is about as close as Arron Rogers mustache trim.. Cleveland Browns..Just a helmet swing and a miss behind the Falcons averaging 2.3 LESS than the falcons. Chicago Bears and Nagy... who is a disciple of Andy Reid. who's offense is another poster child for the "modern nfl".. averaging 5.2 points less than the Falcons. Btw I hope these " modern nfl play callers" have " modern nfl couches... because that is exactly where most of they will be come the playoffs " But if those guys had Ryan and Jones........" They don't ... KS did and still ranked worse than where we are now and do you know why??? An interception is an interception regardless of the name on the jersey of the guy who threw it... a fumble is a fumble regardless of the name of the guy who fumbles... calling a pass play when you can just run the ball and ice the game ..... Well you get my point. To wrap this up..... I don't know if DK will be back next year..... I hope he does I am in the minority in hoping that he is . I hope that he is but recognize He is not perfect.... He has his faults like every play caller in the nfl but some of the ignorance and strait up hate towards the guy is not warranted... just like it was not warranted vs KS in 2015 or Sark in 2017... as it probably wont be for the new guy we will probably will have in 2020 when guys take time to adjust to yet another system...... Look for Volume 2 of this post in about 12 months Because lord knows as soon as the team struggles at some point the peanut gallery will be boiling over with comments about how he should have done X when he did Y....and when he does do Y... then he should have went with X.... but to a different direction than the first time.. Just to drop this nugget. DK >>> KS head to head ( look it up) That is enough word salad for the evening.... Good night.
  2. Current NFC South standings Saints: 6-2 (2-0 division) Panthers: 6-3 (2-1 division) Falcons: 4-4 (0-1 division) Buccaneers: 2-6 (0-2 division) The Falcons are currently at .500 at the midpoint of the season just coming off a loss to a division rival. Not ideal, especially considering what's ahead in the schedule, but the team still controls their destiny. By and large the team still suffers from procedural errors, mistakes in execution here and there, that have cost them games. They're still a good football team, but they have to start eliminating much of the errors to have a fighting chance making the playoffs. At this point with four losses already, the margin of error is slim to none. All remaining opponents are in the NFC, and five of the eight remaining games are in the division. A lot can change over the next eight weeks and the playoff picture is nowhere near set in stone. However, if the 2017 Falcons are to return to the postseason, they will likely have to run the table in the NFC South and [ideally] finish 7-1 or better in the second half of the season for a final record of 11-5 or 12-4. Is it possible? I believe that it is, provided that the team (namely the offense) can at least resemble the 2016 team's performance down the stretch.
  3. Hooper has shown improvement in Year 2 in the NFL. He's become a better route runner and he's usually sure-handed. That being said, it doesn't seem like he's featured as much as he could be. I know we have a lot of weapons on offense and there's only one ball, but I think on many evenings he presents a matchup problem for the defense and this far it's rarely been exploited. Maybe I'm overestimating Hooper, but he's made a few impact plays already and I'd like to see more of him, especially working the seams.
  4. How many Matt's we got in this matchup? Matt Ryan Matt Shaub Matt Bryant Matt Bosher Matthew Stafford Matt Prater
  5. Saw this on twitter from Scott Kacsmar. Falcons points per drive 2016: 3.03 Falcons points per drive 2017: 2.88 For reference, 2.88 points per drive would have been good for 1st overall last year by a wide margin. New Orleans was 2nd last year with 2.65. Points per drive stats from: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff2016 I was just as bummed out as most people that we didn't get to put up 30+ like we know we can, but really the low output was just as much about getting dragged in to a slow paced game on a ****** field. We only ran 55 offensive plays (3 and outs don't help but still). So all in all, no reason to panic. Our offence is still as efficient as ever, even when it doesn't look great. Here's to hoping we get back to our high flying ways next week when we're back at home!
  6. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Expectations & Devistations By RichardCNile Expectations can be devastating. We all do it. We do it to ourselves, we do it to others. We do it at work and we do it with our friends in our personal life. We build up expectations. But why not? We all like to get excited about stuff, right? Here's how it goes down... Maybe you are meeting a friend's girlfriend's friend. Your friend and his girlfriend have built her up as <insert hot celeb name here> and you're expecting at least 'really good looking.' You meet her and you find yourself struggling to smile. If you'd known she had a butterface, you could have been prepared. Your Friend: "Bob, this is Sharron's friend, Suzie Rottencrotch I told you about" YOU: "yup, she does have a bangin body, but-her-face... Ok, let's go." But, they didn't. Now your are trying to reset your expectations, but you can't so instead you say you just got a text message that your mom is in the hospital and you have to go. I've spent several off seasons still buzzing from a successful previous season. Looking to 'build' off the previous years success and get to the proverbial 'next level.' Thinking to myself as I drive through the ATL traffic; this is the year we become a perennial playoff team. This is the year we show the league the ATL is here to stay. This is the year we start building that tradition of winning. This is the year! I read every article I can find on my Dirty Birdz. I stand around on the weekends talking to fellow Falcon fans, convincing ourselves how great we are going to be this year. I build expectations up to a level that often is unrealistic and the next season brings devastation. My Fan-dom is crushed. I'm angrier than a 10 yr old who's waited for the release of a new xbox game only to get to the GameStop and find they didn't get a shipment of the game. Why do I always do it? Because I'm a fan. Fanatical. I live for the fantastic. We American's are warriors by nature. Our forefathers, regardless of how you got here; had to fight to survive. Then over last 200+ years of the US of A, we've really only had a few years where we are not at war with someone in the world. The survivors of those wars are our forefathers. We come from DNA that not only survives but thrives on winner take all situations. Football is a small, but enjoyable way for us to break out of the daily monotony and exercise that warrior inside each of us. As American's we do expect more, we do expect to win. we do build up expectations and we do get excited. Here's the good, the bad and the ugly of expectations and devastations so that you are prepared for the 2017 season. The Good: I expect our offense to not miss a beat, stumble or falter & to pick up exactly where they left off last year and show up week 1 in polished, late season form. The Bad: The reality is, we have a new OC and offenses typically take a few games to get up to being in sync at game speed. The Good: I expect everyone to be in sync. Executing all blocks and running all routes to perfection. The Bad: The reality is we lost our FB who was a very big part of our running game success and our starting guard who was a veteran. The FB and the RB's need to in sync. The FB has to run like a RB and read the play, make the cut, then block while the RB follows the FB and cuts off of the FB's block. This is all happening in real-time and takes many reps to perfect. Same is true for the Guard. He's gotta know what the Center and Tackle are doing and how they will handle stunts, blitzes and odd alignments from the defense. The Good: I expect us to be putting up 38 to 45 points a game. The Bad: The reality is the NFL average last year was 22.8 and 22.7 in 2015 and we again face some of the top defenses from 2016. Patriots (1), Seattle (3), Dallas (4), Vikings (5) The Good: I expect Freeman to be breaking defenders ankles and get 5-7 yards a carry. The Bad: The reality is, Freeman only averaged 4.8 yards per carry in 2016, but I do feel confident in the ankle breaking part of my expectation The Good: I expect to see Julio repeat his crossing pattern route from left to right, stiff arm the DB and outrun the safety to the endzone for a 70+ yard TD The Bad: The reality is, Julio only did that 2x least year. Once against the Panthers and once against the Packers in the NFCCG. The Good: I expect out defense to be a top 5 defense this year. The Bad: The reality is we were 27th in Points per game last year. That's a jump of 22 positions. The Good: I expect our front 4 to be relentless in getting to the QB, applying pressures on a regular basis and giving us plenty of sacks to celebrate and put the opposing offenses on unfavorable down and distance situations. The Bad: The reality is, we were 16th last season with 34 sacks while the top team (Cardinals) had 48 and Panthers had 47 and the Vikings were the number 5 team with 41. So we would need 7 or 8 more sacks to break into the top 5 in sacks and 14 more to get to number 1. That's a lot of sacks. What can Tak do? I don't know, but here is what the top rookies did last year. 1. Joey Bosa OLB, San Diego Chargers – 9.5 2. Yannick Ngakoue DE, Jacksonville Jags – 8 3. Leonard Floyd OLB, Chicago Bears – 7 4. DeForest Buckner DE, San Francisco 49ers – 6 5. Emmanuel Ogbah DE, Cleveland Browns – 5.5 6. Noah Spence OLB, Tampa Bay Bucs – 5.5 7. Maliek Collins DT, Dallas Cowboys – 5 8. Sheldon Rankins DT, New Orleans Saints – 4 9. Jatavis Brown LB, San Diego Chargers – 3 10. Adolphus Washington DT, Buffalo Bills – 2.5 Remember, Beasley his rookie year? We were all calling him bust'ly. If Tak does the average of the top 10 rookies from 2016, he will produce 5. Beasley who had 15.5 last season only had 4 his rookie season. & The Ugly: It's 3 more months until opening day in September. All the stats, articles, sports talk and friends talk won't change what happens between September and February. I can't help it, I am building my expectations way higher than I should... even though history says I shouldn't. Why am I doing it? Because I'm a red-blooded American Male with warrior DNA. I love football. I expect more and despite the history of this franchise called the Atlanta Falcons, I do believe this year is different. I can still hear the chants of "A-T-L" from the NFCCG and I can't wait to hear them in the new MB Stadium. It feels different, it smells different and dam-it, it will be different! Go Falcons!
  7. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Wherever you go, there you are. The Atlanta Falcons 2017 Preview There's a book by this name. Here's a link if you're interested It's about meditation, self improvement and training your brain to not focus on crap that is annoying the heck out of you and of course being Zen and one with the universe. If you're a perceptive Falcon Fan, you can clearly see where I'm going here (SBLI). After all the years of hope and hype followed by seasons of despair and desolation. From ups and downs of the Steve Barkoski, through the no-names and shouldn't-have-been's to the MV7 era and now the Matt Ryan era; we've seen the sea rise and fall so much that most of us are bona-fide seasick from the undulation of our sports emotions. It seems our franchise is destined to suffer as the higher we rise, the lower we fall, over and over like sailors in a rubber dingy, sunburned and thirsty; hoping, praying and crying out to be saved, to find land, to quench our championship thirst with cool fresh spring water.. with a championship win. I don't know this for a fact, but I've heard that Mr. Rankin Smith (former owners of the falcons) made his money in Life Insurance and the company did 'payday life insurance.' I've often wondered if the fate of this franchise is linked to anguish of some poor widow who's insurance policy wasn't paid and her dead Falcon Fan husband is still haunting this franchise. Lucky for me, I've read silly books like the one mentioned above and I don't think the fate of an NFL franchise is linked for eternity to an owners business practices. As for the concept of "wherever you go, there you are;" It's more about making good decisions to get a good result than hoping and praying. With that in mind; let's look at th Zen-ness of the Falcons 2017 off season. The Good: The Offense 2016 showed how close we were to having an offense that would put me in a zen state every time I watched them. With just a few moves to bring in the likes of Sanu and Gabriel and Mack; we went from an offense that looked fidgety and uncomfortable to a zen master who could sit in any position and make it look serene. Scoring up and down the field... these games will make you one with the universe. Just look at Bosher's stats for 2016. He only punted 44 times last year. Many of those games in 2016, he only punted 1 or 2 times. The previous 5 years he averaged 64.6 per season or 20 more than he did last year. Other than our 4th wr and our FB and Guard, we are returning everyone. My biggest concern is the O-Line. I have to trust that we will get someone plugged in there and that our Tackles will continue to develop. We played the best defenses in the league last year and they could not stop our offense. I don't see someone suddenly figuring out how to stop us in 2017. The Defense The defense grew-up last year. By the time we played our last two regular season games and into the Playoffs, they were catching fire by creating turn-overs and making impressive offenses look awkward. The off season moves will only add fuel to the fire that started last year. Media types are suggesting we may have the best front seven in the NFL. I will be the first to say we need to see them actually play a game before we can start making bold statements, but on paper; yes, we are looking very good. We finally have depth in the DB's and depth in the Dline. We need some depth at LB, but our LB's will be flying around the field this year. If we are not a top 10 and possibly top 5 defense in 2017, I will be very surprised. Special Teams: We got better with the upgrade to Weems. The additional speed we've drafted will bring added results on special teams coverage units and the return game. Bosher and Bryant are returning and that's a good situation. The Bad: The entire team, which is pretty young; has to be professional. They have to realize it will take even more this year to get back to the SB than in took to get there last year. Every team we play will look at this as "their test" to see where they stack up in the NFL. We are the defending NFC Champions. We must defend it every week. For some teams, beating the Atlanta Falcons this year may be the highlight of their season. The Ugly: The brotherhood. It's hard to build a team. It's hard to get that vibe of unity and brotherhood. It's like starting a fire in the damp jungle with sticks. We had it last year and it catapulted us to the SB. Can we re-create it? Can the new additions to the team meld into this mindset? Will the team think "we don't need this brotherhood anymore?" Will the message get old? These are all considerations. They do happen. See the start of this article and remind yourself how you felt going into the 99 season after the SB, or how you felt after we lost the NFCCG to San Fran a few years back or any other season following a winning season as we've only recently under Smitty had back to back winning seasons. One thing I have learned from trying to be Zen is the simple phrase that "Life is hard.' In the Marines we used the phrase, which has now been adopted by the Falcons of "Embrace the suck." It's going to be hard, it's gonna be a lot of work, but in the end... wherever you go, there you are. I'm expecting that to be SBLII ~richardCNile
  8. Schedule is set to drop next Thursday (according to Lions exec). We know the following: 1. We play our division 2x 2. We play the AFC East 3. We play the NFC North 4. We play the division winner of the other two NFC conferences (NFC West and NFC East) 5. Which games will be home and away. (see below) Home Games: Panthers Saints Bucs Vikings Packers Bills Dolphins Cowboys Away Games: Panthers Saints Bucs Patriots Jets Bears Lions Seahawks All you have to do is pick what week we will play each team. Don't forget to add the bye week someplace. Winner gets a free 'like' on their winning post. and... go! Week 1: Week 2: Week 3 Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: Week 9: Week 10: Week 11: Week 12: Week 13: Week 14: Week 15: Week 16: Week 17:
  9. I've been a Falcons fan all of my life, but I just wanted to start a thread on how the Falcons got here and try and share some past videos about the subject. I must say, I sure wish there was a link to some of the old "FREDDY COUGH COUGH MAC SHOW" Videos we used to be able to see. Those were AWESOME! If they are available to watch here at Atlantafalcons.com I just don't see them anywhere. This is an appreciation thread through video idea is what I am getting at to share and let others see how the Falcons got here from the start. Here's an OLD SCHOOL video I found that I thought some of my fellow Falcons fans might like watching, I miss this show. Here's another Falcons Old School Video, Deon Sanders with the MC Hammer tune 2 legit 2 quite! The Great Morten Anderson,
  10. OK, so the deadline to extend franchise tag players has come and gone, with only a few receiving extensions, and Berry was not among those new contracts. Obviously, this would be for next year's FA, and he would still have to reach FA, but if he did, should we pursue? I really think that he would be perfect as the FS in our system, our Earl Thomas. I mean, I love Allen and Therezie. They're great, and I hope they continue to improve, but just looking at things as they stand now... He was supposedly looking at getting something close to Harrison Smith's 5yr 51.25 contract with 28.578 guaranteed. He's also a GA boy so that would be a bonus.
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