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Found 12 results

  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001032433/article/49ers-rb-coleman-kyle-shanahan-more-creative-now At the bottom of the article, there is an interview with our very own Austin "Hooooop"er. Talks about Shanahan's greatness during his rookie year and ability to predict plays and pick on the defense. That's great and all...but what I take from this is how bad Sarkisian must have been...man, that was disheartening when he was calling the game.
  2. Saw this on twitter from Scott Kacsmar. Falcons points per drive 2016: 3.03 Falcons points per drive 2017: 2.88 For reference, 2.88 points per drive would have been good for 1st overall last year by a wide margin. New Orleans was 2nd last year with 2.65. Points per drive stats from: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff2016 I was just as bummed out as most people that we didn't get to put up 30+ like we know we can, but really the low output was just as much about getting dragged in to a slow paced game on a ****** field. We only ran 55 offensive plays (3 and outs don't help but still). So all in all, no reason to panic. Our offence is still as efficient as ever, even when it doesn't look great. Here's to hoping we get back to our high flying ways next week when we're back at home!
  3. Look who it is... Need insider to see the rest if anyone can help. The NFL's 10 most accurate quarterbacks http://es.pn/2wfb4kV via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app 1. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons C%+: 6.6 percent Ryan's MVP season was historically strong, and he led the league in many major statistical categories, includingTotal QBR, passing DVOA, yards per attempt, passer rating and C%+. Ryan didhis most damage on slant routes, which he completed a league-best 83 percent of his passes. Ryan's previous career high in C%+ was 5.7 percent in 2012, so some regression is to be expected in 2017. Matt Ryan had a career season in 2016, topped off with an MVP award. AP Photo/John Bazemore
  4. I've been a Falcons fan all of my life, but I just wanted to start a thread on how the Falcons got here and try and share some past videos about the subject. I must say, I sure wish there was a link to some of the old "FREDDY COUGH COUGH MAC SHOW" Videos we used to be able to see. Those were AWESOME! If they are available to watch here at Atlantafalcons.com I just don't see them anywhere. This is an appreciation thread through video idea is what I am getting at to share and let others see how the Falcons got here from the start. Here's an OLD SCHOOL video I found that I thought some of my fellow Falcons fans might like watching, I miss this show. Here's another Falcons Old School Video, Deon Sanders with the MC Hammer tune 2 legit 2 quite! The Great Morten Anderson,
  5. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  6. http://atlantasportspage.org/asp/why-the-falcons-offense-will-improve-in-2016/
  7. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/5-falcons-with-something-to-prove-in-the-2016-2017-season/ Great article what do you guys think?
  8. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/5-falcons-with-something-to-prove-in-the-2016-2017-season/
  9. My 1st post here after lurking for a while. I thought post draft was a good time to defend TD. I’ll start my case with GMs that are clearly worse than TD. 1) Bucs - A kicker in the 2nd? A kicker?! And they traded UP??? This is the biggest reach since the jags took that punter in the 3rd. This board would have a meltdown of epic proportions if TD did that. 2) Rams - Desperately needed a QB, but gave up WAY too much after basically stealing high picks for years. Goff has potential, but not a sure thing. Julio was a slam dunk no question sure thing. 3) Eagles - See: Rams 4) Giants - It’s pretty clear they panicked and took Apple. A good player, but no way he’s top 10. They didn’t appear to have a backup plan. 5) Cowboys - Took a RB 4th. He better be the next AP because that’s 6 spots higher than Gurley. We took Devonta in the 4th round. Even the best RB is a reach here. Also, Jaylon Smith was not worth the risk that high. 3rd round sure. Not the top of the 2nd. He may never play a down in the NFL. If you want to risk it there, you take Jack. 6) Jets - Took another developmental QB when they needed a real one. Hackenberg had a 56.1 completion % in college. Yikes. Waste of a 2nd round pick. Should’ve taken Lynch in the 1st. 7) Browns - I love the idea of analytics in football (this sport is waaay behind baseball and like it or not, analytics matter). They had the right idea accumulating picks, but then they forgot to get a QB. You MUST have a QB in this league or at least be developing one. I’ll be shocked if RGIII is the answer. Wentz would have been my pick since no trade was needed, but getting all those picks + Lynch would have been fine. And with tons of picks, they got a bunch of meh. Coleman reminds me of Tavon Austin. Speed is great, but with crappy QB play you gotta have a tall receiver to go up and get it. Should’ve taken Doctson. So there’s 7 teams right there that clearly have worse GMs than TD. I can argue TD is better than many more, but these shouldn’t be debatable. I think it’s pretty clear now why TD has kept his job all this time. He gets the players his coaches want and he’s **** good at it. Sure, he might give up too much sometimes, but can you think of players we really targeted that he didn’t get? Ryan - got him. Trufant - got him. Julio or AJ - got him. Matthews - got him. Beasley - got him. Neal - got him. It’s pretty ridiculous how good TD is at getting the guys his coaches want. The debate was always how much crappy drafting was TDs fault and how much was Mike Smith’s. Well Koetter and Smith just asked for a kicker….in the 2nd round. I think that pretty much ends the debate right there. The last two drafts have been very well received by the fan base (for the most part). So did TD turn on some magic switch? No. He finally had a coach that knew what the eff he was doing and drafted accordingly. Let’s just see how much influence TD had on this draft…. Neal - Quinn begged TD to get him Jones - Quinn written all over him Hooper - Shannahan loves his TEs Campbell - Quinn for sure 6) Wes Schweitzer - Keith Carter pick It appears TD just got what his coaches asked for. Great players bust all the time because they get drafted into the wrong scheme. That’s why BPA is dumb. Go get your guys even if you have to reach a little. The draft is a crapshoot so no one really knows which players are reaches anyway. So grade this draft however you want, but TD gets an A+. He got EXACTLY the players his coaches asked for.
  10. OK so this will be a dream ideal situation that could tremendously help outo and boost the team we all truly love and care so much for in to deep playoff and even SB conversations. I know you will all have different options but welcome all fellow Riser upers to comment. ENJOY!!!! So basically I'm not going to give you guys a long read (Actually maybe A Lil ). I'm going to get right to the point. With 5 picks in the draft, 4 being in 1st 4 rounds, I say we gamble back picks and some of next year's picks for 4 bonified picks in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Sounds crazy? It is! But when we pull it off our team will be set. So here's how it goes. 17th pick- Leonard Floyd-Olb.....get the "passrussher" we need. **TRADE** 26TH pick- Jaylon smith-lb...yes bubble dip..he also sure fire top 5 talent and we get future stud lb core....give seahawks 3rd and 6th this year and 5th or 4th next.... **Trade** 38th pick- Robert Nkemdiche-DT...now get another Atl native and a heck of a player who will stuff the inside and drop down the lead leading 20 rushing tds we gave up...we give Jacksonville 4th this year and 2nd or 3rd next (which ever works). 50th pick- Su'a Cravens or Keanu Neal-SS...with last pick in our draft now we get our stud SS for years to come you guys can flip on who you would rather have if both is there. So in the end it may sound crazy but very possible and in my trade we still keep next year's 1st and 2nd round picks, which we all know is the money picks. And yes I went all defense. We sorely need it. Defensive Starter DE-VIC BEASLEY DT-ROBERT NKEMDICHE DT-DERRICK SHELBY DE-ADRIAN CLAYBORN OLB-LEONARD FLOYD ILB-SEAN WEATHERSPOON /JAYLON SMITH OLB-COURTNEY UPSHAW CB-DESMOND TRUUUUFANT CB-ROBERT ALFORD/JALEN COLLINS SS-SU'A CRAVENS OR KEANU NEAL FS-RICARDO ALLEN Would be a scary defense for years in the new stadium. But just a thought of mines. Hey a Falcon Fan can dream right . Hope you all enjoy the read and comment comment comment. RISE UP!!!
  11. We should have enough cap room to sign both! C'mon lets make it happen! This would fill two major voids that we have on the team currently and leave us with enough cap to fill some more holes in our roster!
  12. Both expect around may 2016. Big rumor maybe spoiler angel will be back but not as a good angel as confirmed by the director. There was sketched released that favor him becoming death! Next to the phoenix saga the apocalypse storyline is probably one of the best in comics. That seems to be where they are headed with the next movie. Also it will be the younger x-men with character returns of younger versions of jean grey etc. Suicide Squad is rumored to be targeting some big name actors. Dead shot to be played by will smith. They also are said to be targeting Oprah to be in it. So what movie will do better in this battle?
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