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Found 4 results

  1. So I see a lot of hand wringing about DK. I get it some people do not like DK.but I thought I would address some the Hints, Allegations and things left unsaid ( great CD by Collective Soul btw) regarding our much maligned OC..... Trashing our OC is nothing new. It is a time honored tradition From Greg Knapp to Mike Mularky, to DK, To Sark... and yes even to boy wonder Kyle Shannahan... Fire__________ is a tradition that will never die, I have seen this fan base basely bash ball coaches a billion times.....biggly. It would not be football season without armchair qbs in their moms basement ( not that there is anything wrong with that) calling every call that does not work a bad call... regardless of what it was. Alliteration aside When you look at the actual raw numbers of each mans first year here you will see that DK actually has been more productive as a play caller.... yeah I know.. Facts and stuff... who needs them when you have personal bias , conjecture, and a madden level knowledge of football! Note... I know this will not change anyone's mind because that really does not happen here.....once a player or coach gets a certain stink on them... it never really goes away... no matter how well they play or coach after that. I chose to focus on Points scored because of 2 reasons. A: It fits the agenda that I am pushing ( this is most important) 2. I focus on points because at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters... The Scoreboard... Did you score one more point than the opposing teem when the clock hit zero.... that is what matters ,Everything else is fluff....which unfortunately for 2 of the seasons that I will be examining , the Falcons fell woefully short as a team.. too much fluffer and not enough nutter. Here is KS's overall history as a play caller https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/ShanKy0.htm I highlighted 2015 and the scoring ranks as I will do for 2017 and 2019 The falcons finished 21st in scoring and 5th in yards en-route to https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2015.htm We scored 20 or less 8 times.... literally half of the season. we scored 10 points or less 2 times ,and we actually got shut out once... That panther game was painful to watch....almost as painful to watch as Cams wardrobe choices in his post game press conferences. We score 30 points in a game twice. and were 26th in the nfl in giveaways. I am sure I will hear the tired old response... " his system works it just takes time all the motion confuses teams!!!".... Ok cool Then why in the 12 years as a play caller has KS scoring offenses been below league average (16th or worse) EIGHT times...... EIGHT.. that is like a lot in relation to 12 years. Now granted the years that he has been above league average.... he has been well above league average 3 top 5 finishes including a historic number 1 and a top 10 finish way back in 09. Still for someone who is suppose to be the second coming of the "modern era of the nfl play callers" His offenses have been...... kinda sucky. Still though year 2 we went from 21st scoring to 1st. A jump that would not happen if fans had their way......People were ready to run him out of town on a spike after year 1. He got a lot of heat...As usual some of it was indeed was justified....But most was most was not( As I type this I think Matt Ryan threw another interception to the Colts) The guy who came after him had the most team success his first year... mostly because he had the best defense by a long short behind him.... Still Sark got all kinds of hate here.. some justified... most not. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/SarkSt0.htm#all_coaching_history The falcons were 8th in and 15th in points en-route to https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2017.htm We scored 20 or fewer points 7 times and scored 30+ 4 times while being 9th in giveaways.. the 2017 offense was the unluckiest offense I have seen in a long time with 5 or 6 of the flukiest ints that you would ever see. We went from 15th scoring to being top 10 in scoring in 2018 mostly because we cut down on the turnovers... While I was not his biggest fan, I think he should have had another year but that is the life in the nfl... I personally think Smitty should have gotten another year too... .so what do I know. On to DK... number 15 in scoring but number 1 in @vel & @athell's heart ( Not calling you guys out.... just thought of you when I was writing some of this.... you should feel special) https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/KoetDi0.htm As you can see DK has has some good offenses himself... not the historic 2016 type offenses but some good quality well above average offensive years. Like KS though... if you look at his entire career. he has had more below average years than he has above. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/2019.htm To this point we are 15th in scoring scoring 30+ points 3 times ( 29 two more times).. interesting enough we are 1-2 in those 30+ point games.......just saying!. We are 10th in yards and we have been held to 20 points or less 4 times and 10 points twice and we are 20th in turnovers. it is hard to be a top offense when you keep giving the ball to the other team...... especially when the defense does not do a good enough job of getting the ball back for you. The killer for all 3 seasons have been turnovers.. Those cost us AT LEAST 3 games in 2015 & 17 and they played a huge part in at least 4 games or this year....Turnovers are bad Mmmkay I have also seen the annoying comment of the falcons needing a "modern" nfl offensive coordinator ... which is both ignorant and lazy considering we use some of the same concepts as pretty much everyone else. even when our own fans do not see it. True story : .In the game thread yesterday I saw someone say that DK does not know how to use stack formations...Literally 2 minutes after the falcons ran multiple plays with.... stack formations. Side note: Here is where some of the teams with " modern nfl play callers" rank in terms of point scored. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/table/passing/sort/totalPointsPerGame/dir/desc Notice the Texans with the mobile QB and the "modern nfl offense"... They are scoring a whopping.... .9 points more per game Philadelphia eagles... " innovators" ( rip off artists.. potatoes- grapefruit...same thing) of the RPO.. along with the Philly Philly ....aka Riggs play for the underrated classic "Still hot Kathy Ireland kicks a football"....err I mean Necessary Roughness( you should go watch it).....They are scoring a whopping .4 more points than the Falcons La Rams.... Sean McVay is the poster child for " modern nfl head coach: I have seen words like "unique" "Innovative " " Gets carded when he buys beer at Ralphs" get used to describe him. He has first round talent all around the offense...It has huge many deals to wr, QB, and Running back who only plays 45% of the snaps..... They averaging an incredible .2 points more than the Falcons..... Maybe we can get lucky like the Bangles and hire a guy who passed McVay in the hallway once so that we can score 15 points a game....one can dream. Green bay Packers... Home of the greatest qb to ever grace a state farm commercial... and Aaron Rogers .They are averaging a whopping .1 points per game...... That is about as close as Arron Rogers mustache trim.. Cleveland Browns..Just a helmet swing and a miss behind the Falcons averaging 2.3 LESS than the falcons. Chicago Bears and Nagy... who is a disciple of Andy Reid. who's offense is another poster child for the "modern nfl".. averaging 5.2 points less than the Falcons. Btw I hope these " modern nfl play callers" have " modern nfl couches... because that is exactly where most of they will be come the playoffs " But if those guys had Ryan and Jones........" They don't ... KS did and still ranked worse than where we are now and do you know why??? An interception is an interception regardless of the name on the jersey of the guy who threw it... a fumble is a fumble regardless of the name of the guy who fumbles... calling a pass play when you can just run the ball and ice the game ..... Well you get my point. To wrap this up..... I don't know if DK will be back next year..... I hope he does I am in the minority in hoping that he is . I hope that he is but recognize He is not perfect.... He has his faults like every play caller in the nfl but some of the ignorance and strait up hate towards the guy is not warranted... just like it was not warranted vs KS in 2015 or Sark in 2017... as it probably wont be for the new guy we will probably will have in 2020 when guys take time to adjust to yet another system...... Look for Volume 2 of this post in about 12 months Because lord knows as soon as the team struggles at some point the peanut gallery will be boiling over with comments about how he should have done X when he did Y....and when he does do Y... then he should have went with X.... but to a different direction than the first time.. Just to drop this nugget. DK >>> KS head to head ( look it up) That is enough word salad for the evening.... Good night.
  2. I posted this in the other qb thread about another nfl.com list, but thought since it was a new list, a different list, that it deserved its own thread. Dameshek's top 14 Qbs. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000493095/article/aaron-rodgers-ben-roethlisberger-top-list-of-nfls-best-qbs
  3. It's day 2 and the best chance for value is here. There are a lot of quality players still on the board but the most interesting is Randy Gregory. Simple poll question...if he is still there when we pick do we take him. I will say up front, that I am not a fan. Showing up to the combine and positive testing pushed him to "not serious" for me and not worth picking up but I would not be mad if we did. What does TAFT think?
  4. If you can correctly guess the Falcons 2015 regular season schedule, you will win 2 Season Ticket. http://tickets.atlantafalcons.com/new-season-tickets/2015-guess-the-schedule-contest/
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