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Found 8 results

  1. which is the same 346lbs he weighed coming out of Memphis... It's 2017 and this man is still listed as 346lbs?? 2012 2017 I know it's weird discussing a man's weight but this is our big FA move. No doubt about it guys, this is one BIIG ol boy and at whatever weight he's playing at; he's still a homing missile gunning after QBs when he's not tossing airborne TDs. If he can get to his NORMAL weight of around the 345lb range, this man is going to shine bright on this defense. Coach Q and the brotherhood will watch over him and get him where he needs to be. Looks like apparently weight control is something that Poe has been dealing with for a few years. -- Cheif's Chris Jones poking fun at Poe being listed as 346lbs http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article126639339.html http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/08/01/dontari-poe-gives-up-barbecue-drops-15-20-pounds/
  2. Careful what you wish for. Please delete if this has already been posted.
  3. I have a crazy theory, so bear with me - I get the feeling one of the reasons that we seem to come off as regular season warriors is that we would get the lead or be fighting for one in games, and Smitty or whoever else is afraid of losing it (or gets "conservative") and doesn't cycle in his depth enough. One glaring example I felt was the TB game at the end of 2012. I was flipping the **** out that Smitty wouldn't put in our depth. I get the whole "We want to win every game and keep momentum" and I get that in 2012 we happened to get the furthest we ever have - which is why this is a theory. I just feel like rotating in our depth during the year is a necessary evil if you want to be ready come playoff time. You simply can't play your starters on a high % of snaps all season and expect people to come into the post-season tearing it up still... football is a rough game, and it wears people down, obviously. I hope the coaches learned this - and I think they did - but it still angers me. So many potential stars have or could have been passed over (looking at you Werrilew) because of this incessant need to always run w/ our starters or highest picks. /rant off... thoughts?
  4. http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/42531/260/tape-review-atlanta-falcons A few big takeaways from me: 1) The fan base is too high on Quizz's prospects as a RB, and we need to find a feature guy in FA (Reggie Bush, Steven Jackson) or in the draft (Eddie Lacy). Quizz is best used as a satellite back, because despite his willingness to run between the tackles -- and I truly love him for it and his reckless abandon in giving up his body -- he gets stuffed every time and isn't good at it. 5+ touches a game as a screen/swing pass guy, plus coming in to be a personal protector out of shotgun as he got much better at that throughout the season is an ideal role for him. It will keep our feature guy fresh and essentially out of harm's way from a blitzing LB, and Quizz can also release out of the block for a dump off and try to make something happen. The rest of this part A is my opinion, but if we think Eddie Lacy won't make it to our 1st rounder or if we have him rated as a 2nd rounder but he won't make it to our 2nd round pick, we should go hard after SJax or Reggie. SJax may be a better compliment to Quizz, and he would add great power to our offense as well as an uncanny receiving ability. But those goal-line drives that we struggled with all year could easily be resolved by a ramming Steven Jackson getting an inside handoff vs. a weak box because the defense is focused on Roddy, Julio, and TG who are all spread out. Reggie Bush could, imo, have a 2,000 all-purpose yard season in our offense with the way we want to use our RBs. He'd run, catch, and has speed to burn still. But maybe he isn't as good of a fit as SJax for our team's success because of the aforementioned power shortage we have. SJax would also seemingly cost a little less. 2) Our offensive line, while we had a mistake-free year, is average at best. An objective review of that probably holds true: we have a good RT in Clabo and a good LG in Blalock, but had a problem at starting RG and C last year and Baker has always been at best, average. We have an in-house center upgrade with Konz sliding into the spot, but then we need to figure out RG and LT. Lamar Holmes can play a part in this equation, because if he can man the LT spot then we only have one OL need. Or conversely, if he can man the RT spot we can slide Clabo into RG forming a dominant right side of the line imo and still only have one OL need. Part b of the big takeaway is to not be too high on Baker after an injury-free year just because our line play was "okay" and we were mistake-free. 3) Harry Douglas' constant offseason overhyping is apparent to not just me, so thank god for that. He's about to be 30 now, and he made an impact in only one game all year vs. a mid-round rookie who was known to be a gambler coming out of VT (Hosley). We need an upgrade at the slot position. Unsure if it is in-house with Drew Davis or Kevin Cone, but I personally think they both make a good #4 in a 4 wide set. Would love to see a mid-round pick used on a very good slot prospect (Tavon Austin, Marquise Goodwin, Josh Boyce, Chad Bumphis, Stedman Bailey), or even to find a way to trade down and pick up Percy Harvin from the Vikings. Either way, HD is a net-negative in the offense and we can stand for an upgrade, who is up to you. 4) Our defense isn't as good as we thought it was. If you take John Abraham, Sean Weatherspoon, Jon Babineaux, and William Moore off the field we field a surprisingly pathetic unit. I was surprised to read over and over, and this is only the latest example of it, that Stephen Nicholas has been a liability on the field. I always thought he was our underrated LB who did everything pretty well. If he is costing us in coverage and doesn't fill the hole like he once did, LB is a much bigger need that I originally scored. Dent was disappointing I suppose, but I was never high on him and imagined him as a Lofton clone. Lofton is actually better than Dent, which isn't too good for Dent's prospects. I'm a little more fond of prospects like Alec Ogletree and Kevin Minter at this point in time than I was a few weeks ago. Same for Arthur Brown and Khaseem Greene, but the first two have superstar LB written all over them. A guy to keep an eye on is Alabama's Nico Johnson. Could be an ideal MLB/SLB in a 4-3, for some reason he's out of the spotlight right now but a year ago he was penciled in as a Top 15 pick. 6'2, 250 lbs, 4.59 40. He had a very solid year for Alabama winning another national title, but he got lost vs. other more flashy prospects on his team and elsewhere. Rated as a 3rd/4th guy right now, could be a steal in the late 3rd. Admittedly he came out on passing downs for Alabama just because they were stacked with athletes, and his numbers aren't great because they all played in a rotation and in blowing out opponents they tend to pass a lot. This is projecting a developmental ability though. 5) Also pertaining to the defense, and this is obvious, we have no pass rush outside of Abraham. Kroy is a decent football player, but the kind of player that is supposed to be on special teams and come in occasionally and not be a big part of an NFL defense. We need to bring in DEs and DTs this offseason. I'd imagine that our big FA move, if not for one of the OTs (Albert or Long) will be for a DE. Avril, Johnson, Kruger and Spencer would all be great starters on our D-Line at LDE. Avril is my personal choice because he's the one that fits Nolan's scheme the best. He has a great track record as a 4-3 LDE, which is our base defense need, but can also stand up as a 3-4 OLB when we flex to those spots. He also didn't have a threat at DE opposite him, which Kruger had and played poorly without (Suggs) and same for Spencer (Ware), plus they both played in a 3-4 base D. Johnson is a great athlete, but he just had his best year in a career year so there are concerns there as well as a lack of positional versatility. He's a situational pass rusher only, and wouldn't be able to be an effective 3-4 OLB. He also isn't strong vs. the run. If I had my way, I'd bring in Avril to be a starter and target a talented pass rusher who is falling in the draft in the early mid-rounds (Tank Carradine or Brandon Jenkins from FSU). We also obviously need DT help, and this could be a Round 1 or Round 2 selection. Depending on the cuts and restructurings we make (DRob, Turner, etc) I think we can find a good starter in free agency. Terrance Knighton is an interesting selection as he can play 4-3 or 3-4 NT, same for Detroit's Sammie Lee Hill who may provide the most bang for our buck. Glenn Dorsey, if we are committed to sticking with a 4-3, could be a fantastic signing. If we got Avril, SLH, and Dorsey we have just added a ton of versatility and impact to our defense with 1 pick FA signing and two value ones. SLH and Dorsey, with Babs, would comprise the 3 man front in a 3-4, and Avril and Abe/Kroy/Carradine would be the OLBs. In a 4-3, depending on what scenario we are playing (run vs pass) SLH and Babs can start at DT with Avril and Abe at DE, or if it's vs. the run we can kick Babs out to LDE which we did sometimes last year, put Dorsey and SLH in at DT and swing Avril over to RDE, or we can blitz Avril from the 4-3 SLB spot like Denver uses Von Miller and keep Abe in at 4-3 RDE. 6) We need CB help. Asante was a nice pick up, but he certainly was burned throughout the year. He's only getting older, but he provides a game changing element at CB. Dunta may very well be at the end of line with his time in Atlanta. He's strong vs. the run, but brutal in pass coverage. His cap $ is exorbitant for a CB with that impact (or lack thereof). Robert McClain has been a heck of a find, but that nails down the nickel CB position that we drafted Chris Owens and Dominique Franks to fill. With DRob out, we need a starting outside CB. There are some big free agents (DRC) and also some value ones (Mike Jenkins, Greg Toler), but I personally think this could be our first round pick. At #30 CB could really be BPA if a guy like Xavier Rhodes is there and that would go a long way to improving our defense especially if we sign a major DE in FA. DeCoud had an above average year, but nothing special and was unfortunately abused vs. good passing teams. He also was never strong vs. the run, and that was apparent on film. He was supposed to be our ball hawking FS, but he hasn't really become that although he did have a good year. Consistency on the back end is important, although a guy like Jairus Byrd who's a true ballhawk and one of the best FS's in the game is mighty appealing from an on-paper standpoint.
  5. The lawyers filing paperwork in the NFLPA suit made a small mistake. They weren't licensed attorneys in the State of Louisianna. The Federal Court rejected their documents till they get themselves recognized as licensed in the State. OOOoooooppps. Hope they did a better job in what they wrote in the documents themselves. How embarrassing.
  6. I wanted to go and offered to buy Tandy's tics but never heard a thing. I tried watching online and something was wrong with my audio so I just read the twitter feeds. Did anyone go or watch it online? Did you hear or see anything that was exciting? thanks Nono
  7. Caution: Lying May Be Bad For Your Health One of Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney's favorite stump lines is that this election is a “battle for America's soul.” There is a lot of truth in that statement. Unfortunately for Americans, there seems to be little truth in anything else Romney has to say. While we have cynically come to expect a certain amount of spin and bending of the truth from our politicians, Romney mangles it with a voraciousness heretofore unseen. Not that Democrats are immune from such shenanigans, but this disregard for the truth seems to be particularly epidemic in Republican politics this election season especially in regard to our President and his policies. It's one thing to disagree with President Obama's approach to healthcare reform, it's quite another to deliberately lie to your constituents about how the Affordable Care Act will affect their lives in order to turn public opinion against it. You may think that the Recovery Act was bad public policy but to say it was a complete failure and created no jobs is simply not true. Many liberals, myself included, believe there were deficiencies in both of those bills but we also recognize their positive elements and overall benefit. Most of us realize that good policy comes from compromise and even though “Obamacare” is chock full of Republican ideas we've accepted that some of them actually make a lot of sense. Take the individual mandate for example. This idea originated out of the revered Heritage Foundation and was first proposed in failed Republican sponsored health care reform legislation in the 90s. So it shouldn't surprise me that my very own U. S. Representative, Rob Woodall, is giving Romney a run for his money in the untruthiness (sic) department. On Wednesday of this week Woodall posted a video clip on his official Facebook page with the following notation; “According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, if the President’s health care law remains on the books, 62 percent of family doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients. At 45 minutes, my Floor Speech on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) provision found in the President’ health care law is a little long, but if you have any questions at all about the IPAB provision, or want to hear an argument that goes well beyond the typical 'death panel' one, then watching this video will be well worth your time.” To be blunt, Woodall's statement regarding the American Academy of Family Physicians is a rather bold lie. Woodall is actually referring to a statement the AAFP issued last summer during the debt ceiling debate concerning the “doc fix” which was being held hostage by Republican members of Congress along with the necessary debt ceiling increase. If you're not familiar with the “doc fix,” Wikipedia has an explanation of it under the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate topic. According to the AAFP statement regarding the debt ceiling proposal: “The American Academy of Family Physicians appreciates the proposal’s preservation of Medicaid funding and Medicare benefits, but it still poses a grave threat to Medicare patients’ ability to get appointments with their physicians. How? By not addressing the deeply flawed formula on which all Medicare payment is based — the sustainable growth rate formula that under current law requires a 30 percent Medicare cut for physician care on Jan. 1, 2012." “Data from a 2010 AAFP survey show that a 25 percent Medicare pay cut — five percent less than what is required on Jan. 1, 2012 — would drive 13 percent of family physicians out of business. The loss of these practices goes far beyond the serious access problems for patients, particularly in rural and under served areas that already struggle to find needed medical care. Family physicians generate an average of $1.3 billion in economic activity in their states. The closing of these practices would result in significant loss of revenue and jobs in communities across the country." “Moreover, according to the 2010 survey, more than seven in 10 family physicians would be forced to limit the number of Medicare patients they can accept and nearly 62 percent will be forced to stop accepting new Medicare patients.” The required pay cut in question has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act and indeed the act is not even mentioned. The Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate was enacted 1997 and has been a source of AAFP blackmail ever since. Hence the yearly “doc fix” spectacle. Moreover, Woodall claims that 62 percent of family doctors will stop accepting Medicare patients whereas the AAFP statement clearly states “new” Medicare patients. There is a huge distinction between the two. This was a problem long before Obamacare, in fact Obamacare includes the Primary Care Incentive Payment Program (PCIPP) which provides bonuses to family doctors to encourage them to grow their practices. The insidiousness of this lie isn't just that Woodall is taking the AAFP's statement out of context and applying it falsely to Obamacare, it's that Obamacare actually attempts to address the family physician problem through the PCIPP bonuses. My Granny always taught me one lie leads to another and Woodall's video is an even bigger whopper. In fact at 45 minutes it may be the longest lie ever told. Honestly, I couldn't bear watching much more than the first 15 minutes or so. The BS was so deep I was starting to hyperventilate. From what I gather the entire clip consists of Woodall trying to scare folks into believing that the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) will ration care. He even invokes visions of Sarah Palin's imaginary “death panels.” Early on in his video Woodall encourages you not to actually read the health care bill as there are "lots of good summaries out there." There is good reason for this. If you read the bill, on page 409 under section 3403 which Woodall is citing, under the heading "Proposals" the law describes the requirements for any proposal the IPAB submits. It clearly states "The proposal shall not include any recommendation to ration health care, raise revenues or Medicare beneficiary premiums under section 1818, 1818A, or 1839, increase Medicare beneficiary cost sharing (including deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments), or otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria." Page 428 of the PDF for those playing along at home. Just as it seems evident to all that Romney will say whatever it takes to get elected, it appears there is no tale too big for Woodall to tell to shill for the buzzards that feather his roost. It is impossible to form good public policy when one side has abandoned the truth and we have never needed clear thinking more than now. The truth is, health care reform is crucial to our competitiveness in global markets. The market-based solution that comprises the Affordable Care Act is a far cry from the single payer “Medicare for all” system that progressives would prefer, in fact it is identical in many aspects to past Republican proposals. It is the epitome of compromise and although it won't be in full effect until 2014 millions have already begun reaping it's benefits. It's time we stopped trying to dismantle it, work to improve it, and get on to other important issues. The battle for America's soul isn't a battle of Republican vs. Democrat or even liberal vs. conservative, it's a battle of truth vs. propaganda. Due to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling there will be an unprecedented amount of money spent manipulating the truth during this election. Some of our wealthiest individuals will be spending millions of dollars of their own money, anonymously, to shape your opinion with no rules against telling outright lies. I hate to sound melodramatic but the fate of our nation may indeed rest on our ability to distinguish fact from fiction. Woodall's lie is an excellent example of what we need to be on guard against. While this one small lie may seem inconsequential there are thousands upon thousands of such deliberate factual misrepresentations littering the internet. The cumulative effect of these is to create a complete false sense of reality for those of us unwilling to question them. Even if you're a Woodall supporter you should be willing to demand the truth, no matter how inconvenient it may be. Not doing so may well prove to be bad for your health.
  8. All-Star game lineup for 2012U.S. Army All-American BowlStart: 20012012 Game date, site: Jan. 7, Alamodome, San AntonioUnderclassmen combine: YesTelevision: NBCUnique feature: As the oldest of the games, it has the most alumni in the NFL and the best TV location. Under Armour All-American GameStart: 20082012 Game date, site: To be determined. Last year's game was Jan. 5 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla.Underclassmen combine: YesTelevision: ESPNUnique feature: Televised skills challenge on ESPN2 and televised practice sessions on ESPNU and ESPN2 Semper Fidelis All-American BowlStart: 20122012 Game date, site: Jan. 3, Chase Field, PhoenixUnderclassmen combine: YesTelevision: Negotiating with CBS Sports NetworkUnique feature: Selection show will air on CBS USA Football vs. The WorldStart: 20102012 Game site: Feb. 1 (National Signing Day). Site to be determined. Last year's game was Feb. 2 at Westlake High, Austin, TexasUnderclassmen combine: No, but Team Trials were held Memorial Day weekend in Marietta, Ga.Television: Fox College Sports Central carried live, Feb. 11 on NFL NetworkUnique feature: Not an all-star game, it pits top U.S. players 19 and under vs. a World Team Offense-Defense BowlStart: 20072012 Game site: To be determined. Last year's game was Jan. 31 at Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium, Myrtle Beach, S.C.Underclassmen combine: Yes.Television: Comcast SportsUnique feature: Has a youth all-star game during the week prior to the game.
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