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Found 21 results

  1. per Vaughn McClure http://espn.go.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/20657/it-could-be-end-for-falcons-rashede-hageman-defensive-end It would be nice if this actually worked, not sure if this is a tough transition
  2. Are the folks buying tickets for Atlanta MLS playing at the new stadium being asked to purchase PSL's before buying tickets? I haven't heard this discussed or mentioned. Seems like soccer fans are pretty rabid and would be ok with this
  3. Browns Eagles and 49ers clean house---where is the outrage for all the issues we had to endure? Quinn and his staff is safe IMHO but TD?? not so much If Arthur allows TD to stay I am done till the draft--this rollercoaster is too much
  4. Not bashing Matty Perfect so calm down folks, everyone makes mistakes and chokes once in a while--I like him I think he is great but you know dam well if we had Aaron Rodgers or Brady with the rest of this Falcon lineup we would be going deep in the playoffs and on to the SB--as it stands we don't look ready for a deep run yet, but this is the first 7 games of the Quinn era. Flame away
  5. Hopefully he will continue to forget how to tackle and take bad angles on zone coverage all over again
  6. Throughout this extended losing streak (6 wins in the last 24 games), I will say one good thing about Mike Smith is he has stood tall before the media, this city and its fans all crying out for his head, and taking the entire load of crap on his own back. He is famous for responsibility in his pressers, saying stuff like "this loss is on me or I accept the blame" etc. I point my finger at the little vegan putz ham-stringing this team with 5 years of questionable to bad draft picks. Coach Smith is to blame for his onfield antics and poor game planning but Thomas Dimitroff is primarily to blame for providing Coach Smith with crappy players. I get a kick out of the threads that say. "did we give away to many future draft picks for Julio"--my opinion, it wouldn't have mattered anyway--TD would have botched those picks too if we had 'em so its a good thing we did get Julio. I would fire TD first and let him slither out then fire Smith with dignity. I bet Rich McKay Nolan and Koetter are afraid and their butts are tight right now---in fact I bet its quiet as a church on Monday in the Flowery Branch offices.
  7. Yeah prob couldn't raise near enough money--how about a letter writing or email campaign? Anyone got an email that goes to Flowery Branch they want to share? Lets keep it clean if this works but maybe we show our discontent
  8. Oklahoma drills and tackling to the ground on the first day of camp. Sounds great and will look tough on Hard Knocks. All is well till the first injury I like the new tough attitude but wonder how much is "selling" the Falcons to all the folks watching HBO versus true coaching and will it cost us a starter due to injury
  9. Its a Thursday, but oh what a Thursday/Friday for this team. Just wondering if anyone planned on going to their local watering hole, perhaps a board gathering? Probably just watch on TV at home but can hardly wait. Its Christmas in May. 19 days!
  10. Kinda tired of hearing about him. UGA is great at pumping up players that are marginal to a little better like Tim Worley, Eric Zeir, and Quincy Carter. I think because of Murray's knee and not so stellar record against big SEC teams, (at least his first three years), I think he goes late maybe 5th round and plays some preseason, hangs around on someones roster for a couple of years then fades away. He is a good kid and I wish him the best but lets face it, he aint as good as some would lead you to believe.
  11. "Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez not asking for a trade, but understands the logic behind the trade talk." Hmmmm...what trade talk? Last week it was a rumor.
  12. As I was watching the Falcons pummel the Giants and quiet all the carpetbaggers in my section, I started wondering why we were going to walk away from the Ga. Dome? I know there is a finanacial rational but over the last 4 or 5 years I think we have lost 5 games at the Dome(?) The winning tradition and noise are reasons to keep the dome and put a new roof on it. You can't make that kind of echo crowd noise in an open stadium. It must freak out opposing teams cause it gets loud on third downs. I find it hard to believe the Ga World Congress Center wouldn't bow down to Arthur Blank and renegotiate the contracts on concessions and parking. BTW the food is over priced and sucks---why is it so god dam hard to serve decent food???
  13. Letter says I have till Friday to buy my playoff tickets---looks like prices are roughly double or $160 per ticket for me if I choose to buy. As much as I want to that is a little much right now just before Christmas. Was wondering if anyone else was buying their tickets?
  14. Not making fun of Hurricane Sandy but this guy is a nut? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F93Xh7w6Jzo
  15. I can not understand how such hatred exist as the conerstone of a religion here in the 21st century. Death to Israel??? Why is the middle east so upset? The Jews are peaceful people who push only when they are pushed. Does't Iran have better things to do? If they devoted 1/3 the time to peace as they do to hatred then maybe they would be more satisfied with their lives. Instead of hate, try looking at other nations where jews and gentiles exist in peace.
  16. I know there has always been a lot of talk about fortunate persons who's parents were wealthy had the right friends and went to the right schools but I still believe that here in America in 2012 despite not having these things that no matter who you are (myself) that with continual hard work and honesty you can still rise to the top or pretty close. It may take a lot longer but in the end good work skills and effort are more important than advantage every time. Thats been my lifes road and proud of it although I have a ways to go to reach a comfort range
  17. After watching the Dunwoody Daycare for a number of days (while trying to work) I can not tell if the defendant is faking or not, the jury has a tough job but the fact still remains some poor guy is dead because his wifes lover went poon crazy and may have been egged on by the dead guys wife. With all the sometimes boring testimony I wonder looking at the confessed killer, what would make this guy do this if he is faking delusions? My opinion is he had a marriage in trouble, he a decent looking guy in charge of many at work and a wife whom he has grown apart from since the kids went to college. Enter the female co-worker 20 years his junior who accepts his mild flurtations cause she likes it too. They find they enjoy each others company and start seeing more and more till it is a full on affair. The rest is sad. He goes so crazy that he ends up killing her husband being played out in court as you read this. My question is, what would make a man making good money and a great life minus the assumed problems at home, go so poon crazy that he would turn killer? What if Beyonce or Rhiana or that hot Fox News Anchor Laurie Dhue was your co-worker and you were caught up in a whirling friendship where everytime you were with this hottie you felt great and alive. Feelings you haven't had for 20 or more years. Would you or could you be influenced to have an affair, commit crimes? me, no how far would you go if at all? The strong man handles this situation with faith and inner-strength
  18. No doubt he has talent and in the New York market makes it electric, but is this really as big of a story as the media is making it out to be? And is his Chinese heritage really important?
  19. Instead of burying the new OC lets just see what the Jax connection gets us next year? Rather than crapping in public on these boards about the hires and fires. Smitty came out of no where and was the smallest of "splashes". I know I am guilty too but what say we just pretend Flowery Branch is much smarter than this board?
  20. I feel bad about losing Ovie and it lead me to ask you out there, why in the hel with all of the knee injuries don't more players wear knee braces? Is it because it would slow them down? Cause it they wear pads, flack jackets and other kinds of body armour/protection. Maybe you can answer this for those of you who played football or not
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