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Found 2 results

  1. 4th round pick. Always thought he was a bit overrated imo
  2. A theme we often see we the Falcons is giving up value or poorly leveraging themselves be it with the roster or with the coaches or with the contracts. That's the identity I've come to know this team as over the past 16 or so years watching them. This offseason that theme remained the same even down to the draft. We see a slightly OK managed salary cap with guy's like Beasley and Trufant and Freeman eating up more space than they should. You see the loss of Teco which could have easily been prevented by simply not signing one of those journeymen o-line dudes. You see a loss in PSLs because the design of the new dome was deemed more important than the fans who paid to sit in it. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy we got to host another Super Bowl even tho most of our out of State fans probably couldn't afford it. I'm happy to see Jarrett& Hageman & Clayborne back too. But in a draft FILLED with D-line Stars all we managed to have grabbed was Cominsky? (Who I think will may actually make a great role-player possibly even become a star.) Omenihu out of Texas, one of college's top-rated edge guys went in the 5th. Khalen Saunders a known sleeper dt went in the 3rd or 4th I believe. Michael Dogbe outta Temple, another known sleeper, didn't go until the 7th round. We grabbed ONE D-LINEMAN. Who's definitely gonna need a season or two to get up to speed. So the theme of the Falcons' Franchise Poor Leveraging Weakness strikes yet again. Not so much of a surprise to us who knows the truth of the Dimitrioff Era. We overspent in one area and underspent in another. As per usual. Eric McCoy out of Texas will probably have a dam good career in NO. He went late in the second round. If you look at his tape versus Lindstrom you'd see what the real deal is. Lindstrom has a good chance of being a long-term starter in the league and yet how did he manage to get a higher value than someone who will easily do the same while getting a year to learn as well at G or C, eventually playing at a high if not higher level than the guy he'd be replacing (Mack) and saving precious cap dollars in the process? The trading for McGary made sense in the grand scheme of things but picking up a guy at 14 who may be less talented than Zach Martin? Not wise. Not over someone who can match-up better strength & leverage-wise right now pound for pound man to man. Go watch the tape and tell me McCoy isn't stronger and meaner and just as consistent and productive. Our roster is full of guys on one-year contract guys or multi-year overblown contract guys with the Class of 2016 being the saving grace of the defensive side of the team right now. And we also have an awesome new stadium that maybe build for the international version of football moreso than the American kind. If I could wish for anything it's not necessarily that we had picked Eric McCoy or resigned Tevin Coleman. I would wish that this franchise stop being so soft. I would wish this franchise saw the actual importance of leveraging EVERY aspect of the business and not just the hot guy at the time be they coach or player or football stadium designer. I'd wish we wouldn't keep giving shots to the guys who "kinda seems to fit" or some other hairbrained schematic that's not fully thoughtout heck all the way down to even the average paying STH. Stop rooting my subconscious as a Falcon Fan into a state of consistent small losses of leverage! We're not even consistent Super Bowl contenders yet sheesh! We just got consistently competitive within this recent decade! Act like it. Bring in all the talent you possibly can! At every level! In every phase! At every juncture! Please! I'm tired of being an Atlanta apologist. I want to be an Atlanta Champion. Trading out for guys like Duke while missing out on guys like Blake Cashman is seriously weird. But idk man maybe it's all just some sick twisted pipe-dream we're all just silently agreeing. Stop beating up the whistle-blowers who call this Franchise and it's business out on their bs pls