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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--2012-ultimate-mock-draft--aaron-rodgers--jim-irsay-make-sweet-music.html;_ylt=AuBZjRafau30nr.FSwNiyx05nYcB 1. Indianapolis Colts – Aaron Rodgers, QB: It seems that, in the wake of a 1-15 season and Peyton Manning's departure, the Colts are having some trouble selling tickets. The presence of the reigning MVP at Lucas Oil Stadium might help remedy that situation. Rodgers, 28, is at the top of his game and seemingly ascending. Last December, on Showtime's Inside the NFL, a Rodgers admirer declared that "it's impossible to play the quarterback position any better
  2. I probably would switch Rodgers and Ben. Put Ryan at 5, Stafford at 6 and Newton at 7. I think Harrington should be last lol. Was Russell really worse than him? http://www.nfl.com/n...ound-the-league
  3. Found this top 32 quaterbacks on heading into 2012 on nfl.com by Jason Smith. Pretty much agree with it except I think Newton might be too high. http://www.nfl.com/n..._content_stream
  4. Encase some of the guys don't make it back. Its the offseason, so if you haven't seen it. They have TD on it. Its them having fun. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/falconstv/?_id=4ed93dd0345ad2b229000000 If you haven't seen it check it out.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/n..._content_stream When the NFL Network rolled out its Top 100 players in the NFL series last summer, eyebrows were raised by Eli Manning's complete absence from the list. The Giants quarterback was coming off a 25-interception season and in the eyes of his peers, who voted on the list, that was enough to leave him out. In the spirit of that omission, we asked NFL Network analyst Brian Billick to rank his top 12 quarterbacks right now. Why a dozen? That was how many QBs were on the original Top 100 list. 1. Aaron Rodgers When looking at the total body of work, it is hard
  6. When Thomas Dimitroff was hired as GM of the Atlanta Falcons, team followers were told that Dimitroff's scouting background instilled in him the belief that building a franchise should be done through the draft. In his first 4 years with the team, we've seen Dimitroff dealing away 2 1sts, 3 2nds and 2 4ths, plus a number of minor draft choices. All of the early picks were made with the idea of building around Matt Ryan, but giving up so many high picks seemed to conflict with Dimitroff's team-building model. My question is: Did Thomas Dimitroff make the Tony Gonzalez and Julio Jones trades b
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYLBSa2M08M Watching the first 10-15mins of this recently and noticing how eerily similar this is as to where our franchise, players and fans are at the moment as to where the Colts were 10ish years ago. Now please don't take this out of context (I feel absoulutly sick today) and I'm not trying to compare Ryan to Manning, Smith to Mora/Dungy etc. Changes need to be made and we can all agree to disagree which ones... Take a few minutes out of your day before you flame me and watch from 8mins to about 13mins... If after watching this you don't see the similarities,
  8. Admit it, if you see that the defense jumps offsides when we're on offense you know Matt Ryan's going to throw a "screen" to Roddy White. Usually these plays go for at most 5 yards or so and we end up taking the penalty anyway. I'm asking, no begging, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Mularkey, Smith, whoever to do what every other team in the league does and run the play. Teams regularly just go deep on these plays be cause they know they're guaranteed 5 yards no matter what (I remember the Seahawks scored a TD on us this year on such a play). I'm all for being conservative when it's necessary but when
  9. Matt Ryan eclipsed the 4,000 mark. Roddy now has 1,227 receiving yards. Julio now has 883 receiving yards. Tony now has 867 receiving yards. I know stats don't matter but with 117 receiving yards next week against a depleted Tampa Bay team, we'll have two thousand yard receivers. And if our wonder boy Tony G can somehow rack up 133 yards receiving, we'll have three thousand yard receivers. When's the last time the Falcons have had three thousand yard receivers? Let alone two?
  10. Regular season wins after 4 seasons I put this list together by hand from the stats at NFLReference.com, so I'm sure I'm missing some names. Let me know if you find someone with 20+ wins that I left off the list. Ryan 42* Flacco 42* Marino 41 Big Ben 39 Elway 38 Warner 35 (sat out first season) Brady 34 (sat out first season) Rypien 33 Peyton 32 Palmer 32 McNabb 31 Eli 30 Kosar 30 O'Donnell 30 Orton 29 Everett 29 Bulger 28 Kelly 28 McMahon 28 D. Williams 28 Aikman 27 Namath 27 V. Young 26 Rivers 25 (sat out first two seasons) Cutler 24 Vick 23 Dilfer 23 Brees 21 Griese 20 Montana 18 *With two
  11. Can Falcons Win in January?: http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/09000d5d82519047/Can-the-Falcons-win-in-January Matt Ryan 1-on-1 with Deion Sanders: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/09000d5d82517a1f/Ryan-ready-to-get-the-Falcons-back-off-the-ground Can Falcons make a run?: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-thursday-night-football/09000d5d825155c9/Falcons-can-fly-but-can-they-run
  12. Disclaimer: I like Matt Ryan. Career splits, QB Rating: Home: 96.1 Road: 80.5 My simple, honest question: does this concern you?
  13. I'm a Ryan supporter. Just want to let that be known. I think he is the guy for the job and it would be a mistake not to stick with him... When he's on he's a top 10 QB in my opinion. Coincidentally when he's on it's usually when he's calling his own plays at the line of scrimmage not being restrained by MM's predictable and inefficient play calling. But lets just say for all you Ryan haters.... When do the Falcons pull the plug on Ryan. I mean his rookie contract has to be up next year right? To my knowledge he hasn't signed an extension. So lets say they choose to let him play out his contra
  14. As you've guys have heard me whine and carry on before about Mike Mularkey, it seems his time is all but done in Atlanta, against the Titans the Falcons went no huddle on offense until they reached the redzone. We came away with 2 touchdowns on 5 redzone attempts. This was where Mike Mularkey was calling plays, and it looks like after this week he may completely lose his play calling abilities. The difference between Matt Ryan playcalling and Mike Mularkey playcalling in terms of offensive production is astronomical, since going to the no huddle at the end of the New Orleans game last week, Ma
  15. I remember reading many articles like this before the 2010 season, where Matt Ryan studied all the top QB's in the game, and said that he noticed alot of them would check down or take shorter routes if they were there. In effect, making more high percentage throws to help open up the deeper stuff. In 2010, this worked well for us. We would work the underneath routes, open up the deep shot once maybe twice a game. I think back to the Cincy game last year, 3rd and 1, Ryan audibled to a PA deep route to Roddy, who started split out wide to the right of the formation, beat the corner and blew pas
  16. IS it just me or has Matt Ryan this year been the opposite of what everyone was abusing LeBron for in the playoffs... Matt seems to play badly for the first 3 qtrs then in the 4th turns it on... I agree with what the commentator said when we went into OT, which was basically that we should stay in our 2 minute offense considering that was the only time we looked dangerous in the game. It could all be the work of Turner making the defense tired so Matt can thrive in the 4th.
  17. http://www.cbssports...Atlanta_Falcons I'm sure this thread will be hijacked, but it's nice to see the media noticing Matt's toughness if a few of the douchenozzles here can't.
  18. I wrote an article last year at about this same time suggesting that Ryan was not an elite quarterback, rather that he was a good quarterback that we could win a Superbowl with if we had a good team around him. He's not a guy that makes everyone around him better necessarily. After watching Ryan for the first five games of this season, I'm still not convinced that he's ever going to be an elite quarterback. So here is my post that I put up earlier today explaining why I think that way. http://tommeltonscouting.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/matt-ryan-is-he-overrated/ Looking forward to seeing what s
  19. He simply can not get it done. I don't know how he did it in the past, but the truth of the matter is he never did it when it matters, NEVER. He holds the ball way to long, he can't throw deep, and he also has no balls ( he could have gone head first for the first time on that one play yesterday when roddy white got the unsportmanship conduct), he simply needs to go. We need to trade him for a qb and pick up someone else. THIS IS OUR FAULT,,, we kept on giving ryan the benefit of the doubt (the oc, the offensive line) but in reality he just can not get it done. Our concerns in order: 1. Matt
  20. One of the bigger mysteries surrounding the Falcons this week is what kind of approach Mike Mularkey will take with his offense. Will he try to grind the tempo of the game way down by running Michael Turner early and often in order to keep Aaron Rodgers and the explosive Green Bay offense off the field? Or will he utilize the hurry up like he did throughout the first half last week in Seattle, even though it may lead to a shootout with one of the most dangerous offenses in the league? If it were up to me, the choice would be easy: Put the ball in Matt Ryan’s hands and let the offense run throu
  21. When the Falcons let Matt Ryan run the no-huddle offense, let him call and run his own plays, he's just a different quarterback. When they realize that they have to relinquish some or a lot of the playcalling duty from Mularkey and give it to Ryan, they will then become an elite offense. No one on this board or outside the Falcons headquarters knows more than the Falcons coaching staff, however we all have eyes, we know what we see, and if you just look at Matt Ryan's body language, the way he throws the ball, steps up in the pocket, when he's calling the plays in that no-huddle offense, it'
  22. COuld someone please get me the clip of Cullen Jenkins launching into matt ryan and asomugha launching into roddy?
  23. This year it's become increasingly clear that we're in danger of being left behind a large portion of the league in terms of offensive production and scheme. A vocal majority of the board has been very clear about their distaste for Mike Mularkey's offense, however most of those comments are of the "Open it up!!!" nature...criticism that doesn't accomplish anything in terms of actual solutions and, instead, sounds like bellyaching for bellyaching's sake. In reality, there are very clear problems with our offense that amount to more than "opening it up." Specifically, those problems relate t
  24. Watching the film from the last game, it seems Matt's second option is to check down to the running back. Shouldn't Matt be checking down to the next reciever or tightend, and the running back last? On several plays Matt looked quickly down field and then right away threw it to the running back. Our offense should be more than look at the #1 reciever and if he's not open check down to running back. Am I seeing this right? Thoughts?
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