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  1. Well nobody on the team is really proving valuable at the moment...nonetheless if you had to pick one who? I would have to say Bosher, he's gunning guys down, and he's 2/2 on onside kicks. And you all were mad that we spent a draft pick on him!
  2. Go out and get sacked 4-5+ times, hurried and hit god knows how many, and NOT throw interceptions to a defense playing this tough. You internet warriors should drink drain-o... never seen so much stupidity in my life. MR would die if he didn't release the ball in under 2 seconds.
  3. I have been a Falcons fan for some time now and I am not sure what is going on with our fans. We lost a game to an average team and so what. It is football and thats the best part of it because anyone can beat anyone. Instead of crying and whining, how about we make the dome LOUDER than it ever was. Win or Lose be loud on every down not only on 3rd down. Take a look at Seahawks fans and how loud they get. They are breaking records along with their team. I believe we can RISE UP and shut down Tom Brady. We the fans can be the 12th player on the field that causes chaos for Mr.Tom Brady. There is
  4. thank you matt ryan for all your 4th quarter comebacks. you came up a little short today, but the fact is that the HC is a defensive coach who blows 17+ point leads in the second half. all us falcons fans know you are busting your butt to get us into the playoffs and you have taken some brutal hits, so we as falcons fans just want to thank you for winning games coming from behind to save a coach who is a former defensive coordinator that has no clue how to retain a lead. thank you matt ryan for keeping Mike Smith from keeping us 6-10 every year. stay healthy and please keep covering up smitty'
  5. Whooooooooo! Did yall see that throw matt dropped in on cones....... How did he do that?..cone was blanketed! Better ? Is how did he catch it and didnt see it! I cant wait till week 1....
  6. We are 47 hours, 50 minutes to Training Camp kickoff and counting.......ready for some contract news - mostly on Sean Renfree - will he sign or won't he?
  7. I got banned earlier in the year cause I was critical of Ryan. I am a Falcon Fan For Life. Section 123 for 7 years, watching since 1977. Never miss a home game; watch every away game. Already renewed for 2013. So moderators, I am not a Matt fan. I am not a Ryan Fan. Nor do I want Vick back... I have tickets in section 123 FOR MY BELOVED Falcons and I should have the right to voice my opinion ON AN OPINION BOARD!!! I am not a Matt Ryan Fan !!!!
  8. I woke up this morning irritated, because I really thought we had traded Ryan straight up for Brady. In my dream, there was an uproar among the Falcon community that this occurred. Now that I have had time to think about it, I am less irritated but I still wouldn't do the trade based off the age factor. I was wondering what the rest of the board felt about this. We already know what some will say and that's a given, but there can be good clean discussion/debate about this so: Would you trade Ryan straight up Brady?
  9. I know there is a lot of talk from Atlanta Falcons fans about how the release of Michael Turner, John Abraham and Dunta Robinson could mean Atlanta is going after Dwight Freeney and Steven Jackson. That could happen because the Falcons suddenly have decent salary-cap room. But I’m not sure Friday morning’s moves were as much about Jackson and Freeney as they are about Sam Baker, William Moore and Brent Grimes. Those are Atlanta’s top three free agents and I fully expect the Falcons to make an attempt to keep them. But there’s another layer to these moves that can’t be ignored. That’s quarterba
  10. Name one thing you think Matt Ryan should work on this offseason. Last year Ryan dedicated his offseason training to improve his arm strength. His arm strength did look mildly better this year. I'm curious to what the fans think he should work on. Personally, I think he needs to work on his mobility this offseason, because when plays broke down he really struggled at extending plays and making plays on the run. So I think some speed and agility training could make Ryan that elite QB everyone wants. What's your opinion?
  11. Big Falcon fan but here's a song about Peyton Manning me and my super cool bro put together...maybe we will make one for Matt Ryan one day
  12. I only made this thread because I was listening to First Take on my break today and they said something about "intangibles vs natural gifts" talking about Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. I always bring it back to football, and I realized that if you were to grade QBs based ONLY on Intangibles all lumped into one category and Natural Gifts all lumped into one category, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan would be the poster boys for each category. Coming out of college in 2008, the flavor of the month in February and March on the NFL Network was intangibles. Mike Mayock was always talking about how amaz
  13. He is an excellent game manager. He has the touted “it” factor. He is the hardest working quarterback this franchise has EVER had. His short passing game is one of best in the NFL. He knows the right sets to get us to and if you don’t know what I am talking about, watch games of other QB’s in Atlanta before Ryan. He has total command of the offense. I really believe this is the best offensive coordinator we have had in Atlanta. He has complete control on offense like an elite QB, maybe he doesn’t have control like Manning has but no one has that type of total control. That is including Brees,
  14. Hopefully this will stir up all those Ryan Haters.... GO FALCONS!!! 4 and 0 Baby!!!!
  15. In the past Matt Ryan has struggled against 3-4 defenses (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Fran). The only exception was the Thursday night game at home in 2010 against Baltimore and a couple of decent games aginst GB the first time in 2010 and a game at San Diego his rookie. The common denominator in each of those game is that the offense was more of a methodical offense with a bunch of completions for minimal yardage. This year Ryan will play against more 3-4 than in any individual season since starting at QB. In order: @KC, @SD, @WSH, DAL and ARZ. By all means, neither of this defen
  16. Really I should have not even been able to find this much and this kind of footage on one reciever only 3 games into the preseason. Also everyone was wondering if the falcons might be looking to spread the field with their passing game??? This video may give some foreshadowing to that question.
  17. Ok, I realize that throwing on the run is a strength of Ryans but it still seems like alot. Do you guys think that A. Its just Dirk Koetter's style (i really dont know) B. Offense playing to Ryan's advantage C. Lack of faith in the Falcons offensive line Thoughts?
  18. I play in a 12-team money league, and this is my second year in the league. I won the league last year, so I have the 12th pick in a snake draft. Every year, we can choose to "keep" an offensive or defensive player that was drafted the prior season (the player HAS to be a player that was drafted). Catch is, you lose the pick in the round that is two rounds above where the player was drafted in the prior year. Well, I took Julio in Round 6 last year, meaning I lose a 4th by keeping him. However, that is great value in my mind, as I believe Julio is late-first to second round worthy. That's not
  19. http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/8218244/braylon-edwards-signs-seattle-seahawks Stumbled across this video from about a week ago as I was doing some reading on Braylon Edwards. Apologies if someone already posted it. Cris Carter provides a brief commentary on Koetter's comments that Ryan is a top 10 QB within the video. Additionally, Carter talks about the difficulty that young WRs have when it comes to adjusting to the NFL. I thought it was somewhat insightful, especially since we may be in the running for a WR in the mid-to-late rounds of the 2013 draft depending upon how HD and M
  20. All biased opinions aside, both of these qbs are undoubtedly under major pressure for post season success. Ryan and his winless playoff apearances and renewed coaching staff, and Vick and his fresh start new contract, with an assembled "dream team" with resigned vets. Both have been handed an arsenal of weapons in a qb happy passing league. In a tough nfc conference, which player has more pressure to succeed this year?
  21. All biased opinions aside, both of these qbs are undoubtedly under major pressure for post season success. Ryan and his winless playoff apearances and renewed coaching staff, and Vick and his fresh start new contract, with an assembled "dream team" with resigned vets. Both have been handed an arsenal of weapons in a qb happy passing league. In a tough nfc conference, which player has more pressure to succeed this year?
  22. Don't see this posted so I thought I'd share... Cosell Talks: Michael Vick / Matt Ryan by Greg Cosell As spring turns to summer, and then training camps open later in July, two NFC quarterbacks will be under the microscope: the Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan. Vick remains the most intriguing player in the NFL. It’s hard to believe he will be 32 years old in June. When Vick entered the league as the No. 1 overall pick in 2001, he was immediately celebrated as an athletic innovator who was going to revolutionize the game, surpass accepted and time-worn phi
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