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  1. http://football.realgm.com/wiretap/38534/Matt-Ryan-Not-Shying-Away-From-Watching-Super-Bowl-Tape Now I know the last few days, there have been some speculative articles out there on the results of the SB due to play calling. But if this is not Ryan pointing the finger while being PC, I don't know what is. PS. I agree with him.
  2. Sanu was not considered atop NFL receiver before coming to the Atlanta Falcons he was considered a waste of money in fact by the same talking heads. Gabriel was released as a FA he was considered so bad. So when you hear that we have elite talent we are riding and they include these guys as weapons, keep a smile on your face. Because they weren't until Kyle and Ryan turned them into a lethal part of our Buzz saw.
  3. What was Matt Ryan's passer rating and QBR? I haven't seen it posted or heard anything. I was under the impression that if he scored above 120.5 passer rating that he would set a new record for my passer rating above that in a season or most consecutive. Help please.
  4. ATLANTA — To appreciate the magnitude of what we saw Sunday in the last football game ever at the Georgia Dome, we must consider what was happening in this city the April day Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008. I was there that weekend. Michael Vick was not. He was in federal prison in Kansas, serving nearly two years for animal cruelty. But the city not only hadn’t forgotten him; many in the city were keeping his seat warm and wanted him as their quarterback when he finished doing his time. I remember the day before the draft walking through a mall and thinking, “All these people with Vick je
  5. Would guys be okay if after winning the SB, Matt Ryan says, 'I'm going to Six Flags...keep it home Atlanta?!' That would make me get a tattoo of Matt Ryan and I don't have one of my wife yet.
  6. OK, guys, I just published this article. I will post everything here, but please give the link some clicks, and let me know what you think. http://atlantasportspage.org/matt-ryans-1-4-playoff-record-is-meaningless-in-2017/ Matt Ryan's 1-4 Playoff Record Is Meaningless in 2017 “Perception and reality are two different things” – Tom Cruise Matt Ryan has a reputation. Matt Ryan is a playoff choker, and everyone knows it! Do they? Coming off one of the greatest quarterbacking seasons in NFL history, way more than a minority have reportedly predetermined playoff failure for
  7. Listened on my way to work this morning, and it was a pretty good segment. Talked about the offense, the support system in the front office coming in after the Vick scandal. There was a lot of interesting info there, I recommend a listen for any one interested.
  8. http://www.richeisenshow.com/2017/01/03/ Click on Hour 2. It's about 7 to 8 minutes in, but you may want to start earlier for context. Matt Ryan is going to be on it tomorrow FYI.
  9. "..,.yeah, he should be MVP I guess, but he is one brain fart away from an interception...." SO all of the other 31 QB's that have the same "brain fart" (eloquent) must throw for 6 then?
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000765396/article/position-rankings-matt-ryan-leads-mvp-candidates Finally some respect for Matt, good job by Chris Wesseling.
  11. Here what the tiers mean: Tier 1: Can carry his team each week. Team wins because of him. Tier 2: Can carry team sometimes but not as consistently. Tier 3: Legit starter but needs heavy run game/defense to win. Tier 4: Might not want this guy starting all 16 games. Tier 5: Do not think this guy should be starting. Tier 1: 1a. Tom Brady. 1b. Aaron Rodgers 3. Big Ben Tier 2: 4. Cam Newton5. Drew Brees 6. Russel Wilson 7. Andrew Luck 8. Philip Rivers 9. Eli Manning 10. Carson Palmer 11. Tony Romo 12. Joe Flacco 13. Matt Ryan 14. Matthew Stafford15. Andy Dalton Ti
  12. Our defense is straight azz, no arguments here. But our QB, is straight fire. Let's here it for Matt mother effing Ryan. Number 2 in your programs, number 1 in your hearts.
  13. Vote: Who is the early pick for MVP? http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/218227/vote-who-is-the-early-pick-for-mvp Go Vote! Alabama, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Boliva, Argentina, and GA says MR so far!
  14. Every week I will comment on one, two, or maybe three things to take away from the Falcons game, win or lose. So, what can fans take to the bank after the Falcons 26-24 loss on the road to the Seattle Seahawks? Let's skip over the obvious fact that this year's 4-2 Falcons are better than last year's 5-1 Falcons which is something everyone that has watched the games can agree upon. $$$$$ Matt Ryan must now be considered in the upper echelon of QBs. (a.) What we witnessed on Sunday was a QB who exalted his level of play after taking a beating in the first half. Coaches consider affectin
  15. So let me start this out by first saying that I still think this experiment deserves more time I don't know how much time that is but one thing I know is that just barely over one season worth of trying this isn't enough. I get that. I have always been more on the optimistic side of things around here. Especially when regarding our offense. Unfortunately for the first time in a long while I have to admit I have gone to the dark side. I am no longer optimistic when thinking about our offensive Outlook with the way it's currently made up. More specifically the collaboration between Kyle Shanahan
  16. I thought I'd share an article on how Kyle Shanahan put together his game plan before the game while with the Redskins. the o-line coach is now, of course, Chris Morgan wide receivers coach is Raheem Morris and Tight ends coach is now Wade Harman, but this will hopefully give you an idea of what part of the gameplan that each position coach is responsible for. He still has the RBs coach Bobby Turner and QBs coach Matt LaFluer as you all know. It may answer some question it may not do anything for you, but I thought I'd share the article. "" style="box-sizing: border-box; borde
  17. Happy b day to the Leader of this squad! Rise up like I know you can!
  18. Call the 2015 version of Matt Ryan a "broke down, broke ***" version of a QB?
  19. I don't understand why people are hating on Matt Ryan. Sure, he is making some bone-head decisions but at some point, all QBs do. When we were looking for a coach, many people wanted Rex Ryan because he was a strong defensive-minded coach and all we had to do offensively was patch up a few holes on the O-line and we'd be "great". Now a new OC has our offense looking worse than we ever have, our run game is still inconsistent even with a better RB, our play calling is predictable, outright dumb at times and we barely run the no huddle. All of a sudden it's our consistent QB's fault that is
  20. Matt Ryan never seems to get any roughing the passer calls.Clay Matthews had a head lock on him and dragged him over another player and there was nothing. If this would have been Brady or Brees that player would have probably been thrown out of the game! Slight exaggeration there sorry. But really i'd love to know why the refs never see him getting hit late or too high.
  21. The Offense, at least will have a leader to follow into WAR. For now. The Defense... Without WillyMo, Who is gonna step up and be a leader?? IM CALLING OUT THE ENTIRE TEAM. WE NEED LEADERS!!! Best wishes to Joe Hawley. Thanks for playing your @ss off. Lamar Holmes, you were making great strides. Keep your head up. WillyMo... We need you. Get better soon! **Pouring a shot...**
  22. We always hear talk about explosive plays. 20+ yards. We also saw many ppl bash Ryan about jus lack of explosive plays. I noticed yesterday 2 things. Matt Ryan had 9 plays of 20+ yards. Explosive. Drew only had 2. They both had 1 of 40+. Now before anybody says anything the second thing is the 2 Drew Brees had. This is not a knock on Drew but a kudos to our defense for limiting big plays. Even tho Drew torched us he did the damage underneath mostly because our defense, more notably our secondary(Tru, Alf, Willy Mo, and Lowery) limited the deep ball. I think this is something to build on. We
  23. Matt Ryan Is the first Football player on the list coming in at #10. Made all his money this year in signing bonuses no doubt but just thought it was interesting... I dont mean to make this into a "Matt Ryan makes too much money booooo he's not elite" thread because IMO he is worth every penny.... For the haters: Joe Flacco. Our QB was the # 10 paid athlete this year, just think thats pretty cool Link: http://www.forbes.co...st/#tab:overall
  24. 11/36, 120 yards, 0 TDs, 4 interceptions. My guess he starts the game off by throwing it deep, only for it to get intercepted by Revis. Then he goes back to playing it safe by dumping it off to SJ. I only say 4 interceptions because he will be benched by the 4th quarter.
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