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Found 3 results

  1. I dont know if its a coaching style that quinn enables that seems to allow guys to maybe not be as prepared as they need to be, but both DK and Quinn were outcoached yesterday during the game as well, not just leading up to it. Im sure it will take some time for DK and the guys to get it together but it should not have been that bad. I know the oline has not played together but that Oline we played also had rookies on it. The Philly Oline is a bit better than Minnesota's. I was really holding out hope for this guy - very frustrating we were not able to get this done. Talking about K
  2. I know this game is a lot more than just stats, but it does give us a slight apple to apple comparison. Why are so many deadset against Bevell? Bevell's Offensive Stats: 2011 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 303.8 (28th) | PPG: 20.1 (23rd) 2012 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 350.6 (17th) | PPG: 25.8 (9th) 2013 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 339.0 (18th) | PPG: 26.1 (8th) *Super Bowl Champs* 2014 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 375.8 (9th) | PPG: 24.6 (10th) 2015 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 378.6 (4th) | PPG: 26.4 (4th) 2016 - Seahawks (OC) | YPG: 357.2 (12th) | PPG: 22.1 (18th) 2017
  3. Hearing about John Fox having Heart Surgery and now Gary Kubiak, who was diagnosed with a TIA (Silent Stroke) on Sunday, definately raises concerns for the well being of Smitty. Regardless of wht you think about Smitty, this season has taken a toll on the man. After week 2 it was apparent that the man is losing sleep and stressed to the Max. You can see it on his face plain as day. No matter how you look at it, this season has taken a severe toll on players and coaches alike.
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