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  1. Julio would need to average 178 yards a game for the next 3 weeks to break it. He has been playing out of his mind the past two weeks but let's be real, teams are likely to always double or even triple coverage him which is just going to free up Roddy and Harry. But let's go Julio I think you can do it!
  2. I know that when your offense scores 28 points on the road, they problably did a good job and you´re supposed to win the game. And those two INT by Matty were most a result of the pressure that the falcons defense put on the offense, to try to make something happened. It was just desperation caused by our D. But in the first half Matt Ryan threw 5 times to Julio Jones, for 5 catches and 70 yards, but then when the falcons needed the most he didn´t look for him. In the second half Matt threw at him 3 times, for one catch for 12 yards. The others throws were; one, a bad one by numero 2 and a long one that was a little underthrow and could/should have been called for PI on Xavier Rhodes. My point is, that the falcons failed to take advantaged of his best playmaker, who was being nothing but effective, and instead they tried to force the ball to Roddy, who was slow, obvioulsy not 100% and having a bad day with 5 drops, I believe, and to Hester who did have a good game and is serviceable on offense, but they threw two long balls to him silimar to the catch he make against the saints, and he failed to catch any of those. The falcons D make the game hard to watch, I knew we were limited, but I never expect anything like these, but the offense could have done more, especially if you considered that Julio was killing it, that he´s the best player on the field and we needed points, and yet they forgot to use him in the second half.
  3. Keep in mind, all questions must be -"How does it feel to lead the division, while the other teams are not?" For the Bucs fans, I have no sympathy. Your ringleader JB talked too much **** for me too feel bad about your terrible team and fanbase. Glennon is a terrible throw chucking giraffe and Evans and V-Jax look like they want to leave as soon as possible. There's literally no pride in your team. Your center was so scared of turning over the football he tried to snap it right up his ***. Pathetic. For the Panthers fans, it can't be looking too good. A bad team just walked into "your house"(I say that with quotes because there wasn't much cheering for positive Panthers plays last night) and spanked you. Atleast when we got spanked, we lost on the road and to a pretty **** good team. The Steelers hadn't scored a TD in six quarters before that game. Combine that with a blood-thirsty maniac Greg Hardy catching cases and suspensions left and right with a hurt Cam. and it isn't looking good. Plus you have literally no known RB available that isn't fat as ****. I just checked, literally not one. Good luck having a big running play with Fat Albert's lost son Tolbert out there handling most carries. For the Saints fans, I have two words: Cleveland Browns.
  4. Julio was out for one and Roddy was out for both. We still scored. That to me is an eye opener. Especially with Roddy. Discuss.
  5. Julio is a big guy. I've been to training camp and he is big. Same for Tony G. I have always wondered why we never see the classic fade route to these guys? I thought maybe it's an outdated play and defenses had learned to defend it, but I see it from other team. Sometimes it's just a throw it high and it's our guy or out of bounds. I don't think i've ever seen Ryan throw a fade route successfully. Have you seen that? If yes, they why don't we do that more? I have to imagine it's because we practice it and we suck at it so we don't even try in a game. That's kinda sad with our talent.
  6. Click below for the rest. http://atlantafalconstalk.com/Thread-Falcons-Falcons-Mini-Camp-2013-Pics?pid=120443#pid120443
  7. Spoon- misses - Ankle and Illness Asante- misses - not listed(Assumes shoulder) Julio- limited - Ankle Jay Adams Twitter.
  8. Week 4 DNP Chris Owens Michael Palmer (officially out for game) Lousaka Polite Antone Smith Limited Jonathan Babineaux Tyson Clabo Julio Jones Stephen Nicholas Mike Peterson Nic seemed a bit slower last week (after being listed on the report) - hopefully he's healing. Hopefully Polite can go otherwise Snelling will see lots of FB reps (as we are down a TE anyway) Babs is new but Roddy, Spoon and Abe have all dropped off from last week.
  9. Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that. Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashed a very nice spin move and nearly had a sack he also recorded a stop later in the game. Travian Roberston was amazing in this game, he showed great awareness to bat down two passes and controlled the point of attack at times, Micanor Regis also had an impressive stop. Overall we got great pressure from a lot different people, but we still couldn't bring the QB, but it did show as Asante twice jumped a route and nearly had an INT and Dunta also jumped a route and nearly had an INT. Biermann looks great rushing from a stand-up position, it's really seemed to revitalize him and he got some very good pressure last night and had a nice stop. Abraham also had a great TFL and nearly missed a sack on Dalton because he couldn't keep his balance after beating Whitworth on a dip move. When Spoon blitzed he did get some pressure, but he really didn't get close to a sack. As I said earlier Jerry absolutely dominated the Bengals interior it seemed he was pushing the pocket on every pass play and he and Babineaux were doing a good job of controlling the point of attack. At one point in the game the Bengals went with a near max protect, but added two extra guys into the middle to help block the DTs. Vance Walker also had some good pressure. Weatherspoon was simply all over the place during this game, but he really needs to continue to work on his coverage as he got burned by Gresham and then didn't bring Gresham down which allowed the big TE to get into the secondary before Grimes (of all people) brought him down and subsequently injured him. (Best wishes to Gresham) However in the running game Spoon was in the back field a ton, especially on edge runs he was consistently getting in the backfield after shedding blocks and putting a hard pursuit on the RB, he nearly had a TFL on one play, but Dunta beat him to the RB. As I said earlier Spoon got some pressure when he blitzed. Mike Peterson put on a nice showing and got good pressure off a blitz that forced Dalton out of the pocket. He also shed a block and made a nice open field tackle on the RB to limit him to 2-3 yards. I Didn't really get a good look at Peterson in coverage. Nicholas had a very solid game, he got pressure when blitzing, made some stops in the run game, and looked good in pass coverage. The biggest thing to take away from this is that our LBs still have trouble with big athletic TEs and that will be worrisome when facing Graham 2x a year and we may have to roll a Safety over top. I didn't get a good look at the backups, but I did notice Schiller making a stop and it looked like he was making adjustments on D and had a decent handle on the defense which is encouraging for a rookie FA. In the secondary I really didn't hear Grimes' name much which is usually a good thing. Dunta was all over the field he had a PBU which was nearly an INT, a TFL, and a huge hit to make a stop on a passing play. Asante was jumping routes and nearly had two picks which ended up being PBUs. He got burned deep on a double move, but he didn't completely bite on it, just hesitated a little and that is to be expected at times in the preseason, He did make a nice open field tackle on Green when AJ made a catch underneath the coverage. I was really impressed with our safeties both forced fumbles and Decoud recovered the one forced by Moore. They had a nose for the ball and were taking very good angles in the run game. The one bad thing I did notice is that Moore and Grimes had a mix-up on a coverage that allowed Green to get open in the endzone, but once again it's preseason and that stuff happens. Franks got burned deep but had tight coverage, however he needs to get his head turned around and he was lucky he didn't get called for PI. Walls didn't allow much and the two catches that he did he made the stop immediately and allowed no YAC. He's really making a push for the #4 spot it seems. I didn't notice much out of the backups besides that Hope had a TFL. Overall though the DL dominated in nearly every phase of the game, we just couldn't get the QB down when we did get to him.
  10. It's based off of two games, vs. Seattle and vs. New Orleans which happen to be his two highest target games and at the start and end of the season respectively. They also give other notes on Turner, Roddy, and Quizz. http://rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/40717/179/re-watching-julio-cam-locker I'm getting a little tired for the TO-comparisons simply because he's big and physical. I myself have always said he compares to T.O. and Andre Johnson vs. AJ Green who compares to a Randy Moss without the long speed. However, I would then add on that Julio is much faster than Terrell Owens which could lead to him becoming an even better receiver. Owens early in his career was a great WR with amazing run after the catch ability, but he wasn't a burner. Julio is the same, except if he gets an angle he's gone for an 80 yard touchdown. He's also a better blocker than Owens and his football IQ seems higher as a young player than TO as a young player. Needless to say, we've got a guy who is going to be one of the best in the league in a few years with Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, and Dez Bryant. That's exciting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDENOTE: Please someone tell me how to upload a screen shot into a post or PM. Can't figure it out for the life of me.
  11. The Falcons Christmas presents came in the form of Sean Weatherspoon and Julio Jones this year. Both are clearly on the the verge of stardom... Julio possibly could achieve the "SUPERSTAR" label a year or two down the road. Spoon is becoming the play maker the defense has been looking for, and there is no doubt in my mind that Julio is the complete package. There is no other receiver in the NFL that has the combination of size, speed, and athleticism that Julio has. Take some of the best receivers in the NFL and see how he compares. Calvin Johnson has the size and athleticism, but he lacks the speed to break away like Julio does. Same goes for Larry Fitz and Andre Johnson. Then take the speedsters like DeSean Jackson and Mike Wallace. Obviously they both have elite top end speed like Julio but neither have the combination of size and pure athleticism that Julio has.
  12. I haven't seen the Falcons dominate another team like they did the Jaguars last night in a long long time if ever. I remember in Matt's rookie year they went out to Oakland and laid it on the BUST that was J. Russel. Held them to negative total yards in the 1st half. But even then I don't remember the O putting on a show like last night. Then I also them running the score up on the 49ers two or three years ago, but the defense didn't clamp down like they did last night. I know the Jags are a bottom 5 team. But I've seen them beat Baltimore and hold there own against the Chargers and Steelers, not to mention the beat down they put on the Bucs last week. The Falcons dominated them plain and simple big plays from Ryan, White, and Julio and the defensive line looked dominant. That was the 1st time I've seen both Babs and Peters getting consistent pressure up the middle. Combine that with able playing out of his mind and even Edwards applying pressure off the edge and it ended up being a 5 sack night. I know a lot of people on this board have envisioned this in kind of performance in there minds after adding players like Julio and Edwards. And hearing things like explosive plays and the new greatest show on turf. After 14 weeks of ups and downs it was nice to see a complete game in which the Falcons dominated. We can only hope that the momentum can carry down to New Orleans next week and keep on building. Prove all the analyst that still don't believe wrong.
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