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  1. 32 Margus Hunt Atlanta Falcons (13-3) COLLEGE: SMU AGE: 25 HT: 6-8 WT: 280 POS: DE Analysis: If you're looking for a player to marvel at when it comes to the Under Armour portion of the draft process, keep an eye out for Hunt's workouts. I'm certainly not the first analyst to point out his remarkable athletic skills, but the former decathlete has extreme power, speed and leaping ability, all in a massive frame. The Falcons need help at defensive end, with the pass rush and age at that position major question marks headed into the offseason, and Hunt's physical prowess and upside will be really tempting in this range. --------------------------------------------------- Mel Kiper has us picking 32nd. Somebody at ESPN has us winning the SB.. I don't believe it lol. --------------------------------------------------- Also, I see that Alec Ogletree is slotted to go as early as 13th to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This could be the homer in me talking, but after watching him grow and mature as a player, I think he would be a GREAT fit in our defense to replace Mike Peterson when he retires.
  2. The 2011 draft saw a dire need for explosive players at key skill positions on both sides of the ball, like WR and DE. Dmitroff understood this and gave up heaps of depth to obtain a player that would have an impact on every single down, whether is be by beating his 1v1 match up consistently or drawing attention for other players to make plays. When we drafted Julio Jones, we got exactly that. Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez are putting up numbers as if they were 25 and not in their 30s, and as a result, Matt Ryan is putting up MVP numbers. Outside of the inconsistency of our offense (anemic run game is a huge reason, but what about the JJ11's nagging ankle?), we have exactly the type of group we need to hang with the Packers and Giants' offenses. So without downplaying the importance that Julio Jones has had for us, I ask this question: If we had a chance to redo the 2011 draft after the trade, would you have wanted Julio Jones or Aldon Smith or JJ Watt?
  3. CBS SortsLIne I think that no one should try to grade all teams for their drafts I know it is just an exercise in entertainment but too in futility if ya force me to give the FALCONS a grade, it would be B or B+ (high based on filling needs. I fear those CBS folk factor in the number of picks, so if ya don't have at least 7 to work with, automatically you cannot be an A or high B Grading matters not. Any team has ONE pick (like Julio) who can make a big difference the following season plus a couple more who contribute; that is quite enough especially if you are playoffs-bound. (on another matter) Cannot wait to see who the Falcons pick up in rookie FREE Agency (can I call it that?). Can feel like draft day junior
  4. Before the home team picks, we know 2 quarterbacks go 1 and 2. I boldly predict that RG3 will eventually look better than LUCK "eventually" is the operative word. He is walking into a mess with the Redskins. Real success will come only after Shanahan and son are gone. Dimitroff will not trade into the 1st Round and seemed to say as much as he faced reporters recently. He did hint that the Falcons could trade up within the 2nd (something I was thinking already). That would mean a player of 1st Round quality by FALCONS' estimation would fall to early 2nd. Who would that be? And, would that make things more exciting for you, my fellow fan? Rather than 55th pick, trading to get #39 or 41 or 44 or 45
  5. Now I know he is probably complete of our draft board, and will probably be gone at our pick. Plus we have Grimes, Robinson,Walls,Owens,Franks at CB But if he does happen to b their at #55 would you consider drsfting the guy? He is probably the best pure man coverage corner in this draft, seeing him in the combine I think he will b a beast. TD usually drafts for the future as well in this case weather it b Grimes walking Nxt season if no long term deal is reached or Dunta Being cut. So i ask the message board members would you draft this guy? I know.i would.
  6. The consensus on this board seems to be that we need to improve our interior pass rush, so I thought I'd get an idea on how y'all would like to do it. There are still a few options out there that, if used correctly, could help improve our DT depth. Derek Landri and Amobi Akoye are probably the best UFAs still available. There are also NT options like Franklin, as well as some RFA options like Sammie Lee Hill and Desmond Bryant, though we would have to give up a 4th and a 2nd for them respectively. It is also well documented that we are looking at DTs in the draft. So my question is: Do you think we could solve our issue with one of these players, or do you think we need to adress it in the draft? I'm also willing to add options to the poll if reasonable arguments are made toward their viability. So, let me know what you think.
  7. The best thing for the team would be to fire Thomas Dimitroff, but since that probably won't happen and is not anything we have any say about. I am just curious if you think we can still win despite the insanity he has brought as GM. No Cap Room - We have no cap room because he pays players like Roddy White and Matt Ryan to name a couple like they are Tom Brady and Larry Fiztgerald. No Draft Picks - We have no draft picks because he traded 5 picks for one wide reciever. Keep in mind we could have used a single pick on Troy Smith who had agrueably a better year. No Free Agents - He doesn't move on any Free Agent bargans as we saw last year when we missed out on several deals a couple of which his old team New England was smart enough to take a chance on. Loses Great Players - We also saw last year the damage he did by losing right guard Harvey Dahl and didn't even bother to get a replacement. Effectively leaving us with 4 starting offensive line men. As a result Matt Ryan was sacked 26 times and rushed a lot more right through that right guard hole. And we could not convert a 3rd/4th in short to save our life. Becasue that power push through Dahl and Clabo was gone. As was seen on yet another playoff loss. NFC Championship to First Round losers - He inherited a team that was one QB away from being an NFC championship team. We were there facing the Eagles a few years before he showed up. And as I watch another free agentcy were we do next to nothing to improve, despite knowing we are short handed in the draft, I have my worries. We lucked out having one of the top 5 easiest schedules in the NFL last year and very easy schedules the 2 years before that. But while at least making it to the playoffs is nice, It's sad to see us wasting those oppurtunties with a guy who clearly has no clue. Keep in mind Tampa and Carolina unlike us are actively trying to improve their rosters and while New Orleans might take some penalties this year they are still a very good team. I just hope we don't lose Curtis Lofton because you are kidding yourself if you think Dimitroff would bring in a decent replacement for him if we don't. As he says we don't need defense. All in all I am just wondering whether or not we have to wait it out until Dimitroff is gone or not.
  8. Imagine this roster - we could have had it using only our draft picks, 3 UDFAs each year, 4 players who were on the roster when he arrived, and 1 free agent: QB: Matt Ryan, Brian Hoyer, Joe Webb RB: Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, Mike Tolbert, Bruce Miller (FB) WR: Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, Davone Bess, Doug Baldwin TE: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Jake Ballard OT: Demetrius Bell, Tyson Clabo, J'Marcus Webb, Marshall Newhouse IOL: Carl Nicks, Todd McClure, Josh Sitton, Maurice Hart, Bill Nagy --- (3-4 defense)--- DE: Calais Campbell, Cullen Jenkins, Pernell McPhee, Brandon Deaderick, Ricky Jean Francois NT: Athyba Rubin, Chris Nield OLB: Clay Matthews, Aldon Smith, Cliff Avril, Lawrence Sidbury ILB: Navarro Bowman, David Hawthorne, Jovan Belcher, KJ Wright CB: Brent Grimes, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Jason McCourty, Sam Shields, Jacob Lacey S: William Moore, Kam Chancellor, Glover Quinn, Devin Holland ST: Thomas Morstead (P), Dan Carpenter (K), Marc Mariani (KR/PR), Christian Yount (LS) 18 Pro Bowlers - not bad considering 48 of them have been in the league four years or fewer. --- If only any GM could really draft this well...but at least it puts the importance of free agency relative to the draft in perspective. I better Arthur Blank would like it too, as we would have had a payroll of about $50m in 2011. See post below if you want the full breakdown.
  9. Once compensatory picks are in, it is likely that we will have 6 picks in the draft. At the moment, we spend our time thinking “I wonder if player X will fall to 55”. But what if we didn’t have to? Who would you pick if you could have ANY player in the draft with our 6 picks? Do you want an offensive line of Kalil, DeCastro, Konz and Reiff? Would you prefer Trent Richardson to spell Turner? Want some beef in the middle with Poe and Brockers? Have you given up on Ryan and want to see RG3? Decisions, decisions… Name the six players you’d take, one free agent signing from another team, and one major re-signing (from Grimes, Lofton or Abraham). How good can you make this team? One rule – you can’t trade the players (to stop people picking Luck and Griffin) === My effort: Draft: Matt Kalil, David DeCastro, Trent Richardson, Morris Claiborne, Devon Still, Luke Kuechly Free Agents: Brent Grimes, Mario Williams Analysis: Fix O Line with LT and RG, Turner’s replacement, two great DL, Lofton’s replacement, and two great corners. Considered a QB but decided to build around Ryan.
  10. Simple question. What position do we draft with the 55th pick?
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82652d45/article/which-2012-prospects-are-first-to-top-charts?module=HP11_content_stream If the Falcons can end up with three of the top 100 I would take it as a win with limited picks in this draft.
  12. Lets keep it realistic here.... But what would your ideal best case scenario consist of? Rules: 1. Can't Fire Smith or TD 2. Trade Ryan or any of are skill guys(Tony, Roddy, Julio, Turner) 3. Keep the salary cap in mind... don't go spend 30 million on Mario Williams and Carl Nicks. Add the coordinators you want, players you would like in the draft and free agency, cut who you want, etc...
  13. First let me start by saying the loss is not on Julio, I believe Julio will be good for us for a long time, and this has been on my mind for awhile but I just now decided to make this topic. When we traded up in April and got Jones, I didn't really mind for two reasons. First I thought that the Packers game actually was an aberration and that our defense would be find once we added a bonafide pass rusher (I had Charles Johnson in mind) and secondly, I did think our offense needed some explosion and that by adding that, we would take some of the load of our defense. I was fine with Julio Jones because I thought he was a good receiver. However one thing always bothered me about pairing him up with Roddy White. Julio Jones = Roddy White. Think about this for a second. Big, fast receiver who isn't necessarily a burner but has tremendous upper body strength and blocks well. Has mental lapses at times and drops balls but will go up and make the difficult catch. If I said this about Roddy or Julio, would I be wrong? When we drafted him, people who praised the move kept saying, "Great, now we have a complement to Roddy. You can't double both of them." However Julio Jones's skill set does not complement Roddy's. It's the same **** thing. They're good for short passes and can make big plays with YAC but you won't ever see them stretch the field like a Moss or Wallace in Pittsburgh. Honestly if you think of the Jones trade as finding an heir apparent to Roddy for when he retires and not as a complementary receiver, it makes more sense. Not to bring up the same Green vs. Jones argument but AJ Green skill set complement's Roddy's and that's really what we needed. This team still does not have a flat out burner in the WR corps who can actually stretch the field. Hopefully we're able to find one late in the next draft. Even if it's just a track guy who we can use to scare opposing defenses.
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