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  1. I was going through the various top 50 prospects from various writers on NFL.com and it occurred to me that I'm not excited about any of the draft prospects. I feel like the dropoff is not great from the highest rated to the 3rd rated. Maybe this draft is the perfect time to trade back and accumulate future picks or take the chance on someone injured like Jaylon Smith for example. I was really high on him and he was one that actually stood out prior to his injury. What feeling/vibe are you getting from this years draft prospects?
  2. OK so this will be a dream ideal situation that could tremendously help outo and boost the team we all truly love and care so much for in to deep playoff and even SB conversations. I know you will all have different options but welcome all fellow Riser upers to comment. ENJOY!!!! So basically I'm not going to give you guys a long read (Actually maybe A Lil ). I'm going to get right to the point. With 5 picks in the draft, 4 being in 1st 4 rounds, I say we gamble back picks and some of next year's picks for 4 bonified picks in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft. Sounds crazy? It is! But when we pull it off our team will be set. So here's how it goes. 17th pick- Leonard Floyd-Olb.....get the "passrussher" we need. **TRADE** 26TH pick- Jaylon smith-lb...yes bubble dip..he also sure fire top 5 talent and we get future stud lb core....give seahawks 3rd and 6th this year and 5th or 4th next.... **Trade** 38th pick- Robert Nkemdiche-DT...now get another Atl native and a heck of a player who will stuff the inside and drop down the lead leading 20 rushing tds we gave up...we give Jacksonville 4th this year and 2nd or 3rd next (which ever works). 50th pick- Su'a Cravens or Keanu Neal-SS...with last pick in our draft now we get our stud SS for years to come you guys can flip on who you would rather have if both is there. So in the end it may sound crazy but very possible and in my trade we still keep next year's 1st and 2nd round picks, which we all know is the money picks. And yes I went all defense. We sorely need it. Defensive Starter DE-VIC BEASLEY DT-ROBERT NKEMDICHE DT-DERRICK SHELBY DE-ADRIAN CLAYBORN OLB-LEONARD FLOYD ILB-SEAN WEATHERSPOON /JAYLON SMITH OLB-COURTNEY UPSHAW CB-DESMOND TRUUUUFANT CB-ROBERT ALFORD/JALEN COLLINS SS-SU'A CRAVENS OR KEANU NEAL FS-RICARDO ALLEN Would be a scary defense for years in the new stadium. But just a thought of mines. Hey a Falcon Fan can dream right . Hope you all enjoy the read and comment comment comment. RISE UP!!!
  3. WR With Sanu signing a 5 year deal, I really feel like that eliminates the possibility of drafting a WR, at least in rounds 1-3. DQ already said at the combine that Hardy had made some good strides and was excited for his production to improve in year 2. Julio/Sanu/Hardy are now our 3 WRs is most packages for the next 2+ seasons. We may draft a WR late still. C Kelly and Martin were both trendy picks for the Falcons in the 2nd round but with Mack's arrival neither will be taken there. G Extremely surprised we didn't go after any guards, RG is a crying need for us. Osemele got paid a chunk so that's understandable but we weren't even linked with anyone really. Not sure what their plan is here but you have to feel like guard is a legitimate option for us in the 2nd round. Unlikely Whitehair falls that far but I really like Garnett from Stanford. TE Another position I was surprised we didn't go after is some regard early in FA. Dwayne Allen got PAID so maybe that's why. The coaching staff seems satisfied with Tamme and "the relationship he's building with Ryan". I'm on the fence about that and we'll see. Draft wise a lot of love recently for Nick Vannett from Ohio State and rightly so. He's a very complete player and seems like a good fit with how athletic he is. He is a potential 3rd round pick for us but I don't think he makes it there. Hunter Henry falls in a weird spot for us where it's too early to take him at 17 but also he'll probably be gone by pick 50. I think we take a later round TE and hope he develops. OFFENSIVE OVERVIEW Unlike a lot of people on this board, I'm excited to see what this unit can do in Shanahan's second season. I think with the addition of an athletic guard that's good in pass protection we can have a really strong offense. We don't really have any glaring needs and have great skill position players. We need to do a lot of red zone work and find some creative ways of targeting Julio inside the 20. DT This draft class is littered with 1/2 round graded DTs, it's a goldmine. Currently on the roster is Mbu, Jarrett, Hageman, Babs, which I feel like is a decent group. This will be Babs last season and I think we will address that need but not necessarily in rounds 1/2. Round 3 seems like a smart place to pick up the best available one thats falls and fits our scheme. DE Was a HUGE need before the Shelby signing (which I really like) and it seems like we are pursuing Long. Before FA, this position was a lock to be one of our top 2 picks. This is still a need though and I expect this to be addressed somewhere between rounds 1-4. MLB With us tendering Worrilow and looking to pick up Laurenaitis (and being in contact with Freeman) this looks like another position we are looking to address in FA. DQ seems to like Worrilow for the base package (I don't), I don't think we'll ever see him on the field for our sub package anymore though. He is one of the worst linebackers in coverage that i've ever seen. We can't rule out Ragland in round 1 but really the team has more pressing needs. WLB An unbelievably KEY player in coach Quinn's scheme because the way the blocking scheme works he is usually free, we absolutely need an upgrade here. Durant started the season decently there but his play fell off big time down the stretch. He was also fairly poor in his sub package work and looked like he was playing hurt at the end of the season. Rewatching the tape from the saints game was painful, not only could he not cover Cadet out of the backfield, he couldn't even get near enough to make a tackle. We rightly cut ties with him. Weatherspoon is an interesting one but clearly can't be relied upon to start for us for the whole season, he's too fragile. This position WILL be addressed in round 1 or 2. If Darron Lee is on the board the pick will be in inside 30 seconds. If Lee is gone maybe Deione Jones in the second? All Quinn talked about all off season was getting faster on D and we're yet to see that come to fruition. SS Currently we only have Ish on the roster at this position, and it's a key one again in Quinn's scheme. This is a HUGE need. I really like Killebrew and Joseph and I really think this will be one of our top 3 picks. The talent really falls off after Killebrew/Cash/Joseph at this position and moves more towards project players which we don't really have time for. This player has to contribute this year for us which makes me think this could even be our first round pick, maybe after a trade down. DEFENSIVE OVERVIEW We have some much bigger needs here than on O, I wouldn't be surprised to see the first 4 rounds of picks all be defensive players. DT/DE/ILB/WLB/SS are all concerns to a degree, would be great to inject some young, athletic talent to all these positions.
  4. So from the way FA is shaking out, it doesn't appear that we will be landing a starting SS, and given our needs at LB it also seems unlikely that we will go SS in the first round. So that leaves the big question of what we're going to do there... -- SS is very important in Quinn's scheme (IMO) - I would think this would not be left to chance. Maybe they are high on Ishmael and aren't as worried about it - I hope so. -- That leaves the questions: Are there any starting quality SS's that could be had in the 2nd or later this year? If so, who? And if not - do y'all think Ishmael is ready to take over that position?
  5. I see so many people on these boards excited for this team and while I'd love to be, the realistic part of me will not allow me to be. We have a lot of holes which I don't see being fixed by the current braintrust of this organization. In my opinion we only have one bona fide star on this team and that's Julio. I was confident in Matt Ryan before we destroyed him by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan. Let's breakdown all of the issues with this team that I see. Our offensive line is extremely weak in the middle and our front office has shown that they do not know how to evaluate o-linemen so I'm not sure this will get any better. We have no number two receiving target behind Julio. I love Roddy and while I still think his decline was accelerated by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan (I can't express enough how much I hated and still hate this hire) I understand letting him go. But now we have nothing. Judging for last year our second target on any given play is Jacob Tamme and that's not a good place to be. Our defensive line is weak. I think Hageman could be a monster (he dominated the 2nd Panthers game) but he's inconsistent and immature. I'm not sure what will get through to him because Bryan Cox has been yelling and cursing at him for two seasons with no difference. I also like Vic Beasley but I've always felt he's better suited to be a 3-4 LB so I don't think he'll reach his full potential with our current scheme. The rest aren't anything to write home about. We have the absolute worst LB corps in the league. All three of our starters from last year should probably be special teams guys and it's basically impossible to replace three starting linebackers in one offseason so while we may get better there I don't think it'll be too much better. Our secondary isn't anything to write home about even though it's probably our best position group on defense. Trufant is good though he got exposed IMO when people started throwing at him (the Bucs embarrassed him) and Alford is completely hot or cold. I'm willing to give Jalen Collins a pass for now but he played like garbage a good bit of last season. I'm glad Willy Mo is gone because I hated his playing style (always go for the big hit, never wrap up) and he was always injured but that's another hole for us. Ricardo Allen might be my favorite in that group because he's so raw but showed a lot of promise IMO. As far as coaching, I'm not as high on Dan Quinn as the rest of you. He worked miracles with our defense and he talks a big game but when it came down to tactics, he left a lot wanting. He was outcoached by every coach in our division and made some late Mike Smith-level bone-headed calls like the field goal in SF. I'm hoping he can correct this but when he doubles down on these stupid calls and throws out soundbites like "toughness" and "competition", it irks me. Now you might all be saying, "But wait we have an entire offseason to fix our personnel issues" and I'd say you're right. But given this front office's track record do you really think we're going to turn anything around this offseason? Our MO the entire Dimitroff era has been to scrape the bottom of the barrel in FA and try to supplement that with draft picks which we regularly miss on. Couple that with Kyle ******* Shanahan's **** offense and what do you have? Does this excite you for our 2016 Superbowl run? I hope I'm wrong because I'd loving nothing more than to see this team fix it's issues and bring a Lombardi to the A but realistically nothing I'm seeing leads me to believe this will happen.
  6. I've been watching some games from last season from I few guys I think that the Falcons should be interested in.I'd like to share some of my thoughts and see what everyone thinks. I watched 3 games for Jonathon Bullard against Tennesse, Alabama, and Vanderbilt, and I think he might be my favorite pick for the Falcons in terms of scheme fit. Dan Quinn coached him at Florida and he plays next to Brian Cox Jr on the line so I'm sure our coaching staff has some interest. The guy has Michael Bennett written all over him He plays all over the line, but mostly at 3 technique. I think he could stand to lose a few pounds to help himself get a little faster, but I think he would come in and replace Tyson Jackson and be a huge upgrade. He has an ELITE first step. He is consistently the first guy off the ball and has some violent hands with a great motor. It's very impressive that such a big guy is constantly making contact with offensive lineman before the other defenders get out of their stance. This quick get-off is complemented by his power to blow offensive lineman backwards and make an enormous impact on plays consistently even if he isn't the guy to make the tackle every time. I watched a few games of Deion Jones and Darron Lee as well. Honestly i like Deion better than Lee as a prospect. Both are very fast linebackers, but I do not see anything other than speed from Lee. He looks lost at times and was not as elite in coverage as I expected he would be. He is an effective blitzer though, much more in fact than Deion Jones. However I do not think Dan Quinn wants a Mike or Will that blitzes often. Deion Jones is almost as fast, but I have more faith in his instincts as a linebacker than Lee. He is all over the field, is good in coverage, and is great at meeting runners in the whole. I've seen him almost make plays several times only to let poor tackling let the runner escape. He is the antithesis of Paul Worrilow and think he could easily be a huge upgrade at linebacker that runs all over the field. He lit it up at the senior bowl, but he still probably on't be a first round pick which could give us the value that Wagner got Seattle by taking a stud linebacker on day 2. Another guy I would lake on day 3 is D.J. Reader from Clemson. He has great athleticism, strength, and size that could eventually replace Soliai for us. Unlike Bullard, his first step is not always good, in fact it is very bad a lot of the time witch his first step either being straight up and down and sideways allowing the blocker to impose their will on him, but when he gets his step right he is truly dominant. I've only watched his game against Oklahoma and he can put offensive lineman on their butts if he is fast off of the ball.
  7. Just thought I would start a thread asking you what you are expecting to hear or see out of the Falcons players here in the off season???? Getting cabin fever already missing the regular season.... What are your expectations for the players in the off season? Should they eat pies and hamburgers or should they stay in contact with fans and work out 24/7? Are you expecting them to be quiet and not say nothing? Is that a good thing if so? Or are you expecting them to act and speak out loud with the upcoming super bowl in the media? Ya know Matt Ryan I think I heard was going to be on NFL Network maybe tomorrow or so, or in an interview on one of the major networks. Sorry no link, just thought of that. Add the info if you know please, and thank you for doing so! What ya watching for? Released players? New Editions? Make this YOUR THREAD with your thoughts and opinions, flame away, I'm fire proof and can handle it! I just wanted to hear everyone's "REAL THOUGHTS" as to their expectations for the players STILL ON THE FALCONS ROSTER here in the off season??????
  8. The logical takeaway from this draft is that we're trying to keep our window open longer and win NOW. If we would have taken Bobby Portis, he wouldn't have helped us be better this year. Same with Oubre or Grant or really anyone who was drafted after about pick #8. Nobody drafted was going to come in this year and get 8+ rebounds and 12+ points from the 4 or 5 spot. And nobody was going to come in this year and get 5+ assists and 15+ points from the 2 or 3 spot either. THj saved us a bit of money AND he can come in and have an IMMEDIATE impact. Coming from the black hole that is the NYN where Carmelo hogs the ball and takes nearly 1,000 shots and then turns the locker room into a cancerous no-fun zone, there's a very good chance THj can be better here than he was there. I can see THj in coach Bud's system, putting up 15 ppg and giving us better defense than Korver too. Let Korver come off the bench now and give us his 10-12 ppg in 24 minutes played vs 34 minutes played. THj was putting up 12 ppg in 22 minutes with Melo. I can see him giving us 14-16 ppg when Kyle is on the bench. And occasionally both being in at the same time would create another really nice dynamic. So... all that said, we still have the same big elephant in the room sized problem... Rebounds. So here's our team salary and cap space breakdown: http://www.spotrac.com/nba/atlanta-hawks/cap/2016/ I don't see us giving Millsap $17-18 million AND DMC $10-12 million at the same time. Although at this point we COULD do that because we literally have $41M in cap space. So giving them $30M would still leave about $11M for a couple other FA's or to re-sign Brand and Antic (yuck), but IMO we should let those two guys walk. Brand is done and Antic sucks. Here's the scenario that I'd actually like to see: Re-sign DMC for $11M (I think he'll take that because he loves it here, maybe $12M if someone, like the knicks, offers him $14M. I think he'll take $11-12M from us as opposed to $13-14M from someone else.) Let Millsap walk and get LaMarcus Aldridge for $21-22M. This would leave us still about $7-9M under the cap, which means we could actually add another piece if we wanted to. The 2017 cap max is going up significantly due to the new league TV contract that's coming, so the cap is really not a big deal after this year. If we did this, rebounding would now be fixed AND we likely just added 6-8 ppg, PLUS we get to move Al back to the 4 spot. I understand Aldridge isn't a true 5, but he gets 10+ rebounds per game from the 5 and then scores 23 ppg from pretty much everywhere, and that's all that matters. It would absolutely allow Horford to hold shop in the 4 spot every game. So here's how the lineup would look: Starters: Aldridge: C/PF-5, 20 ppg, 10 rpg, 3 apg Horford: PF-4, 14 ppg, 7 rpg, 3 apg Carrol: SF-3, 12 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 apg Hardaway: SG-2, 10 ppg, 3 rpg, 2 apg Teague: PG-1, 15 ppg, 2 rpg, 7 apg Bench: Schroeder: PG-1, 10 ppg, 2 rpg, 5 apg Korver: SG-2, 10 ppg, 3 rpg, 2 apg Bazemore: SF-3, 4 ppg, 4 rpg, 1 apg Sefolosha: SF-3, 4 ppg, 4 rpg, 1 apg Scott: PF-4, 4 ppg, 3 rpg, 1 apg Muscala: C/PF-4/5, 3 ppg, 4 rpg, 1 apg Mack: SG-2, 2 ppg, 1 rpg, 2 apg Jenkins: SG-2, 2 ppg, 1 rpg, 1 apg I think this would increase our game scoring average from 98 up to around 108. This would put us in the Rockets/Mavericks range, except our defense would be SOOO much better than theirs. And our game average rebounds would go up from 41 per game to around 47 per game, which would make us a top-5 rebounding team in the league. I mean it would be impressive as **** to have 6-7 guys put up double-digit points every night along with finally having a superstar guy who puts up a double-double nearly every night too. I really think this, or something like this, is what Coach Bud and Wilcox are trying to do. Hardaway can help us right now. He and Korver can split minutes and give us a much better chance of getting 20 points out of the 2 spot than just Korver playing 37 minutes a game and giving us 12-14 by himself while getting worn down trying to play shoddy defense in between scores. And I would MUCH rather give Aldridge or Gasol $20-22 million and move Horford to the 4 than give Millsap $18 million and continue to play Horford out of position. And I certainly don't mind giving DMC $12 million since we now know he has the potential to pick up any slack and drop 20-22 points on any given night when given the chance. Plus I'll take his defense any day of the week over any 3 spot FA's out there right now too. So that's it. I really hope this is our plan. Either way, after doing some research and some math, I feel a lot better today about the draft than I did last night. Now bring on free agency and make us proud, Coach Bud.
  9. Having read the article below this is how I see our current front 7 depth chart. What stands out to me is that all of our players seem to fit for what is required to make this a success, at least on paper. For example the description of the LEO fits Beasley perfectly. What do you guys think? NT: Hageman, Soliai DT: Babineax, Jarrett LDE: Clayborn, Goodman/Jackson LEO: Beasley, Schofield/Biermann SAM: Reed, Shembo MIKE: Worrilow... WILL: Durant, Bartu Creating the Position Archetypes Having re-written an entire new scheme from scratch, Carroll had to also re-write each position on the front seven's strengths, responsibilities and attributes he was looking for in his players. Below is a compilation of what he wanted in his defensive positions during his time in USC: (Note how the language he uses is an equal mix between what you hear in a 4-3 and what you hear in a 3-4) On the "One-Technique" Nose Guard: "The nose tackle plays in the A gap to the tight end side of the field in our defense. We have done a number of things with this position based upon the opposition at times. We have put him right in the A gap, we have cocked him on the center at times, and as needed we have even played him in a direct shade technique right over the center at times. The way we play him on base defense is as an inside-foot to outside-foot alignment or a 1 technique on the center to the strong side of the alignment." "At Nose Tackle you have to find a player who likes to mix it up. We want a big guy in there who likes to get down and dirty. He is going to get doubled a lot on the run and pass and is going to get down blocked a lot. He has to be a tough player. This guy can be a short and stubby type of player." On the Three-Technique: "The prime spot on the defense to the weak side is the B gap player. He is an inside-foot to outside-foot alignment on the offensive guard to his side. He is a 3 technique player. He has B gap control but he can't get reached or hooked by the defense due to the way we align him. The whole scheme of this defense is predicated upon not getting hooked." "The 3 technique player should be your premier interior pass rusher. He is going to get a lot of one on one blocks as it is hard to double team him because of where he lines up." On the "Five-Technique": "The defensive end to the tight end side needs to be a defensive player that can play the run. He does not have to be a big time pass rusher, but he has to play the C gap and stop the run. [He] must works for leverage and force and allow the Free Safety to work off of the him and fills where he is needed on run plays. On the LEO: "The best pass rusher on the team is usually the defensive end to the openside of the field. That puts him on the quarterback's blind side and makes him a C gap player in this defense. We often align him wider than this in order to give him a better angle of attack and allow him to play in space. We align him a yard outside of the offensive tackle most of the time. He has to play C gap run support but at the same time he is rushing the passer like it is third and ten. He has to be able to close down however if the tackle blocks down on him." "(He) has to be one of your best football players. Size does not matter as much. We want an athletic player who can move around." On the SAM: "The Sam linebacker controls the D gap to his side of the field. He is in an inside-foot to outside-foot alignment on the tight end or what most coaches call a 9 technique spot. He can never get reach blocked by the tight end in this position. "He is the force player for everything run to his side of the field and turns everything back inside to the pursuit. Often he has the tight end in man to man in coverage. He has him anywhere he goes for this defensive call. He never switches if we are in this coverage and will go with him if the tight end does go in motion. He also has to be a good containment player. He has to be big and strong enough to play on the edge of the tight end. He has to be able to run in pass coverage also." On the MIKE: "The Mike linebacker is in an inside-foot to out-side foot alignment on the offensive guard on his side of the field. He's a traditional middle linebacker. He is instinctive and makes a lot of calls for the defense. He may be the guy with the most experience or the best feel for the game." On the WILL: "The Will linebacker is aligned against the offensive guard to his side of the field. He is basically a protected player in this alignment and should make a lot of tackles. He has to control his weak-side A gap and play relative to the Mike linebacker and the Free Safety. In coverage, he often plays the short middle. "The Will linebacker can be a smaller player. He is generally protected in the defensive schemes and will not see as many blocks. All you want him to do most plays is flow and chase the football. We want our fastest linebacker at this position." http://www.fieldgulls.com/football-breakdowns/2013/5/13/4320540/defining-the-seahawks-defense-an-introduction
  10. I was just looking at a cached version of the roster (www.atl.com is offline for Draft) and we only have 3 players designated as DTs. They may move players inside but Hageman looks to be the only potential. Also the offensive RT could be upgraded since most of the guards are off the board. We have a nice stable of backs and need to give them the best opportunity to hit a home run. I'm thinking we trade up for T.J. Clemmings or hope he falls. And if he doesn't, we select DT Gabe Wright whose upside is high. I was also thinking safeties like Adrian Amos and Derron Smith but I believe they'll be there through round 5. What do you think we'll do?
  11. just 2 rounds and 2 picks, but it tells me something, something I hate to admit - Coach Dan Quinn has seen things in people, positive things in players already on the roster. Many of us fans, you and me, were thinking about slightly different draft priorities. Coach sees good in players (and BAD). Some of us were surprised by news of cuts or people released, news coming near the draft. Must be that those players who were already on the roster WERE NOT ready to show the speed and energy in these recent practices (OTAs or voluntary?) the reason I say "hate to admit" is because I would have thought that Mike Smith could have brought out the best from the potential in players that fans might not see, I like it when Dimitroff calls him Q like the brainy guy with all the gimmicks in James Bond films
  12. It's day 2 and the best chance for value is here. There are a lot of quality players still on the board but the most interesting is Randy Gregory. Simple poll question...if he is still there when we pick do we take him. I will say up front, that I am not a fan. Showing up to the combine and positive testing pushed him to "not serious" for me and not worth picking up but I would not be mad if we did. What does TAFT think?
  13. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 38s38 seconds ago Dion Jordan, 3rd pick in 2013, is being suspended for 2015 season for another substance abuse policy violation, league sources told ESPN. Just goes to show you that being popped IS an important issue for teams.
  14. I'm just not sold on the guy. I live up in BIG TEN country and saw a few Minnesota games this year. But Williams just didn't stand out to me. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see it. I'd be disappointed if they took him in the second round, especially over guys like Perryman, Mckinney, Dorset, Stephone Anthony, Ogbuehi, Tomlinson, and Demarious Randall. Anybody else think more of him?
  15. I am not too knowledgeable about the game or the team, but still I am a fan. Here in JAPAN I do a little gambling, but generally I know nothing about gambling on football. I have heard this expression related to gambling on sports - "over, under" Has something to do with something being close to a 50/50 chance of happening. This to me is more fun than a mock draft. Tell me I am wrong, but I say there is a near 50 percent chance that the Falcons trade UP on draft day. The only motivation would be to please fans that want whomever that monster pass rusher may be. Since that would be THE motivation, I say under (that is less likely to actually happen). I say there is a near 50 percent chance that the Falcons trade DOWN on draft day. The only motivation would be that they could still get a pretty decent pass rusher 6 or 8 spots down, I still say under (that is less likely to actually happen). Hold on! Here is your big chance to disagree: Staying at the 8th pick, there is a near 50 percent chance that the Falcons do not take any defensive player. I say over!!! Have you paid attention to your new offensive coordinator? Does he want a running game, a running back? You are hearing this from a TECH fan. over/under on Falcons taking Todd Gurley - OVER
  16. With Dante Fowler shooting up draft boards recently, do you think if TD and Quinn fall in love with him, they go and trade up to get him? We have a lot of holes but Fowler does seem like one of the guys in this draft that you can't miss on while there are question marks surrounding parts of the games of the other top rated pass rushers. Titans at number 2 might be looking to trade down if they don't want to take a Winston is taken by the bucs and don't want to take Mariota.
  17. so no matter who the head coach is, the needs more or less remain the same. So while it may still be too early to exactly pinpoint specific guys, lets at least determine what the first round pick will be spent on? Offense? Defense? Needs... -OLB -DE -MLB -TE -WR -RB? -OL?
  18. Yes Jake has a sprain but the fact that Clowney hasn't played a half yet let alone a full game yet. As much as it looks like he will be a terror to deal with you cant be feared if your on the sideline.
  19. This guy has been through the ringer in life. Bad start, mother couldn't support him, bad advice along the way, But awesome talent. Colt needs to play and to prove himself to the world by showing everyone that you can make it through trouble and back and play in the NFL. This would be a very happy ending for this guy if Mr. Blank and TD will take a chance at him.
  20. Trade - Atlanta Falcons send #6 (1600 pt) to Pittsburgh Steelers for #15 (1050 pt), #46 (440 pt), #157 (28.6 pt) = (1518.6), and 2015 4th round pick. #15 (via Pittsburgh) Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame #37 Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech #46 (via Pittsburgh) Jeremiah Attaochu, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech Trade - Atlanta Falcons send #68 (250 pt) and #103 (88 pt) = (338pt) to San Diego Chargers for #57 (330 pt) #57 Jimmie Ward, S, N. Illinois #139 Terrence West, RB, Towson #147 Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan St. #157 J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU #182 Sean Parker, S, Washington #220 Michael Campanaro, WR, Wake Forest #253 Zack Kerr, DT, Delaware #255 Jordan Lynch, QB, N. Illinois
  21. I would like to trade down to 10 draft A. Donald, then use the pick we get plus our high 2nd round pick, trade up to the first round and snag Pryor or Dix. then just draft OL/DL rest of the way.
  22. Who do you see making the 2014 roster as our pure pass rusher (as pure as a PR can be in a 3-4) I don't really get why we'd keep Osi, but it is nice to have a vet DE presence. Do you all see potential in Mass, Maponga, or Goodman? I feel like Mass has a lot of potential... he's honestly the only pass rush DE we have that I would trust right now, other than Osi to an extent. To me the jury is out on Goodman, he might be more suited to packing on pounds and lining up next to our DT. Maponga? I don't see him lasting long for us. In a 3-4, who out of our current stable has the edge rush moves and versatility to play a rushing DE? If no one, who would you bring in/hope would be brought in?
  23. Falcons Off-Season Cuts/Release - Asante – obvious move. Frees up cap space - Stephen Nicholas – Paying this guy way too much to be an average linebacker - Thomas Decoud - Babineaux – Keep trying to fit him in but I don’t see us resigning a DT on the back 9 of his career unless it’s for very very cheap. - Garrett Reynolds - Dominique Franks - Mike Johnson – Injury Prone Resigns/Extensions - Roddy White – Sign for hometown discount 3 year deal with performance based incentives - Corey Peters – He has become a disruptive DT and has more potential to grow - Peria Jerry – Although he hasn’t lived up to his potential he proved to be a solid rotational guy putting up more sacks than babs playing half the snaps. Sign him for 3-year deal dirt cheap with performance incentives. - Chase Coffman – Solid blocking TE that has the ability to catch. Can get for dirt cheap - Robert McClain – Solid 3rd CB although sometimes inconsistent, he can be the guy to make the big play - Drew Davis – Adds solid depth at receiver - Peria Jerry – he has turned into a solid rotational guy. Re-sign him for cheap and depth - Joe Hawley – showed he has the ability to play center when he stepped in for Konz Free Agents LT – Anthony Collins (Bengals) - Is a soon-to be starting RT. Didn’t give up one sack last year when he filled in for their injured RT start mid-season DT – Paul Soliai (Dolphins) – The big body we need to play nose tackle and obvious run downs FS – Louis Delmas (Lions) – He will be an upgrade at FS, brings turnover and playmaking ability. CB – Corey Graham (Ravens) – Falcons FO are not ready to hand the Left cornerback position over to Alford or McClain. OG – Gabe Carimi (Bucs) Draft 1. DE/OLB – Khalil Mack / 6-3 248lbs (Buffalo) Will give us the edge pass rusher we have needed for a very long time. 2. DT – Rashede Hageman / 6-6 310lbs (Minnesota) Will solidify the interior Defensive line and give us a guy that can penetrate and blow up run plays and also collapse the pocket. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvngYn7-TCs 3. OG – Gabe Jackson / 6-3 336lbs (Mississippi St.) Guy is a mauler and has shown to be a consistent pass-blocker in Mississippi State’s offense ran mostly out of the shotgun. Will move over to RG and start day 1. 4. OT – JuWuan James / 6-6 311lbs (Tennessee) Has the frame and the quick feet to play Left Tackle at the next level. Give him 1 or 2 years behind that scrub Baker and he will become a solid starter. 5. TE – Marcel Jensen / 6-6 259lbs (Fresno State) Falcons will be looking to get back to power running game and adding this guy into our 2 TE sets will help. 5. (comp.) OG – Brandon Linder / 6-6 311lbs (Miami Fla.) Linder will be a great value sleeper pick. He played every position on the line and brings depth and versatility to ours. 6. WR – Jalen Saunders / 5-9 165lbs (Oklahoma) Averaged 15 yards per return throughout his college career. Will bring that return threat that we have needed since Allen Rossum. 7. OLB – Khairi Fortt / 6-2 248lbs (California) Incredible hustle and ball awareness. Will add depth to our LB corps and bring in a special teams standout. 7. (comp.) QB – Jeff Matthews / 6-3 224lbs (Cornell) Intelligent QB that is able to read defenses quickly and should add depth and challenge Dominique Davis for 2nd spot. 7. (comp.) CB - Charles Sawyer / 5-10 (Ole Miss) 175lbs Has quick hips and is fluid. Was the only bright spot on Ole Miss defense due to injuries and played a little FS too. Depth pick. 2014 Depth Chart Bold = New Addition Blue = FA Green = Rookie Offense WR – Julio Jones / Harry Douglas / Darius Johnson LT – Sam Baker / Ju’Wuan James LG – Justin Blalock / Brandon Linder C – Peter Konz / Joe Hawley RG – Gabe Jackson / Gabe Carimi RT – Anthony Collins / Lamar Holmes TE – Levine Toili / Marcel Jensen / Chase Coffman WR – Roddy White / Drew Davis / Jalen Saunders QB – Matt Ryan / Dominique Davis / Jeff Matthews RB – Stephen Jackson / Jaquizz Rodgers / Jason Snelling / Antone Smith FB – Bradie Ewing 4-3 Defense RDE – Osi Umenyiora / Malliciah Goodman / Stansley Maponga DT – Rashede Hageman / Corey Peters DT – Paul Soliai / Peria Jerry LDE – Kroy Biermann / Jonathan Massaquoi ROLB – Khalil Mack / Joplo Bartu MLB – Paul Worrilow / Akeem Dent LOLB – Sean Weatherspoon / Khairi Fortt RCB – Desmond Trufant / Robert McClain LCB – Corey Graham / Robert Alford / Charles Sawyer SS – William Moore / Zeke Motta FS – Louis Delmas / Khemal Ishmael 3-4 Defense RDE – Osi Umenyiora / Jonathan Massaquoi/ Malliciah Goodman / Stansley Maponga NT – Paul Soliai / Peria Jerry LDE – Rashede Hageman / Corey Peters / Stansley Maponga ROLB – Khalil Mack / Joplo Bartu ILB – Paul Worrilow / Akeem Dent ILB - Sean Weatherspoon / Khairi Fortt LOLB – Kroy Biermann / Joplo Bartu RCB – Desmond Trufant / Robert McClain LCB – Corey Graham / Robert Alford / Charles Sawyer SS – William Moore / Zeke Motta FS – Louis Delmas / Khemal Ishmael Special Teams K – Matt Bryant P – Matt Bosher KR – Jaquizz Rodgers PR – Jalen Saunders
  24. I've been thinking about potential trade partners for the Falcons if they decide to move back. The top of this draft will tell the story, but a see a few scenarios that would enable the Falcons to move back and get quality pieces. I want to know who TAFT thinks would be a good partner and why. For instance: If Bortles falls past #5:Tennessee or Minnesota could both look to move up as they compete for a quarterback. We could pick up a 3rd and a 4th from either team If Sammy Watkins falls past 5: NYG's, the Jets, or Tennessee could all look to leapfrog in front of Tampa or Minnesota. We could pick up 3rd & 4th's from Tennessee, 2nd from NYG, or a 2nd & 3rd from the Jets. This assumes that Watkins' value is much higher than Lee's. In all of these scenarios, the team trading up has to be in love with the guy, but we've seen stranger things happen. Personally, if Clowney and Mack are gone before 6, I'd love to trade with the Giants or Minny. A trade with the Giants could net us Nix in the first with many options in the second (Tiny Richardson, Donald, Tuitt, Jackson, Crichton, Yankey, etc.). I like any scenario where we end up with multiple second rounders. Let's here 'em.
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