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Found 2 results

  1. Literally just a picture of Freeman in a bathtub, since every thread on the front page is about him.
  2. I know this will shock many of you - as I have seen countless posters repeating the same ********: "Matt Ryan just destroyed our franchise" "Matt Ryan took us for all the money he could get" "Matt Ryan stole my baby" Guess what folks? Matt Ryan DIDNT NEGOTIATE HIS CONTRACT. That is what these people called "Agents" are for. Matt Ryan is either thinking about how to get us to the playoffs for the 3rd year in a row, and possibly 2nd SB in 3 years, or he's on a beach somewhere counting his money. His agent worked out a deal with our FO, and once they came to a happy accord, they most likely called Matt and said "Hey Matty Ice, 4x Pro Bowler, All-Pro, and NFL MVP, how would you like some money?" and he said "Sure!" and that was it. Some of you people make my **** head hurt. Like Matt was hammering out #'s at the table with the FO this entire time. Pull your **** heads outta yo *****. Be happy we have an MVP QB locked up for 5 years and then realize Kirk friggin' Cousins got $28 milly a year, then take a break from posting. P.S. - I'd like to also add that Dimitroff has made questionable moves in the past, but he has never failed us before in making sure our cap is in a good spot.