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Found 1 result

  1. I'm not trying to tell you to go all doom and gloom or anything, just remember how previous seasons have went. The Falcons will not be world beaters and blow every opponent out. They return with the same offensive and defensive lines as last season. They return with essentially the same offense as last season. Even the defense has remained largely intact, but the point is, we've seen what this composition is capable of already. The birds will win some close games and lose others. Their will be a roller coaster ride of emotion from week to week depending on the outcomes. So if Matty doesn't win a playoff game, I won't be surprised. I also won't be beating my chest if he does. Julio could regress massively and I would except that for a while before I start to question him, or he will play how he should and I'll be satisfied, but I won't be screaming and yelling in everybody's face about how good or bad he is. Turner could finally flame out and I'll reflect on just how good he was for us the last four years, or I could laugh hysterically at all those that questioned him if he blows up. The point is, don't get too high, don't get too low. Maintain your emotions until there is something worth getting crazy over... like a Lombardi.
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