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Found 3 results

  1. I give you the reaction every Falcons Fan makes when the subject is brought up....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Qb is the bread and butter of a team. Without one you are sure to fail for years ( Ask the browns ). The long debate over keeping a "Vet QB who is ageing v.s. Drafting a Rookie who is unproven" is one that always shakes the core of fan base and franchise. Super Bowls are won and lost over a single pass or play of a QB. So on this same topic we find ourselves facing the inevitable truth in the near future, even if that is years from now, that Matt Ryan won't always be a Falcon. At some point, whether we like it or cast spells of denial to not talk about it, We will need to get a new QB. At least somebody to groom. Disclaimer ~ I wanted to debate not hate on Matt Ryan here! Now here is the thing, and the reason I made this post. Nobody here, unless you are "swifting", will argue that Matt hasn't been a great Falcons QB. He's done a lot for us and we all love having him here. BUT! Matt is showing signs of decline. DON'T COME AT ME WITH THAT "PRACTICE INT DON'T COUNT" B.S OR "THIS IS YEAR ONE IN SHANNY'S SYSTEM" ETC....... I see it, you see it, and the people around the league see it. He is ageing and we have no plan except letting his ride into the sunset and find a new QB from the Millions AND Millions of QB's out there for a Tom Brady type. Wishful thinking is not the answer here. Now hold on. It's not that kind of post. I have two plans. PLAN #1 But what if I told you there was a guy.............Who could be the answer......... Let's say we call up the Browns after the RGIII dumpster fire and offer Matt as the guy to give them hope in 2017. This would also mean picks and money ( not like the brown will use then well enough anyways). Then take Watson #1 overall. Leaving us in prime position for a young cheep stud to learn the game while our defense grows into a monster. As a Clemson homer I would die. He would do well in the Shanny system and become the next Russel Wilson in my eyes. OR PLAN #2 Luke Falk, QB, Washington State Height: 6-4. Weight: 205. Junior this year. Falk plays in a college spread offense, but he puts up big totals of yards and points. In 2015, Falk completed 69 percent of his passes for 4,561 yards with 38 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He is a stay in the pocket kinda guy. Makes his reads and throws DEEP. He only runs if the first down is close or the pocket breaks down to a point he needs to avoid the sack. Rounds 2-3 would be the range to take him after we take more defense. We could groom him for a few years and eventually lat him take over Matt's spot in the future. Matt's stats ( Kinda rhymes ) 2015 stats ~ 21 Td's / 16 INT's / 4591 yards This is not to say he is a bad QB, and some of this comes from the defense giving up lots of points too. You can't out gun peeps all day. We as fans are all hopeful for 2016 and a better season (I know I am). So after all that here is the deal. Either way we would get a guy that can give us hope for the future. Now this is not to say we NEEEEEED to get a QB now, but while we are building this team under Dan Quinn's style of Defensive we should keep in mind that time is ticking. Matt is only an injury away from not contributing, and I don't like the back-up options. What say you? What are your thoughts on the QB situation for the future? Who would you like to see the Falcons pick up or draft? What are your thoughts on Matt getting us to a Superbowl?
  2. & why should we believe him this time. Sure he is the owner/dictator and we have to take accept what he decides, but not speaking on the state of the franchise after the season and playing silent leader is maddening especially when he is asking us to "Rise Up" and pay for PSL's and support his billion dollar dream. Its even more frustrating for those of us who have bought into this team and pin our daily lives to this board to show our loyalty. Its also frustrating to the average fans, media and the rest of Atlanta to have gone through such a roller coaster season and then expecting some kind of explanation and nothing but silence, then a press release stating the there will be no coaching changes. I know this franchise is in a much better condition and place with Mr. Blank as the owner but his strengths almost equal his weaknesses. He is first a business man and yes football is a business but the art of winning is an intangible that can't be bought and all the private meetings held after this average season finished to evaluate the coaching were about telling Mr. Blank "we know what we're doing and we have a commitment to winning". I say you we don't have a commitment to win here in Atlanta not as long as we can't make the tough choices like firing McKay or TD. I can see keeping Shanahan for now so we can get some stability going into 2016 but you have to admit Kyle was a miserable failure. Bottom line, Arthur Blank is a businessman and concerned with making money. Sure he wants to win and has spent millions if not billions in hiring what he thinks is right personnel but his decision making is flawed. He values loyalty too much and can't make the right choices so we suffer and doomed to be no more than an average to sometime better than average team.
  3. When dude pulled out the bow i thought of it. If your gonna get fined $5,000 for it. Why not make someones year. Pull our a wad of cash and give them that instead of a freaking football with a bow that doesn't stick on it. Like write i just donated 5k to cancer research on your shirt. Players could do so much with that fine. Just a thought. Instead of doing something crazy. How about if you win take a victory lap passing our $50.00 dollar bills to fans. Even sign them before hand. Making "lets go primetime" seems less meaningful vs actually spending that cash to help people.
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