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  1. You are just counting Davis out huh, and man this UDFA Javien Hawkins, he is a speedster, and he was up on the draft board before he opted out because covid, but glad he did because this kid is going to be special . Also Ollison, he is the bruiser, big back shifty and strong, falcons only used him at endzone, and 3rd down which he left with 3 Td . So this is far from what you said not exactly a good RB room. Also Davis is a big guy, and good runner, he filled in excellent for starting RB of panthers, I think coach saw he could do this and believes he could be a feature back? Well now he has his chance#Riseup #TFF(true Falcons Fans) #Atlfalcon4life
  2. All Atlanta Falcons Nation fans should be thrilled at the draft picks we got and the UDFA we got some of them are already ready to play in NFL!!#Riseup


  3. Man I am super pumped about UDFA, Javien Hawkins, this kid is fast, and has excellent moves. His vision is great he takes his time to find the right holes and then he light the afterburner.He is 5,8 187 pounds, but you can't say he can't handle himself in NFL , look at Tarik Cohen the bears, and also the Saints RB he isn't that big, but this dude is a steal for Atlanta, he was supposed to be drafted, but he opted out of some games for covid that hurt his draft value. I really believe, this kid is going to literally run away with job. also Ollison, they have only used in short yardage this is a back that you can't sleep on, he is not as fast as Hawkins, but at 6,0 225 lbs he will be able to make holes and use his shiftiness and strength to plow through the line. I don't know alot about Davis is except he has always mainly been a backup but he too could break out as a leader of he wants it opportunity is there!!!#Riseup #TFF(true Falcons Fans) #Atlfalcon4Life
  4. Hello all you #TFF(True Falcons fans). This is going too be a great season, we will win games, and possibly in the playoffs. I'm guessing though, and now I'm huge fan. I just don't think they are ready yet, With all the young players. man I love to watch GJGrady Jarrett, he works so hard with not much help. Not a big fan of Donte Fowler. I hope he does alot better this year, but answer me this Falcons fans. Do you believe Fowler is already washed up, I mean in the Rams he had 11.5 sacks, I wonder was he just being lazy, or the coaches not utilizing in a place too thrive.our secondary is Really young, The best Group being the linebackers . Debo Who is great in coverage and stop the running game. Our offensive line, is going to be good, they have to protect Ryan, I mean the man was sacked 42 times last season. We have really good running back group, Davis is a bit slow but he is big so he can knock people down, also good hands. Now I think we got a hidden gem, with Javien Hawkins. This kid is not big, but so shifty picks the right hole and if that happens,with his speed, and his strength, I believe he depth chart will change. Now it's Mike Davis, Quadrea Ollison, Hawkins, then Cordell he is last on depth chart, but he can be used in pass game. As well as running back, definitely will be our kick returner. So I'm I'm going to say, they win 7. And again not bashing him but next season we will be set!! Also want to mention the best Falcon of all time Julio(jet)Jones. Atlanta Falcons fans should respect this man, after all he did for Falcons. He would just go out play hard, I never seen a man in NFL, who would go and tackle the guy who Matt over threw pass. I have also seen him play safety. Well . Comments are welcome. But no trash talk, and if you are need to be A #TFF(True Falcons fans). Can I get a #Risup
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