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  1. Even a dang playaction pass to the TE would have worked. Instead they got trips on 3 straight plays
  2. His lack of coaching ability single handely cost GT that game today. 3 times inside the 5 and can’t scheme a TD drive. Last drive you have 1st and goal with 2 timeouts and your best player RB Gibbs doesn’t run the ball or touch it the ball not one time. He can recruit, but can’t coach
  3. Can’t place the ball Any better for Ridley and Davis just alligator arms a wide open first down
  4. If Ridley ain’t held that’s probably a TD no one was in front of him
  5. Can’t get a called overturned on an obvious drop and CB turned Ridley completely around and no PI. Garbage
  6. This is probably the best offensive line in football. I’m not sure what you guys are watching
  7. Wow where was the Offensive PI? Garbage
  8. Mine too but I’d rather Bucs lose 🤣🤣
  9. But it helped the greater good of Falcons football
  10. WHAT? As much as we hate Dallas, we need TB to lose
  11. Geoff Collins = Dan Quinn nothing but slogans, bring back Paul Johnson!!!
  12. I liked all the videos on Cantore in a baseball helmet and staggering around while people walking straight in the background. And how about the electrical worker hitting a somersault behind him 🤣🤣
  13. Complete BS. That’s why their tickets are selling for as little as $1
  14. Free code??? Please share 🤣 or is it a one time code?
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