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  1. Good thing the Ryder Cup is on. Gives us Falcons fans something to cheer for, as long as USA doesn’t Falcon the singles matches away
  2. Ridley has GOT to put a foot in the ground and head up field. So frustrating
  3. Like I said Collins is a hype man. Keeps his guys head there and not get down. But playcalling did cost them the GT game. I do give him kudos to switch to Sims yesterday as Yates was struggling bad. He needs to learn from Sims on taking off and running quicker if the defense gives you that lane
  4. Tech definitely has gotten better week by week. Fluke lose to NIU was really bad and should have beat Clemson last week. They had Falconitis. 3 times in the redzone, inside the 10 once and 5 twice and can’t get a TD. I think it Sims was playing instead of Yates, GT beats Clemson
  5. And QBs shouldn’t take the INT on picks that hit the receivers hands
  6. I mean if coach would have put them in and kept the college scouts from see them, they would have won state, a college national title and leading some team to a Super Bowl on Sundays
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