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  1. But people are obviously still talking in this thread so slap yourself
  2. I always support the team. Unlike you. However, the day Ryan is moved out the paint will be a great day for everyone. See, you are a disingenuous individual that claims he is Falcons fan when in reality you are just a Matt Trashbag fan. I’ve seen you and all the “ Falcon fans” trash this team to prop Ryan up. And it is a brilliant question, because I’ve seen you and many others make this statement, so when you get in disingenuous mode and you attempt to claim it’s a team game when you have exalted Ryan to the sole reason as to why we have these comebacks, it leads to little diatribes such as the one you have typed out And better believe if Thomas Dimitroff wouldn’t have financially handicapped this team, Ryan would in fact be gone
  3. Oh yea? Why isn’t he on the team now. We reached for him in the first place
  4. Trufant was one of thee worst draft pics in Falcon history. He was severely underwhelming
  5. There are plenty on this very board, depending on which kind of angle they are trying to push to make their point at the time, that will boldly make statements like “ that is in the past” I wouldn’t have made my comment, if it wasn’t a statement I’ve seen on here
  6. They won four super bowls in a row. They had a dominant dynasty. They have a great history, of course the Cowboys will forever get talked about no matter the situation The Falcons have accomplished what in 6 decades? And news flash, we are on an upward swing to continue that trend
  7. The story of the Falcons since Matt Ryan got here. Do you even pay attention to this team?
  8. Well like folks here like to do with the Falcons and act like past doesn’t exist, So we’ll see. If Dallas defense stops us will you still be laughing and have integrity to show back up to this thread?
  9. Yea, after 14 years why should we expect Ryan to have this team clicking out the gate? How stupid. Glad he’ll get it together by game 9. What a top 15 player this guy is.
  10. Where’s Matt Ryans multiple trophies? And despite his lack of super bowls since the LOB left, I’m pretty sure Russell has had has his team competing for post season contention Facts Wilson would have had these past Falcon teams in the playoffs.... at least. I’m pretty sure he could have helped a couple of them to SB
  11. Calm down buddy! It’s just preseason. when the regular season comes and our starters are in, we are definitely going to win 5 games
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