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  1. Yeah, this is setting up like the Dan Quinn giving up defensive play calling. Let Ryan call the plays for that matter. That was JV all the way yesterday. We just did not look ready to play after our scripted first two drives. Even then the running should have opened up a lot more than it did for #2.
  2. Total of 11 tackles which is the leader by either team. We have problems, but Deion Jones isn't one of them. Also, we probably did enough defensively to win the game. This was on the big 4th down stops, but it did get done. I like the running like you said, it looked good. But our problem was penalties and no ability to stretch the field off the successful running. Punter shanked one also which cost us. Personally, I think this losing stuff gets set in the pre-season. Ryan looked like it has been a year since he played for sure. Ridley and Gage too. The tight-ends and the running backs came ready to play.
  3. Didn't Deion Jones lead the team in tackles? Are we watching the same guy?
  4. DQ took his luck to Dallas as well. Anyway, everyone knew how it was going to end.
  5. I think Josh Andrews' hand was hurt before the 53 player roster with the knowledge they were going to put him on the IR after the 4pm ET deadline.
  6. Here is an article explaining all the complex rule changes for this year. For Josh Andrews, it's 3 weeks. For Gono, he's out for the season. It has to do with when the player is put on IR. From the link: Explaining injured reserve and what it means for the Patriots - Pats Pulpit What has changed for the 2021 season? The NFL-NFLPA collective bargaining agreement that was signed in 2020 allowed teams to return three players off IR per season compared to the previous two. However, the Coronavirus pandemic altered the picture once again. Teams can now bring back an unlimited number of players if those moved to injured reserve meet the following two requirements 1.) The player was moved to injured reserve no earlier than Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 4 p.m. ET. 2.) The player has missed at least three weeks of regular-season play. Players sent to IR before the roster cutdown deadline on Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 4 p.m. ET, meanwhile, are ineligible to be brought back this season.
  7. Maybe it has been mentioned, but we claimed Colby Gossett from the browns according to Tom Pelissero: Falcons Claim Former Browns G Colby Gossett | NFLTradeRumors.co I guess this is in reaction to placing Josh Andrews on IR
  8. I think IR is where he spends most of his time. He had surgery on his right hand when with Philly, hopefully this isn't a repeat. Seems like he is good when he can stay healthy. I guess he hurt his hand yesterday in practice. Josh Andrews, OG, Atlanta Falcons, NFL - CBSSports.com Josh Andrews heads to injured reserve with broken hand (msn.com) We claimed Colby Gossett? I guess I missed that post.
  9. So Chicago released Desmond Trufant. His father passed away apparently and he had missed a lot of the practice time this pre-season. As bad as we need veteran presence at cornerback, I would be inclined to revisit Tru as a Falcon.
  10. Rosen is a puzzle for sure. I really liked what I saw in the game Sunday night as far as veteran presence. I can't make sense that we got him as a free agent signing. It isn't like he was seeing how many ways he could get off on a massage or even flying to Las Vegas to play the tables between games. Josh doesn't seem to have innate flaws in throwing motion like Tebow, or really anything that might indicate that he can't play in the NFL, outside his 2018 season of course. Miami gave up a second and a fifth round pick for him in 2019. But I would do the reverse of the above. I would bust Josh down to the practice squad and bide time with him, giving him the opportunity to emerge this time from the inside out. Plus, I think Franks has more earned the backup role. That has not been done for Rosen thus far and it might be the prescription for success in rebuilding the career of a 2018 top ten draft pick. And maybe he just waits for every payday. Who knows, but it isn't that big of a gamble at this point.
  11. Found the lick. We ruined the Carolina Panthers undefeated season that day too. Epic. Bummer that it won't embed. Anyway, safe link to Deion Jones stopping Cam Newton cold on a two point try.
  12. I say stick with Rosen, but Cam will find a home somewhere I would think. Let's hope not in the NFC South, as in NOLA. Still, the smack Deion Jones put on him at the goal line years ago seems to have taken the steam out of Cam ever since. JMHO
  13. I don't know if Big Ben could even finish the foot race, so maybe Tom has that going for him.
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