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  1. Hindsight. The picks for Julio could have been Cam Jordan, Donta Hightower and Justin Houston
  2. Benefit of the doubt to the new management but these two picks scream TD picks. Not a huge fan of small interior linemen.
  3. Ossai's comp on nfl.com is Takk. I've never seen him play but that leaves a sour taste haha
  4. We could use that extra 4 to move back into the 2nd
  5. We=the fans haha obviously not management
  6. Does this mean we were targeting Trey Lance? Why didn't we sign him before draft day?
  7. So many players that could improve this team at positions of need, it will be interesting to see which direction they go: JOK Moehrig Meinerz Jenkins Barmore Ojulari These are my favorites.
  8. Just because you have a first round pick on the oline doesn't make them good. This argument about our OLine being fine because we have so invested so much into has got to go. We were 24 last year and who knows how scheme and coaching will help
  9. How is Jacksonville's OLine? There are some stud olinemen left. Teven Jenkins is also up there with BPA however with them using two first rounders on offense you have to think they may go defence. Moehrig and JOK should be the first two off the board tonight
  10. You attack our 24th rated OLine. Sorry to be a buzzkill
  11. I also heard the latest rumor that the Jags are interested in drafting Trevor Lawrence
  12. This cannot be true. If so is anyone gonna say just how badly SF has screwed up this off-season. Trade multiple picks to go from 12 to 3 and then trade that pick and others for a 37 year old QB. That is historically bad management if true
  13. Matt Ryan is totally different than Aaron Rodgers. I think Matt would thrive in a mentorship role
  14. To me this absolutely says QB there is no way you can value a TE (even Pitts) that high to give up multiple early picks. All signs are pointed to the Falcons being keyed in on a particular QB
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