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  1. I spy a pass rusher. Haven’t seen one in an ATL uni this this pic
  2. No one's said 4-1 yet so I'll go with that. Realistically, 2-3 should be attainable. They will have to play very well though. These games will tell us a lot more about where the teams at than the first 5. Beating the Giants and jets don't give me enough of a measuring stick for this team.
  3. They coach looked pissed when they lost in London. It’s gonna be a close one fir show.
  4. When you're strapped for cash, what do you expect? There is usually a reason why a player chooses to sign an inexpensive contract
  5. Don’t pay RBs or WRs big money period. Too many good athletes out there
  6. Looks like we’ll be facing a hungry fins team. Should be a good game next week. Also, playing them off a bye when they have to adjust to a new time zone…next week SHOULD be a win
  7. Maybe we can choose him at 3 and break the record we set with Pitts 🤷
  8. We only rebuild after losses. We fine and going to the playoffs when we win. but to answer that question- we are not in a position to rebuild now, except for through the draft. Contract dead money is too hefty
  9. Not the positive sign we are looking for lol
  10. Reminder to Dolphins fans that they chose Tua over Herbert 😂
  11. Whoa, pretty bold statement lol. Falcons fan here but with what we’ve seen so far, I’d be happy with a split and surprised with anything more.
  12. lol this thread has devolved into arguing whether we can or cannot talk about playoffs. Oh boy, gonna be a long day
  13. We looked like a team on Sunday. Players were playing for each other. Loved how Fowler stuck up for his teammate on the sideline. That told me a lot about the team. Maybe travelling to London together and being together as a team away from ATL was the best thing for this team!
  14. "Celebrate mediocrity" - no offence but no thanks! We can celebrate small victories and I get it, I'm not trashing our wins- they are something to build on. My response was if we should be thinking about playoffs. I simply want to wait until we play a decent team to gauge ourselves before we start talking about playoffs.
  15. I thought the offence would be going through TEs from the beginning. So weird to see our offence for the first four weeks as that is not what I was expecting at all. Hopefully we continue to evolve in offence playcalling, continuing to increase involvement of the TE.
  16. I think we should wait until we face a team with close to a winning record to gauge where we’re at. The teams we’ve beat are a combined 2-8.
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