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  1. This guy seemed like he panicked with the Pitts pick haha. He's like I guess I'll turn in the card with Kyle Pitts!
  2. It means media hyping up a player for ratings purposes There will be 10 more generational players next year and the year after that....
  3. It's not so much going to be the QB as the organization. The QB who the Jags pick and the one the Jets pick have a pretty good chance of not producing the numbers they are expected to. It really doesn't matter which QB, the organizations are run poorly and have losing cultures. A 21 year old QB will probably not come and change that.
  4. Thank you for the inspiration, Alex. God bless you in your next steps
  5. This isn't the movie Draft Day, they're taking the QB 😂
  6. Yes I think it should be a 1, 2 this year and 1 next year.
  7. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Cannot wait until draft day!
  8. Ideal scenario IMO 4. Fields/Lance 5. Sewell 6. Pitts 7. Could be a trade for the remaining QB 8. Slater or Chase 9. In this scenario, here are some available players: Chase, Smith, Parsons, Surtain, Horn, Vera-Tucker, or a second trade down with a team that covets Chase or D.Smith I can see this happening.
  9. I would not be upset at all with Pitts, but i do hold the belief that this team needs to start winning at the LOS. With a solid OL and a decent amount of time in the pocket you will see TEs, WRs, RBs taken in later rounds look like all world pros. My fear would be taking Pitts and our 24th rated OL not being able to protect Ryan and this Pitts not living up to his potential. Also, looking at players that TF and AS have brought in, I'm not too sure that they wouldn't rather choose a TE like Friermuth or Tommy Tremble out of Notre Dame to fit their offensive identity. I'm not saying Pitts w
  10. For this reason the price should be high. It will be tough for a team to justify a trade up for a non QB BPA because of the high cost here. It really depends on how far down we move but if it's to 9 we should be able to acquire and extra 2/3 and a 1 and 3 next year. Jerry apparently covets Pitts, I wonder what he would be willing to part to get him at 4 or if the cost is just simply too high
  11. It's a dream that will hopefully become reality this season. Love the signings so far and the overall identity change
  12. Thanks for posting, were all allowed opinions haha and youl probably have at least 50% of the board who agrees with you
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