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  1. Our success this year will depend on our running game. If we have a respectable running game, that will improve all facets of our game. One of the reasons for blown leads at the beginning was how quickly we could score. There was no.ryhtym to our offense because of how explosive we were. This tired the defence out too much to where they were gassed by the end of the game. And we scored so quickly on their d that they still had energy. The last two years this wasn't so much the case but I think blown leads just became part of this teams psyche/identity. Here's to hoping we have a solid running game as Smith's O really needs this.
  2. This staff must think so. TF's experience comes from pro scouting. The Saints have had some great signings in the last 5 years that have carried them. Being in Carolina, TF would be very familiar with Davis. If they were not confident in him they would have stayed put in round 2 and picked up Javonte Williams. Instead they traded out of their position with Denver and picked Grant.
  3. Julio has 60 career TDs in 10 years. Rid already has 26 in 3 years
  4. 2019-2020 Rec yards: 2165 TD's: 9 2019-2020 Rec Yards: 2240 TDs: 16 From a statistical standpoint, which one is better the last 2 years?
  5. It was a tough situation with him being a falcon icon. From a purely football perspective I agree completely. But we know blank has a say and alot if it comes to $$$$$ for the franchise. With his injury history and how expensive he was, I was thinking that contract could come and bite us. It also left a sour taste when he started holding out after 2 years of his initial contract
  6. I know what your saying, but he his not 2016 Julio. At this point in his career it's mostly veteran leadership, excellence, intangibles. He may have 1 to 2 solid years left if he stays healthy, look on every other teams message boards, they know this. Saints fans and panther fans are either surprised at our return or think it's fair but they don't have the emotional involvement.
  7. Hopefully someone can replace his 3 touchdowns from last year. I'm sweating a little bit though that's a lot to ask
  8. That's like another draft pick if so. 20 million frees up ALOT of space to sign other players.
  9. They'll have access to it for around 7 games per year if injuries continue in the same trajectory
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