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  1. I agree with you. Though, Matt gets sacked so much because he is one of the worst QBs in the league when it comes to throwing the ball away. He’s a **** good QB but he has always been horrible In regards to holding onto the ball and taking unnecessary sacks. I’m so envious of the composure that Aaron Rodgers has in the pocket. It’s beautiful to watch him remain composed and then just flick the ball at an un-open TE or receivers feet if all his options are covered. This is the reason I want Sewell as well. Doesn’t matter how many weapons you have if you don’t have time to use them. We have more weapons than most teams right now as it is. Don’t need another one. It would be a wise decision to pick best OL in the draft and some have him rated higher than the TE. From a positional value stand point it would be horrible to take the TE at 4. And not even just a little bad but absolutely horrible.
  2. Yes. I realize you were posting facts. I was under the impression that you were trying to use those facts to suggest that the number 4 overall pick shouldn't be used on a quarterback because the 4th quarterback taken in a draft normally doesn't pan out. Its a valid point, however, I don't think it applies here. I don't personally want a QB. I want Sewell because EVERYTHING starts with the lines. I'm tired of that fact not being understood.
  3. That's exactly my point friend. You (when I say you, I mean the gentleman's post that I quoted) can't suggest that just because all 4 of those quarterbacks may not hit that we shouldn't draft one. Its possible that not all 4 of them turn into stars but what if the one we pick (theoretically) turns into the star. Its always a gamble no matter what the pick is as we have seen repeatedly throughout the years.
  4. Also, the original post is slightly skewed from a context perspective. How many times has it occurred in a draft that the top 4 players were QBs. A better comparison would be to compare top 5 draft pick QBs and not just “the 4th QB taken” because it lacks context. Now, we don’t know for sure that the first 4 picks will be QBs, but it is certainly looking that way. Every one of these QBs has the tools to be a great QB which is why they are all projected top 5 picks. That doesn’t mean they will be great, but obviously the draft is always a gamble. So again, let’s keep things in context here. We are talking Top 5 draft pick QBs.
  5. Which one out of the top 4 isn’t going to be a good NFL starter?
  6. As has already been pointed out, you are pointing to an outlier to try and provide evidence. It’s fairly common sense to understand that the best players are picked first. I think we all understand that concept.
  7. The bills example is a good one, but I believe there are more examples of teams being successful in drafting a quarterback to sit behind the starter for a year or two and learn. You must be misunderstanding. what I’m saying is it would be bad to trade the farm to move up and select a quarterback. We are in position to select one now! If we wait a few years, we would most likely have to trade the farm to move up. That’s not a good thing. I’m not suggesting we trade anything. I would rather see us draft one now. If a young QB comes in now they would be sitting and learning. They wouldn’t be thrown into anything. Ryan will be the guy for at least one or two more years. In that period of time we can also build up the necessary pieces to surround our new quarterback with.
  8. This can’t be serious. There are always QBs and OL available???? Those are two of the hardest positions to fill and the good ones are always picked at the top of the draft. New England won super bowls because of TOM BRADY. TE is no where near as valuable a position as the ones you mentioned in the beginning of your post.
  9. I wouldn’t say that Matt’s in his prime. More like the twilight of a stellar career. He still has some juice left, but he’s getting up there in age. This team is notorious for finishing around 8-8. It could be years before we see the top of the draft again. So, if you don’t pick a QB now you end up either trading the farm to move up for one later or taking someone’s cast off. Selecting a QB would be ok in my book if the powers that be go that route and get their guy. I still believe that OL should be the pick but it should definitely not be the shiny hood ornament. If we go TE I will immediately lose faith in our leadership as that would be insanely stupid.
  10. When will everyone learn that you build a team from the inside out. We don’t need another pass catcher. We have elite talent there already. We need to build the trenches. The pick should be Sewell. You can’t get the ball to your weapons when your on your rear end all the time. I just can’t see this team picking TE at 4. That would be a tremendous waste when you could grab a prime time OL or even a potentially starting caliber QB.
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